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Media Kit 2011   Jlc
Media Kit 2011   Jlc
Media Kit 2011   Jlc
Media Kit 2011   Jlc
Media Kit 2011   Jlc
Media Kit 2011   Jlc
Media Kit 2011   Jlc
Media Kit 2011   Jlc
Media Kit 2011   Jlc
Media Kit 2011   Jlc
Media Kit 2011   Jlc
Media Kit 2011   Jlc
Media Kit 2011   Jlc
Media Kit 2011   Jlc
Media Kit 2011   Jlc
Media Kit 2011   Jlc
Media Kit 2011   Jlc
Media Kit 2011   Jlc
Media Kit 2011   Jlc
Media Kit 2011   Jlc
Media Kit 2011   Jlc
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Media Kit 2011 Jlc


Published on media kit for hotel partners media kit for hotel partners

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  • 1. HOTEL MEDIA KIT<br />
  • 2. INTRODUCTION<br /><ul><li>Over 70billion dollars is spent on travel by gays and lesbians in the U.S. alone each year.
  • 3. Gay and lesbian travelers spend an average of 53% more on travel than heterosexuals.
  • 4. LGBT users spend 57% more time online than their straight counterparts
  • 5. Gay and Lesbian consumers rely upon third party sites to actively research whether a company is gay-friendly.
  • 6. 58% of LGBT adults were more likely “to purchase products and services from companies that market directly to gays and lesbians.”</li></li></ul><li>HOW OUR AUDIENCE SHOPS<br />A whopping 92% of respondents said they had more confidence in information they seek out online than anything coming from a property’s reservation agent or website. They believe the information they find, not in the information that is spoon-fed to them. The vast number of clicks today prove that they really are devoting time and energy to ferreting out detailed info before they buy. <br />Advertising isn't just moving to the Web, it's got to grapple with an entirely new kind of shopper and way of shopping. Information aggregation sites, like, that don't generate content themselves, but link to others' content will become even more important. <br />Source: Microtrends<br />
  • 7. HOW GT IMPACTS TRAVEL DECISIONS<br /> is the first step for gay travelers when deciding not only where to stay but also where to go and what to do. Partnering with GT helps increase commitment to your brand throughout the LGBT community.<br />
  • 8. ABOUT GAY TRAVEL<br />gaytravel reaches over a million gay and lesbian consumers each year through the site and a combination of social media, public relations and LGBT partner sites. Site visitors trust our brand and, by extension, those advertisers who partner with us.<br />gaytravel is the only site to combine social networking with information about destinations, properties, tours and cruises.<br />
  • 9. GAY TRAVEL AUDIENCE<br />Audience Demographics:<br />Gender: 71% Male/29% Female<br />Average Age: 40-50 years<br />Average Household Income: $80,000 to $100,000. <br />Education Level: Seventy-four (74) percent hold at least a college degree. <br />gaytravel delivers an audience of savvy travelers with disposable income.<br />
  • 10. SOPHISTICATED SEO<br /><ul><li>#1 Organic Search Result on Google, Yahoo and Bing for: gay travel, gay vacations, gay trips, gay hotels, and more!
  • 11. Over 80% of all searches are done on
  • 12. Source: Google Adwords </li></li></ul><li>ESTABLISHED RELATIONSHIPS<br />“Chicago Downtown Marriott Hotels partnered with to gain exposure within the gay consumer travel market. They are very easy to work with always responding in a timely fashion and providing premium placement and promotional opportunities. We recommend vendors be featured on this website, such a valuable resource for gay travelers.” - Marketing Manager, Marriott Hotels<br />
  • 14. COMPLETE PROPERTY PROFILE<br />Each gaytravel membership starts with a complete information page about your property.<br />Premium style listing on gaytravel site including:<br /><ul><li>1,200 word description
  • 15. Up to fifty photos
  • 16. Video of property
  • 17. Custom tabs for nightclubs, salons and other features
  • 18. Listings for restaurants and events on property</li></li></ul><li>SPECIAL OFFERS:<br />Increase your exposure with special offers populated throughout the site and beyond. . .<br />Special Offers appear on:<br /><ul><li>City Page of Site
  • 19. Explore Home Page
  • 20. Plan Home Page
  • 21. Special Offers Home Page (coming soon!)
