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V49tenstepsmarketingplan holylife hospital
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V49tenstepsmarketingplan holylife hospital


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  • 1. 1
    10 STEP Marketing Plan for (HOLYLIFE HOSPITAL)
    JUNE 19,2010
  • 2. 5 Steps for Part 1(PTM and positioning)
    Barangay NAPICO(PTM)
    Health care system (NWE)
    Primary and secondary Hospitals, private clinics (competitors)
    Accessability, affordability (gap)
    48,000 population, Class BCD (3Cs)
  • 3. 5 Steps for Part 2(Marketing Mix & Strategy)
    Holylife hospital
    20% less from the competitors
    Uses fliers, news papers, lectures, and events
    To be distributed at barangayNapico
    Uses low price and accessible health facility
  • 4. 4
    Positioning to the Primary Target Market
    Part 1:
    Steps 1 to 5
  • 5. Demographics ; ages – from birth to adulthood, male and female, regardless of civil status, living in barangayNapico and other neighboring town
    Life style : regular employees, sales clerks, OFW, factory workers, class BCD
    Behavior- needs an affordable health care system, accessible, easy term payment, complete health facilities.
  • 6. 2. My PTMs, Needs, wants, expectations.
    Needs – every member of the family needs check up only if with illness.
    Wants - they want an accessible hospital which offers low consultation, fast release of laboratory results.
    Expectation – they expect the hospital is one stop shop, complete laboratory service, recovery from their illness with less expenses possible.
  • 7. I want to provide my family accessible
    Health care facilities
    I want my family to be healthy
  • 8. 3. List of Competitors
    Direct competitors - all secondary hospitals within 5 kilometer radius, namely: St. Therese hospital, Alfonso Hospital, Immaculate Hospital.
    Indirect competitors – clinics, The Medical City, Mission Hospital, Pasig City General Hospital, Rizal Medical Center.
  • 9. Variables: age of the patients, professional fees, availability of the service, availability of the specialist, HMO accreditation, philhealth accreditation.
    Continuation Competitors
  • 10. 3b. Competitive Position Map
    Availability of the service
    Availability of specialist
    Price of the ancillary service
    Professional fees
    Accessibility of the hospital
  • 11. Positional Map
    Price vs. service
    Holylife hospital
    Mission hospital
  • 12. Holylife positioning is shown in this map
  • 13. 4. Identify the gap between customers and competition
    Holylife Hospital is a primary hospital which offers complete primary health care service within reach of the target market which is barangayNapico.
    The gap between the patients is the location of the competitors, price of the service
  • 14. Continuation gap between costumers and competition
    Location of the competitors
    Price of hospitalization which includes PF, lodging, and other services
    Offers service to class BCD group of community
  • 15. 5a. Estimate the market size using competitor data
    Consultation Fee ER. Tertiary hospital (Private)
    A . 450.00 pesos adult ( 20/day) 3Million/year
    2. Consultation Fee ER. Secondary hospital
    A. 350 pesos adult (20/day) 2.3 Million/ year
    3. A total of 48,000 population barangay NAPICO
  • 16. 5. Market Size
    a total 48,000 population lives in barangay NAPICO.
  • 17. 17
    The Marketing Mix Strategy
    Part 2:
    Steps 6 to 10
  • 18. 6a. Photos of different hospital competitors
  • 19. 6b. Product Description
    Holylife Hospital is a two story building, 2 ER beds, 8 beds capacity primary hospital, duly accredited by DOH, a member of PHA soon 2011 Philhealth accredited.
    4 internist
    2 pulmonogist, 1 cardiologist, 2 surgeons, 4 pediatricians, 2 OB gyne,
  • 20. Continuation product description
    2 ophthalmologist
    1 cosmetic surgeon
    Level 2 Laboratory, 300 MA X ray, minor OR, DR.
  • 21. 7. Price
  • 22. 8a. Promo
    Advertising use fliers, posters, brochures.
    Sales Promotions discount on laboratory procedure
    Public Relations lectures at the barangay level
    Direct Marketing person to person
    Personal Selling give samples to patients
  • 23. 8a. Promo
  • 24. Continuation promo
    Holylife Hospital : advertisements, sales discount in services, person to person, lectures at barangay hall, telecommunication, news paper, fliers, posters, stickers posted on side of the tricycle.
  • 25. 8b. Competitor’s promo
    Tertiary Hospital : advertisements, news papers, fliers, HMO, TV, posters, lectures, and websites.
    Secondary Hospital : advertisements, news papers, fliers, posters, HMO, lectures, and websites.
  • 26. 8c Competitor’s promo
    TV ads, fliers, poster located along the side streets, sales promo, postgraduate study(tertiary), websites.
  • 27. 9. Location of the hospital
    President Quezon st,Life Homes subd, Barangay Rosario, Pasig City.
    With its close vicinity from the barangay, the hospital is located along the main exit of the subdivision’s main road.
  • 28. 10. Winning Strategy
    Holylife Hospital main strategy is to dominate the health care system of the entire barangay NAPICO.
    Competitive price of services
    Location of the hospital, accessibility
    Excellent, completeness of the ancillary services, comfort, approachable consultant and specialist.
  • 29. 29
    Ten steps marketing plan
    (Holylife Hospital)
  • 30. 5 Steps for Part 1(PTM and positioning)
    Barangay NAPICO(PTM)
    Health care system (NWE)
    Primary and secondary Hospitals, private clinics (competitors)
    Accessability, affordability (gap)
    48,000 population, Class BCD (3Cs)
  • 31. 5 Steps for Part 2(Marketing Mix & Strategy)
    Holylife Hospital
    20% lower price
    Uses advertisements, lectures, person to person, sales promo
    Located at the main exit of the subdivision
    Uses low cost of health service
  • 32. 32
    10 STEP Marketing Plan for (HOLYLIFE HOSPITAL)
    JUNE 19,2010