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  • 1. EXPERIENCEInternship, graphic design/customer serviceJFM Advertising (Design/Marketing agency) 2012Responsible for liaising with clients & suppliers as well as under-taking a variety of administration & creative functions. The corerole was graphic design based. In house briefs involved illustra-tion, typography, artwork design/layout and client relationship/management skills. The internship with JFM developed compe-tence in new systems & technologies promptly, to further apply indaily work.Freelance, graphic design‘LYFE’ (Youth festival event) 2013A call out for local designers was raised to submit their ideas fora fresh rebrand of a youth festival in Christchurch, New Zealand.My concept and logo design was chosen by majority voteallowing me to create a mass of advertising/media promotion.Such promotion involved A2 poster design, website design,facebook page graphics, event signage, tee-shirt artwork, andstencil artwork. This work was pro-bono, which as a designermakes a proud portfolio piece.Freelance, graphic designBlue Earth (NZ skin care products) 2013I have been working with the Blue Earth, New Zealand, on acasual freelance basis. Tutoring lessons were given by myself forusing the adobe suite, improving the owners own methods forproduct label design. Following this, Blue Earth contracted meto update their website graphics; giving them a fresh, clean andprofessional brand appeal. This resulted in proven sales success.Contract/commercial, graphic designMotivationz (Sports coaching) 2011/12/13“Motivationz” is a small business that runs training, coachingand education programs ­— both through schools and privately.Since 2011 I have been creating a diverse range of materialsfor them. Examples include: corporate documents, booklets,posters, flyers, cards, certificates for a younger audience andeverything in-between. I have been exposed to the demands oftime management, commercial work and client interaction. This isan authentic professional experience that has been essential tomy growth as a designer.EDUCATION2013BDVA (Graphic Design & animation)Level 7, (Currently studying)Cross crediting into the final year followingmy previous qualification, this Bachelorprogramme educated myself in design/visual communication using text and images.This involved scripting and constructinganimated stories using motion design,exploring 2D and 3D narratives. Drawing,inventing and manipulating imagery andtypography through illustration, photography,printmaking, painting, and animation. Wewere given the openness to discover ourown design projects and undertake a liveproject working with a local design agency.2011/12Digital Media Advanced Dip.Level 6/7‘DMA’ was a creative studio environment.With room to extend my existing technicalskills, I learnt how to further develop ideasand produce high end digital design work;broadening my skills as a visual communica-tor. This course armed me with the skills andconfidence to manage my time effectively,work with real clients, produce industrystandard work and gain valuable experiencein the professional industry itself.2010/11Graphic Design Dip. Level 6This Diploma programme introduced afocused learning in graphic design, givingme a beneficial creative skill-set. I began todevelop my own design style and build mypassion for design into a great new careerpathway. The course involved multiple briefsthat were to be delivered at a Pre-press standard.PHONE: +6427 765 9495E-MAIL: jessebody1@gmail.comSITE/PORTFOLIO: www.jessebody.comLINKEDIN: Jesse BodyTWITTER: jesse_bodyFACEBOOK: | ILLUSTRATOR
  • 2. EXPERIENCE (CONT.)Freelance, graphic designMantis (NZ hard rock band) 2012/13I have been working with the Christchurch, NewZealand, band “Mantis”. The opportunity requireddesign and production of many gig and tour posters.It is also within my brief to create all of the band’smerchandise and social networking identities. Thecommission of design and illustration is a long termfreelance employment contract.Freelance, graphic designSpiderhands (Record label) 2012Created a professional identity for this music tuitionand recording company in Christchurch, NewZealand. This commission was for a logo and symbolwith accompanying business cards and Facebookpage identity. A following opportunity was to createpromotional posters to be put up around relevantuniversities. My designs were created as a smallbusiness promotional package and to generate brandawareness.Commercial, graphic designLight Up Christchurch (Charity music gig) 2012For this brief I worked with a not-for-profit organisationon promotional material for the Light Up ChristchurchCharity Gig. The aim was to exceed the previousbenchmark through innovative design and promotionof the event. I developed and produced the logoand branding identity for this event; taking on a newapproach through three dimensional tactile