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This presentation provides an overall understanding of the WOUAlert and it's primary purpose at Western Oregon University.

This presentation provides an overall understanding of the WOUAlert and it's primary purpose at Western Oregon University.

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  • 1. Western Oregon University Emergency Notification Systems WOUAlert
  • 2. • WOUAlert is an emergency alert notification system designed by the National Notification Network (3n) in 2008.• WOUAlert allows WOU officials to deliver emergency notices in both audible (voice message) and text (e.g., text message, instant message, email or fax) formats.• Depending on each recipient’s preferences, these messages can be delivered to his/her cellular/digital telephone, office telephone, home telephone, fax machine or email address.
  • 3. Who Can Activate WOUAlert?• The authority to activate the WOUAlert system resides with the President of the University and those designated by him.• What kinds of messages will be sent? – Messages can have different formats depending on your device of choice. An example message is publicized later in the power point.
  • 4. When Should WOUAlert be Activated?• The system will be activated in the event of an emergency or urgent situation that immediately threatens the life or safety of the campus community.• In addition to calling attention to the issue/incident, the system can be used to deliver information related to appropriate emergency response procedures.
  • 5. • Ten emergency information monitors (like the one in the background of this slide) can be found in various buildings across campus.• The potential exists for these devices to efficiently deliver emergency notifications to hundreds (if not thousands) of viewers/building occupants.
  • 6. Where Can I find these Monitors? Building Monitor LocationWerner University Center Inside main doors, ASWOU office info desk, downstairs main lobby, Pacific Room lobby.Rice Auditorium Main LobbyHamersly Library Main LobbyAPSC office Outside of admissionsAdministration Main lobbyITC UCS Office/Service Request Desk (Room #??)
  • 7. Sample WOUAlert Message• WOUALERT – ARMED SUBJECT in the Werner Center.• If you are in Werner Center, evacuate immediately. If you are not in the Werner Center, avoid this area. Visit www.wou.edu and check e-mail for details.• Source: http://www.wou.edu/admin/safety/alert/inde x.php
  • 8. How will I know the message is from WOUAlert?• You will know the message is from WOUAlert by the message sender:• PLEASE SAVE 503-838-0073 TO YOUR CELL PHONE CONTACTS. – Text message: WOUAlert (Display number phone #: 503-838-0073) – Phone call caller ID: 503-838-0073 – E-mail: woualert@wou.edu
  • 9. • As of May, 2010, 9,579 users (comprised of students, faculty staff, and parents of WOU students, among others) were registered to receive alerts through this system.
  • 10. A Special Thanks to WOU Public Safety Director of Public Safety Jay Carey Assistant Director Joe Hutchinson Campus Public Safety Officer Keith Carlton http://www.wou.edu/admin/safety