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Global Digital media share ppt from ad tech conference

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Digitals Media Share

  1. 1. The importance of digital in the global media mix: observations on users, usage and investment 15th February 2010
  2. 2. Asia and emerging markets are leading internet usage growth Source: Marketing Group Internet users by region 2009
  3. 3. Emerging territories skew internet age profile slightly younger Source: comScore Global internet users by age December 2009 (%) US, European and Asian markets (exc. China) have internet profile closer to car buying segments
  4. 4. Digital investment now exceeds TV media in some established markets Internet vs TV Adspend US$bn Source: Warc Investment levels reflect the many roles for digital: brand building, preference and sales delivery
  5. 5. Digital is stealing share of budget across the media spectrum Source: European Interactive Advertisers Association Marketers Ad Barometer The media mix is rapidly evolving as marketers reallocate share into digital
  6. 6. Press and TV are seeing major budget losses as audiences move to online vehicles Media forecasts Source: Warc Adspend forecast by Main Media: 2010 vs 2009 Year-on-year change (%), top 5 markets
  7. 7. As a ‘lower bandwidth’ use, ‘communication’ prevails in emerging markets but Social usage is growing rapidly in these territories and bridges the gap between communication and entertainment – and represents a massive and engaged audience for brands Source: ComScore Communication, Community and Entertainment dominate user behaviour
  8. 8. Source: ComScore The switch from ‘portals’ to community sites is swift and dramatic
  9. 9. Source: ComScore ‘ Social’ is a truly global user phenomenon and platform for brands
  10. 10. Asia is fuelling global internet growth Source: ComScore Media Metrix (Aug 2008-Aug 2009) Spotlight on Asia
  11. 11. Uses of the internet across Asia Source: ComScore Media Metrix (Aug 2009) Usage varies across Asia but the sophistication profile is advancing rapidly
  12. 12. However within community network sites (as most other areas of digital) there will always be a role for localisation and bespoke targeting Source: ComScore Media Metrix (Aug 2009) Global strategic partners e.g. Facebook can provide huge reach
  13. 13. Adspend is not just being driven by the relative time spent with media channels but the ‘quality’ of that time and users engagement and sales proximity Source: IPA Touchpoints Spotlight on the UK
  14. 14. Digital now represents the largest group of media ‘channels’ in the UK as brand support their major investments in digital content, infrastructure and e-commerce platforms Source: Advertising Statistics Yearbook 2008:/Advertising Forecast 2009 AA/WARC/ONS/HM Treasury PB & Forecast September 09/CBI forecast Spotlight on the UK
  15. 15. Spotlight on Brazil 71 million # of Users 1 Social Networks 2 84.3% reach 37% Penetration Sources: 1 comScore, Nov/09 | 2 Ibope Nielsen Online, August 2009 Source: Google Automotive Research (2009) 77% of internet users that bought cars in the last 6 months used internet to search for vehicles 41% of these users had used search engines to find manufacturer´s website Source: comScore (set/09) Better than the global average in conversational content
  16. 16. Source: IBOPE – TGI / Evolução da Penetração dos Meios no Total Geral da População Digital is the only medium consistently growing Open TV Radio Internet Magazine Billb.s Newspap Pay TV Cinema
  17. 17. Fonte: State of the Media Survey 2009 / Deloitte Brazil, global leader in time spent online Time Spent Online * 44,59 hours/mounth * Ibope NetRatings (jun/09)
  18. 18. Automotive manufactures already know the Internet´s potential... ..and the investment on this medium has increased every year R$ (000) Source: Ibope Monitor – Estimative Jan - Dec 09 Automotive manufacturers are already investing to keep up with audiences Investment 2009