illustration.Freelance, graphic designTrade Aid (Fair trade organisation) 2012Designed packaging and promotional material for a newhigh end chocolate bar that Trade Aid was establishing.This was not used commercially but it was a greatopportunity to create this concept and learn moreabout Trade Aid’s practices. The aim was to endorsean organic and pure product. A dominant part of thebranding was my hand drawn typographic illustration;directly influenced by the patterns and objects of thecultures that produced the cocoa beans.PHONE: +6427 765 9495E-MAIL: jessebody1@gmail.comSITE/PORTFOLIO: www.jessebody.comLINKEDIN: Jesse BodyTWITTER: jesse_bodyFACEBOOK: | ILLUSTRATOREDUCATION (CONT.)2010iCreate Cert. Level 3‘iCreate’ for me, was a direct entry intotertiary study at an early age, fast-trackingmy career pathway. The course gave methe skills that I needed to move on todiploma level study. The focus was on digitalillustration techniques, how to create imagesand pages suitable for web publication, howto capture and edit video, and how to createand animate 2D and 3D objects.2009NCEA Level 1, NZQA
  • 3. EXPERIENCE (CONT.)Competition, graphic designD&AD (Design and Art Direction) 2012My co-graduate team had taken on a D&ADcompetition brief set out by global design agencyPentagram. We were to invent a supplement seriesfor The Typographic Circle that would be distributedwith a larger magazine. The supplement’s purposewas to showcase high profile designers that hadgiven talks for the The Typographic Circle. Thiswas a challenging and demanding project involvingstrategic and creative thinking; in which we hadregular consultation from the Creative Director ofChristchurch, New Zealand’s, ‘Hairy Lemon’ agency.Freelance, illustrationDianne McTigue (Netball NZ) 2011Illustrated a series of T-Shirt designs for Dianne’sNetball team, Mt Hutt New Zealand. Theseillustrations were for the benefit of the netballteams’ fundraising efforts, and were a fresh way tocommunicate sport related messages to the youngfemale audience. I fashioned the T-Shirts’ withvibrant and contemporary illustrations to appeal tothe target audience.Freelance, graphic designMactier Photography (Photographer) 2011Created an identity campaign for a freelancestudent photographer at CPIT, Christchurch. Firstly,we worked together to build his identity — thebrand name, persona and logo. Following this wasthe creation of all associated material (Catalogue,advertisement, portfolio package, House style).Freelance, design/illustrationThe Scott family (Private appointment) 2011Illustrated, designed and hand crafted a sizeablequantity of invitations for a celebratory event.The invitations were required to have a natural,organic feel. The illustration was developed from apersonal study on Indian Mehndi tattoo design — acultural inspiration.Commercial, graphic designWayne Goldsmith (Sports speaker) 2011Designed a flyer/poster for Wayne Goldsmith’sseminar in sport and business. This was a one offjob commissioned through ‘Motivationz’ as theyhired Goldsmith to hold this seminar.Freelance, graphic designEllens Cupcakes (Small business) 2011Created a small business identity for Tactix netballer,Ellen Halpenny. I developed a logo for her smallcupcake start up business. This brief includedthe creation of promotional materials such aspackaging, brochures and flyers.Student project, graphic designHuman Conflict (Exhibition catalogue) 2012After researching various movements in art history,I curated various art pieces relevant to my desiredtheme. It was a requirement to write a critique andbiography of one of the artists and their paintinginvolved in the theme. From there I put together eightart pieces based around the idea of ‘human conflict’.These pieces were showcased in an originalexhibition catalogue supported by a rationale fortheir inclusion. This curation of an exhibition wouldguide the viewer, telling them a story as they maketheir way around the gallery with the booklet in hand.Student project, graphic designDINZ (Designers Institution) 2011My goal was to produce promotional pieces for aDINZ (Design institute of New Zealand) seminarcovering the topic of “International TypographicStyle” movement. The work was to reflect athoughtful analysis and original visual application ofmy chosen movement’s style. After researching themovement and writing a critique and biography of‘Rudolph Deharak’ and his design piece from thatmovement, I created a promotional campaign thatput all of my research and development in context.Examples include: Poster series, street stickerseries, seminar flyer, seminar booklet andevent website.PHONE: +6427 765 9495E-MAIL: jessebody1@gmail.comSITE/PORTFOLIO: www.jessebody.comLINKEDIN: Jesse BodyTWITTER: jesse_bodyFACEBOOK: | ILLUSTRATOR
  • 4. PHONE: +6427 765 9495E-MAIL: jessebody1@gmail.comSITE/PORTFOLIO: www.jessebody.comLINKEDIN: Jesse BodyTWITTER: jesse_bodyFACEBOOK:!JESSEBODYDESIGNER | ILLUSTRATOR