  • 22. Meet Section: Profile Pages
  • 23. gaytravel social media such as Facebook and Twitter</li></ul> <br />
  • 24. BANNER ADS:<br />Maximize your exposure with banner ads on popular and strategic pages of the site.<br />Medium Rectangle Banners:<br />IAB Standard 300 x 250 IMU<br /> Pages Available:<br /><ul><li>GT Home Page
  • 25. Explore Home Page
  • 26. Plan Home Page
  • 27. Events Home Page
  • 28. State Landing Pages
  • 29. Country Landing Pages
  • 30. City Landing Page
  • 31. Hotel Pages
  • 32. Meet Home Page
  • 33. Blog Home Page
  • 34. Guru Home Page
  • 35. Profile Pages</li></ul> <br />
  • 36. BANNER ADS:<br />Leaderboard Banners:<br />IAB Standard 728 x 90 IMU<br /> <br />Pages Available:<br /><ul><li>Explore Section
  • 37. Events Section
  • 38. Plan Section
  • 39. Meet Section
  • 40. Blog Section
  • 41. Guru Section</li></ul> <br />
  • 42. BANNER ADS:<br />Wide Skyscraper Banners:<br />IAB Standard 160 x 600 IMU<br /> <br />Pages Available:<br /><ul><li>Meet Section
  • 43. Guru Section
  • 44. City Sub-Page: The Scene
  • 45. City Sub-Page: Bars and Clubs
  • 46. City Sub-Page: Places to Eat
  • 47. City Sub-Page: Local Tips
  • 48. City Sub-Page: Things to Do
  • 49. City Sub-Page: Accommodations</li></ul> <br />Size: Up to 50k<br />Formats: jpg, html, gif animated gif, flash<br />Animation length: 15 seconds max (including multiple loops)<br />Design: All creative is subject to approval prior to placement<br />
  • 50. GET FEATURED:<br />Reach even more gay travelers by having your property featured throughout the site.<br />
  • 51. NO BOOKING FEES<br />Unlike most travel sites, we send site visitors directly to your website so that you can keep 100% of the revenue from each booking. Our site visitors are looking for more than just the lowest price. Our focus on features and amenities rather than commoditization leads to more repeat visits and recommendations to friends.<br />
  • 52. ENHANCED EXPOSURE<br />Your exposure continues beyond the gaytravel site through social media and LGBT partner sites.<br /><ul><li>Social media promotion of property on Facebook and Twitter including special offers, events and news
  • 53. Newsletters sent to subscribers
  • 54. In person reviews of properties and amenities sent to LGBT partner sites
  • 55. Interviews with your property’s staff members featured on gaytravel Blog and Social Media
  • 56. Joint Press Release featuring property’s outreach to LGBT community</li></li></ul><li>GAY TRAVEL APPROVED<br />gaytravel works directly with your property to ensure that gay travelers will be satisfied.<br /><ul><li>“Mystery Traveler” is sent to property to perform a complete evaluation of the LGBT experience
  • 57. Properties that score above 85% will be certified as Gay Travel Approved
  • 58. All feedback will be shared with hotel management to improve LGBT experience on property
  • 59. Option to post highlights of review as testimonials on site
  • 60. Complimentary re-test in 90 days for properties that score under 85%</li></li></ul><li>ADDITIONAL PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES<br />Partnerships with other properties have included further collaborations such as:<br /><ul><li>Co-marketing at local prides and other events
  • 61. Joint Events such as cocktail parties and receptions
  • 62. Video reviews of property
  • 63. Joint Promotions and Giveaways
  • 64. LGBT Marketing Guidance on additional services properties can offer to gay and lesbian travelers</li></li></ul><li>MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS:<br />Partnering with gaytravel gives you a number of benefits including:<br /><ul><li>Access to loyal community that continues to outspend general population on travel
  • 65. Third party seal-of-approval and verification for LGBT travelers looking for gay friendly properties
  • 66. Exposure throughout the web and social media to LGBT community
  • 67. Never any commissions or booking fees</li></li></ul><li>SHALL WE DANCE?<br />With all of the opportunities available to you, it’s easy to see why it makes sense to start your featuring your property on gaytravel by asking for a customized quotation today.<br />Jessica Carstens<br />gaytravel<br />800-GAY-TRAVEL x 707<br /><br />