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Flash mob debrief

Flash mob debrief






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    Flash mob debrief Flash mob debrief Presentation Transcript

    • Flash Mob Analysis Chalk About It Jesse Whale
    • Summary● 3rd year IMC students to execute a flashmob downtown Kingston using chalk to create the Kingston Fronts logo all over town● Pre and Post channels were used to create buzz, build a community, and highlight the event ○ Facebook ○ Twitter ○ Instagram ○ YouTube ○ Google +
    • Summary● 3rd year IMC students Channels Used: to execute a flashmob ○ Facebook downtown Kingston ○ Twitter using chalk to create ○ YouTube the Kingston Fronts ○ Instagram logo all over town ○ Google+● Pre and Post channels ○ Doodle.ly were used to create ○ FourSquare buzz, build a ○ Pinterest community, and ○ SlideShare highlight the event
    • SlideShare Debrief● Created a total of 3 slideshows ○ 1 prior to event to host information and channel rules ○ 1 immediately after the event to highlight events that took place ○ 1 a couple weeks after the event to debrief about overall successes and failures● 15 total followers● Very informal and created● Both powerpoints had 74 views
    • Pinterest Debrief● Created new "Chalk About It" account● 4 Followers, 51 following● No re-pins● 2 Boards● 22 total pins● Posted clues and photos of the Kingston Frontenacs● Not enough students use● Wouldnt use again for a flashmob
    • Instagram Debrief● Created "Chalk About It" account● 45 followers● 30 pictures uploaded to the account● 45 pictures uploaded to #chalkaboutit● Issue: Only one person could sign into the account. All other photos had to feed through personal accounts● Tagging @chalkaboutit didnt show up in the accounts feed● Should have figured out how to integrate with other platforms
    • Doodle.ly Debrief● Doodle.ly was shared via Facebook and Twitter● There were only a few students who made doodles (Camille, Nick, Ben & Tye)● They uploaded and shared their doodles via Facebook and Twitter● This account needed more time and awareness in order to encourage people to participate
    • Facebook Debrief● The Facebook Page was created last should have been created first● It was used as a central hub but could have been more utilized● Total of 25 likes● Updates were minimal at the beginning, more occurred after the flashmob took place● The cover photo was a smart choice because it included necessary information● Facebook Event should have been
    • FourSquare Debrief● Created three "Chalk About It" locations for users to check-in at● Locations were the three stations that were being utilized during the flashmob ○ Metro: 0 check ins ○ Empire Theatre: 0 check-ins ○ Market Square: 8 check-ins● Additional check-ins were as follows ○ Downtown: 4 check-ins ○ The Hub: 1 check-in● Each check-in point had photos posted
    • Twitter Debrief● Hosts used their personal accounts to maximize awareness (2 x the followers)● Hashtag #chalkaboutit was created● Easy tool to keep the community updated● Re-tweets ensure maximum exposure and awarenedd● Information was tweeted prior and during the event● Photos were tweeted during● "Thank you" tweets were sent out prior to the event
    • YouTube Debrief● Created two videos in total● First video was created to inform students and community details about the event● Video #1 had 178 views● Video #2 had 186 views● Both videos were huge success● Video #2 was edited and included music● Video #2 is a great summary of the event and captures positive spirits
    • Google+ Debrief● Created a Google+ event for the flashmob● 32 guests invited, only 4 participated in the hangout● 3 students were at different stations to show what was happening at the moment● Great tool to use for future events
    • Successes● YouTube videos had a high number of views● The SlideShare account was also successful in their number of views● A creative and positive environment executed by students● Debrief allows us to improve for future events● A variety of pictures uploaded● Unique learning out of the classroom● Market Square was a great location for engagement
    • Mistakes & MissedOpportunities● The time of the event was too short, and too late in the day - it got dark very quickly and was hard to see the chalk● Missed opportunity to include influencers (Fronts coaches, Hockey Players, Teachers)● Too long deciding on idea for the flashmob● Didnt use sidewalk chalk● Traditional media would have optimized potential to reach a different audience
    • Channel Choice● Too many channels were used● More time was needed before the event to establish more followers and potentially build a community● Should have chosen a few channels to work over and focused advertising on those and encouraged usage● Came to the conclusion that traditional media is needed in order to connect with such a large audience.
    • Content● Each channel had relatively same content, but some could have used content curation more● Only Instagram, Twitter, and Google + kept the audience updated during the event● Facebook was considered a "hub" but only included content that was shared. There should have been unique content such as other examples of flashmobs● YouTube was successful in uploading their videos that kept users engaged and the event at top of mind.
    • CMOST● Maximized CMOST● SlideShare was sent across Facebook and Twitter● Instagram and Twitter went hand in hand● There should have been more sharing via Facebook● Integration with traditional media would have exposed the event more to the community● Too many platforms resulted in other networks being under utilized (Pinterest)● Engagement with specific communities such as Fronts Fans would have benefited overall
    • Recommendations● Decide on event details sooner, had a last minute idea change● Launch channels prior to event and for a longer period of time in order to establish a community and build more followers● Choose fewer channels to avoid overwhelming viewers and encourage focus on only a few● Incorporate traditional channels to engage more target markets● Email influencers to invite them to the event and include the Fronts team
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