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  • 1. http://www.empireonline.com/
  • 2. The title of the magazine is placed Line at top of the behind the image. The helps to magazine makes this ensure the image is the main magazine cover seem focus of attention. more appealing. The line portrays the magazines The image makes direct success and makes it eye contact with the overall more attractive to consumer and the image consumers. is overall dominating the cover. This is another Extra information is effective and popular portrayed down the feature I have found to side of the magazine work well and one I’ll cover. The layout is definitely use in my own neat and attractive as work. it isn’t too clustered.The title of the film is A feature I have noticeddisplayed clearly and on many magazinetherefore the consumer covers is that the barwill find it easy to code is placed at theremember. The title is a bottom of the magazinemajor part of the in a neat and organisedmagazine cover and it is place. It keeps in lineimportant I make it as with the rest of theclear to see as possible. magazine.I have gained this There is a bar at the bottom of the magazineknowledge from The extra caption makes the which shows extra features within the Mise en scene playsprevious analysis as magazine a lot more magazine. The font and style of the writing is an important part inwell. interesting and gives the easy to read and therefore is quite eye- demonstrating the consumer a taste of what catching. They add to the magazine making it genre of the feature the film will be about. more appealing and overall more interesting. film.
  • 3. Once again there is a caption aboveThe image doesn’t the title of themake eye contact magazine itself.with the consumer. I The caption makesfeel if the image the magazine moremakes eye contact appealing andwith the consumer attractive.it makes more of animpact on them. The extra films Title stands out and Portrayed are the colours relate to presented in a the title of the creative way and magazine. help create a powerful impact on the consumer. The extra features are portrayed In an The title of the magazine is interesting way. positioned behind the image. This ensures that the image is one of them most important features on the magazine. The mise en scene relates to the genre of the film. It helps to tie every other part of the magazine together.
  • 4. DIRECT COMPARISONOverall I prefer the ‘TOTAL FILM’ version then the EMPIRE one. Through my previous analysis I explainedthat ‘TOTAL FILM’ have included many attractive features that help make this magazine more appealing.Firstly, the title of the magazine is incorporated into the theme. The design makes it more attractive andmore eye catching. I noticed the clever use of the red symbol ‘+’ has been used to indicate what else will bein the magazine. The colour scheme I feel works better on the ‘TOTAL FILM’ magazine and the overallmagazine stands out far more.
  • 5. The title of the magazine is again The layout is organised placed behind the neatly on both sides of image. the magazine cover. The text varies in size and some features are emphasised more.The dates positionalong with for examplethe price is similar tomany magazine coversI have analysed. I thinkby placing it by themagazine title it can beseen clearly. The colour scheme works well and is sustained throughout the cover. The text only appears in black and white and this The main image dominates this magazine entirely. The image is helps create a striking fully in the foreground of the cover and even the text is placed and attractive cover. behind it. The mise en scene helps portray the genre extremely well and altogether makes the cover appealing.
  • 6. The magazine title isplaced behind the imagewhich dominates the This immediately grabs thecover. I prefer the consumers attention andmagazine title to be seen helps make this cover moreas I feel the image is a attractive. The line stands outlittle overpowering. and is in a large font which contrasts with the title of the magazine below. The title of the Eye contact is a featured film stands powerful way of out clearly. However connecting with the this time not as consumer. I feel I will prominently. This is due take away this to the almost faded feature for my own colour. It doesn’t jump magazine cover. out at the consumer as much and I feel this feature is slightly more weak. I’ve seen this feature used on a few magazine covers. I like There is quite a lot of empty space on this the use of the symbol and feel cover. I feel that although it is important I could use this on my own. the magazine isn’t too cluttered, a bar code or something should be here.
  • 7. The magazine titleis placed behind theimage which is acommon featureand allows theimage to dominatethe magazinecover.. The colour scheme Eye contact is is striking . being made by Contrasting colour the image are used which help which the magazine to dominates the stand out. cover.Mise en scene portraysgenre of the featuredfilm and helps make The bar codethis magazine cover ensures allmore attractive. space is used wisely and there aren’t any odd gaps on the magazine.
  • 8. The style of themagazine coverfont changes witheach magazine.The EMPIRE textsometimesappears far more The space is usedchunky and larger.. wisely andAgain it Is placed effectively. Thebehind the main layout is organisedimage. and allows quite a few features on it without being tooMain image makes direct cluttered.eye contact with theconsumer and the imageshows a person almosttrying to lean out of the The bottom half of the covermagazine. This creates an is used in an interesting andeven more eye catching creative way. The picture ofimage. ‘Sharon Stone’ doesn’t just The title of the featured stay restricted to the lower film is bold and stands half but overlaps into the out. It’s easy to read and section by the featured film. is very eye-catching.
  • 9. What have I learnt?• Image should make eye contact with consumer to draw them in more.• Image should dominate the cover.• Mise en scene is vital to portray genre.• Layouts need to be organised carefully to not appear as cluttered.• Colour scheme is important.• Title of featured film should be large and eye catching.