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An Urban Intervention for East Garfield Park (UPP 460 Spring 2011)
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An Urban Intervention for East Garfield Park (UPP 460 Spring 2011)


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  • 1. JJ3M Community Partnerships J3M Community PartnershipsJMJ An Urban Intervention for East Garfield ParkJosé Alarcón Jesse Budlong Maria Hernandez Jessica Roberts
  • 2. J J3M Community Partnerships JM J J3M Community Partnerships Table of ContentsTable of ContentsExecutive Summary...........................................................................................................................................1Research + Analysis.........................................................................................................................................2Recommendations.............................................................................................................................................8Opportunities 2011 J3M
  • 3. J J3M Community PartnershipsJMJ J3M Community Partnerships Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryThe East Garfield Park community area on Chicago’s west side has tremendous potential for residential andcommercial growth. The area’s strong transportation resources and rich architectural heritage – boasting suchlandmarks as the Golden Dome Fieldhouse and the much-admired Garfield Park Conservatory – make it poised toprovide permanent homes for residents and businesses alike. In a crowded metropolitan area, East Garfield Parkis a region rife with possibilities for new developments as well as revitalization of existing buildings.The proposed intervention sits at the intersection of Madison Street and Sacramento Boulevard, at the heart of thecommunity and the center of East Garfield Park’s Madison Street Corridor. The main building rests at the southeastcorner of the intersection, but additional proposed new developments along both sides of West Madison Streetstretch east to California Avenue, revitalizing an important sector of the community.The amenities of the development respond to needs of the community. The large, multi-use facility will serve as acommunity center with adult education resources, youth after school programs, and a variety of services to assist thegrowth and development of the area. The neighborhood’s commitment to building a green community is reflectedin the design and use of the building as well, with a green rooftop, solar panels, and greenhouses integrated intothe 1 2011 J3M
  • 4. J J3M Community Partnerships JM J J3M Community Partnerships Research + AnalysisResearch + Analysis LAKE STREET GARFIELD PARK MADISON STREET SITE JACKSON BLVD SACRAMENTO BLVD I-290 I-290 HOMAN AVEIntroductionEast Garfield Park, once a thriving community of over 70,000 residents at its peak in the 1950s, has been in decline in recentdecades as jobs in nearby factory corridors have vanished. Now the area is home to only 20,567 residents, according to the2010 U.S. Census. This community center will respond to the needs of the current residents and attract new families to thecommunity by providing services and opportunities not currently available. The following sections outline the demographic,social, and cultural characteristics of the community area in order to reveal its needs and to demonstrate how the communitycenter responds to those needs. East Garfield Park contains one hospital, BethanyAmenities in East Garfield Park, Chicago, Illinois, 2000 Amenities in East Garfield Park, Chicago, IL 2000 Hospital, and one police station. A handful of grocery stores, restaurants and social service & Fire Stations agencies are situated near and along Madison WEST TOWN HUMBOLDT PARK & Libraries u " Hospitals & Street. There are twelve elementary schools in the KEDZIE CALIFORNIA Schools Á Á ´ ´ Parks neighborhood and two main public high schools, & ´ Police Stations Marshall Metro and Manley. The neighborhood # * & # * MADISON # * ´ ´´ ´ # * & ´ WEST GARFIELD PARK ´ Restaurants hosts eleven parks, including the East Garfield KEDZIE ´ NEAR WEST SIDE VAN BUREN Social Service Agencies VAN BUREN u " ´´ EISENH OW ER Grocery Stores Park Conservatory, from which the community # * EISENHOWER Á HARRISON HARRISON # * CENTRAL PARK CTA Stations CALIFORNIA Á CTA Train Lines takes its name. Three CTA stations are located Major Streets & in the community, and local expressways are NORTH LAWNDALE East Garfield Park & Community Areas within 1/2 mile easily accessed nearby. The proposed community of East Garfield ParkSource: Census, 2000; City of Chicago GIS, Bing Maps of Chicago GIS, Bing U.S. Census, 2000; City center will complement and supplement existing ¯ Source: U.S.Maps Projection: NAD 1983 State Plane Illinois East Projection: NAD 1983 State Plane Illinois East, Feet Map Created by Maria Hernandez, 4/26/2011 0 0.125 0.25 0.5 0.75 1 Miles 2 2011 J3M
