Beyond Facebook<br />The Future of Pervasive Games<br />Jesse Schell<br />
FV<br />&gt;<br />t<br />&gt;<br />Facebook is BIG<br />
&gt;<br />LG<br />DP<br />(Lead Generation)<br />(Direct Payment)<br />Facebook is STRANGE<br />
+<br />=<br />
1500 FTE<br />$300M<br />+<br />-<br />-<br />=<br />WTF?!<br />Facebook is TERRIFYING!<br />
Big.<br />Strange.<br />Terrifying.<br />Unexpected.<br />
$350M<br />+<br />=<br />
∈<br />=<br />$12<br />$20<br />
&gt;<br />I<br />
TV<br />Reality TV<br />Groceries<br />Organic Groceries<br />Big Mac<br />Angus Burger<br />
	Lee Sheldon’s Grading Procedure: You will begin on the first day of class as a Level One avatar. Level Twelve is the high...
+10!<br />+20!<br />+20!<br />
+10!<br />+10!<br />+5!<br />
+500!<br />+45!<br />
+200!<br />+50!<br />
+50!<br />+100!<br />+30!<br />
+10!<br />+10!<br />+10!<br />+10!<br />+10!<br />+500!<br />
+100!<br />+100!<br />
+<br />+2700!<br />
+2000!<br />+9000!<br />+5000!<br />
+10!<br />+30!<br />+5!<br />+100!<br />+5!<br />+30!<br />+1000!<br />+50!<br />+30!<br />+200<br />+30!<br />+300!<br />...
Thanks!<br /><br />
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Beyond Facebook


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This is the talk from my DICE 2010 presentation. You can find a video of the talk here: