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Master the class undergrad

  1. 1. WELCOME TO THE FACULTY OF [_____] &THE [_____] PROGRAM!
  2. 2. AGENDA1. Planning For Your First Semester• Program Structure• Program Classes• Program Requirements• Program Assistance2. Getting Your Questions Answered Or TheHelp You Need
  3. 3. Program Structure• length of the program:– 1 year (Ontario College Certificate)– 2 year (Ontario College Diploma)– 3 year (Ontario College Advanced Diploma)• program structure:– 1 year programs are 2 semesters– 2 year programs are 4 semesters– 3 year programs are 6 semesters• semester structure:– each semester is 14 weeks with a break week at themidpoint
  4. 4. Program Structure-Coop Students• this program offers you the opportunity to takewhat you have learned in class and apply it tothe ‘real world’• IMPORTANT TO NOTE:– coop is not guaranteed– students require a minimum ‘C’ average– you must pass all courses
  5. 5. Program Classes• classes are limited to [ ] students• you will take [ ] classes per week/semester• in general, classes are 3 hours each• types of classes:1. traditional classes• face-to-face instruction2. hybrid classes• blend of face-to-face instruction/online learning3. online classes
  6. 6. Program Classes• you were automatically registered for classes• classes are scheduled between 8AM & 10PM• you may choose to make changes to your timetableuntil September 10th• it is your responsibility to verify your timetable– read your schedule carefully– make any necessary changes online
  7. 7. Program ClassesFaculty ExpectationsStudents will:– Get to know your Teachers– Attend Class– Complete Coursework with Academic Integrity– Read Assigned Readings– Study– Participate in Class– Get Help (if needed)
  8. 8. Program Classes-Transfer Students• if you have taken courses at another college oruniversity – they may be transferable to Sheridan• to apply for advanced standing:– obtain course outlines for each course taken– obtain an official transcript of your grades– pick up an application form from the Student Services Centre• IMPORTANT TO NOTE:– if you wish to add a class to replace the class you have receivedadvanced standing for you must complete the process bySeptember 10th
  9. 9. Program Requirements1. Technology Requirements• students are required to bring laptop to class• expect to use your laptop in and out of class2. Complete Diploma Requirements• you can view your diploma requirements online3. Grade Requirements• maintaining good academic standing is criticalto your success
  10. 10. Program AssistanceYou all have an Academic AdvisorYour Academic Advisor is available if:• you have questions about what courses you are required to take• you have core classes from another school you want to transfer• you want to know the impact dropping a class has on your academic plan• you have questions about what careers your program may lead to• you are not doing well in multiple classes
  11. 11. Program AssistanceYour Academic Advisor is [_____].Contact [_____] if you have questions that are specific toyour
  12. 12. General AssistanceYou also have a Student AdvisorYour Student Advisor is available if:• you want to discuss ways to improve your grades• you have questions about college services or policies• you are considering dropping/adding a class and want to discuss allimplications (incl. financial)• you are considering changing programs• you have encountered extenuating circumstances and need todiscuss your options• you have decided to discontinue your studies
  13. 13. General AssistanceStudent Advisors are available on a drop-in basis,please visit the Student Services Centre or emailaskanadvisor@sheridanc.on.caif you have any questions related to yourstudent experience at Sheridan.
  14. 14. What You Need to Do BeforeStarting Classes
  15. 15. QUESTIONS?