  • 5. J J3M Community PartnershipsJMJ J3M Community Partnerships Research + AnalysisEducation, Poverty, and Employment Population Density in East Garfield Park, 2000As of 2000, only 13.1% of adults 25 years and older inEast Garfield Park held a degree higher than a high schooldiploma, compared to 30.1% in the City of Chicago.Moreover, out of the nearly 15,000 residents 16 years orolder, 48% percent were in the labor force and 52% werenot. The unemployment rate of those in the labor force wasapproximately 23% for this community area. People per AcreAccording to the 2000 U.S. Census, there were 6,535households in East Garfield Park. The median householdincome for households was $24,216. About 26% of  households earn less than $10,000 a year, 11% earn from Educational Attainment for Adults 25+ in East$10,000 to $14,999 and 14% earn between $15,000 and Garfield Park, 2000$24,999. These lower income categories when combinedaccount for half of the residents (51%) in East GarfieldPark and show a little over half of residents earn less than$24,999, compared to a median income in Cook County of$45,922 (in 1999 dollars). Over 32% of the East GarfieldPark residents were living in poverty in 2000, including43.1% of the children under the age of 18.While many factors locally, nationally, and globally have contributed to the high unemployment rate in this area and lowmedian income, the first step towards a solution is to create a labor force with the skills necessary to compete in the localjob market. Therefore, a key feature of the new center is the adult education center, which provides opportunities for adultsto study for their high school equivalency certificate as well as college entrance exams. Specialized training in computers,technology, and other job skills will also be made available as resources and community demands arise. Moreover, thepersonnel to staff the new facility, including administrative and technical positions, will bring hundreds of needed jobs to thearea.Percentage of Families in Poverty By Census Tract, 200060.0%  50.0%   48.2%   47.3%   44.0%   41.0%   39.8%  40.0%   33.6%   32.2%   31.1%   30.2%  30.0%   27.9%   25.7%   21.4%   20.2%  20.0%   17.8%   17.0%   16.5%   14.5%   15.4%  10.0%   0.0%   0.0%   Source: US Census Bureau 2000 Summary File 3 2701 2702 2703 2704 2705 2706 2707 2708 2709 2710 2711 2712 2713 2714 2715 2716 2717 2718 3 2011 J3M
  • 6. J J3M Community PartnershipsJMJ J3M Community Partnerships Research + AnalysisThe East Garfield Park Community Center will be a brand new building at the corner of Madison and Sacramento. Its threefloors contain mixed-use spaces designed to meet a variety of needs of the members of the community. For area youth,whose schools have been forced to cut extracurricular arts programs due to funding deficits, the center boasts space in whichthey can find creative outlets through visual arts, music, and dance. Local artists, teachers, and groups can reserve space tocreate and display their work. In addition, the youth media center provides a safe, casual, innovative 21st-century learningspace where students can access computers and a variety of media creation tools to engage in activities that promote criticalthinking, creativity, collaboration, and skill-building. It is modeled off the Youmedia center at the Harold Washington Libraryin downtown Chicago, which is less easily accessible for local youth. Bringing a similar center to the west side allows moreteenagers the opportunity to “geek out” constructively after school in a safe and engaging environment. Adults in the area will benefit from a variety of resources as well. Healthy produce grown in the adjacent greenhouses and from local farmers can be purchased at reasonable prices, and periodic healthy cooking classes will offer tips on preparing balanced meals for a family on a budget. Additionally, the adult education center and computer lab provide access to resources necessary to further improve education and job prospects. Partnerships with commercial businesses will bring well-paying jobs to the community, and conference and business spaces will be available for community 6 2011 J3M
  • 7. J J3M Community PartnershipsJMJ J3M Community Partnerships Research + AnalysisSource: Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance Quality of Life Plan, 2005Vacant LandAccording to the Quality of Life Plan drafted by the Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance in 2005, there are 1,750 vacantland parcels in the 1.93 square miles of land in East Garfield Park. Indeed, if one were to visit the East Garfield Park area thiswould be clearly visible, with many stretches of untended land and empty plots scattered throughout the community. Whilethese plots left vacant would be a detriment to the community, the availability of land in this otherwise extremely crowdedcity makes East Garfield Park an ideal community area for new growth and development. It is due to the availability of realestate in this area the proposed center goes far beyond just the main building. In addition to the structure on the southeastcorner of Madison and Sacramento, the proposed site extends east with greenhouses and a large community garden area,and across to the north side of the street with a sports complex including state-of-the-art basketball courts and revitalizedbuildings for additional commercial developments along the 7 2011 J3M
  • 8. JJ3M Community PartnershipsJMJ J3M Community Partnerships 8 2011 J3M
  • 9. JJ3M Community PartnershipsJMJ J3M Community Partnerships 9 2011 J3M
  • 10. A product of J3M Community Parternships, prepared by José Alarcón, Jesse Budlong, Maria Hernandez + Jessica Roberts for UPP 460-T: Introduction to Visualization and Geospatial Analysis, Spring 2011