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Mock letter to stakeholders for The Bier Stein.

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Shareholder letter

  1. 1. SHAREHOLDER LETTER To our customers, partners, and employees: The year 2010 has brought about a variety of issues. Although we are no longer in a recession, we’re still feeling the effects of it and have adapted our ways of living. Overall U.S. beer sales were down by an estimated 2.7% by volume in the first half of 2010, but the growth of the craft brewing industry was up by 9% by volume and 12% by retail dollars. We have recognized that the craft brewing industry is not recession proof, but we are positively looking toward the horizon as the craft brewing industry keeps expanding as a whole. We currently stock over 1000 different beers along with providing ten rotating taps and are ever looking to expand. With our hard-working staff of servers, bus persons and cooks, our presence in the craft brewing community has made us the best place in the Willamette Valley to get that hard to find beer. As the next year approaches, we’re looking forward to implementing more features into our social media to get our community involved. We will be cranking up the interactivity with our existing social media presence on Facebook and Twitter to have it work better for both our customers and our business partners. Some areas that we believe offer the most important opportunities to deliver value and benefit to customers and partners while driving future profitable growth for The Bier Stein include: (Continued on next page)
  2. 2.  Better Facebook integration: We’ve noticed how many users get their news about Bier Stein specials through social media. Customers will begin to see special deals through our Facebook feed. Further integration of user submitted “tagged” photos could possibly earn future deals or discounts. Our partners in distributing will see a growing interest in their business through better online communication of their businesses while at the same time earning our customers possible deals or discounts.  Quality Twitter use: Our beer distributors are interesting businesses and people. For anyone interested in the art of craft brewing or are just looking for a good deal and bits of daily news, our Twitter feed will provide just that. Customers can look forward to special Twitter-only coupons. Our commitment to providing our customers with the best beer in Eugene will continue into the year 2011. As the craft brewing industry continues to grow, we too will continue the evolution of how The Bier Stein functions as a whole. Although we see another possibly tough year economically in the state of Oregon, we aim to be the place to go when people want to enjoy a great meal paired with great drink. Your support is what helps us pursue these opportunities to help foster a direct relationship between brewer and customer. Thank you. Sincerely, Chip Hardy Owner