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Sandberg Translation Partners Limited (STP) specialises in translating to and from the Nordic languages and English/German. We have 40+ in-house translators/account linguists and 20 dedicated project managers in our offices in Whiteley near Southampton, England. We do not market STP's services directly to end-users of translation work. Instead, we serve the needs of other translation companies looking for a one-stop solution to all translation and localisation work involving English, Danish, Finnish, German, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish.

We provide an extensive range of translation services to over 300 translation companies throughout Europe, the US and Asia. We translate most subject areas, although we do of course have our main specialist areas of work, which for our in-house staff are automotive, technical (mechanical engineering, electrical, electronic), tourism, IT and software localisation, financial and commercial. When including our regular freelancers, we also offer specialist knowledge and experience of medical texts and patents.

We continually invest in the most up-to-date computer-assisted translation (CAT) technology, and our staff training programme ensures that all our translators keep up to speed. Alongside the ongoing development of our human resources, STP is developing technological solutions to enable us to provide even better service and actively respond to individual client needs. Developments such as our proprietary project management database and supplier extranet reduce the need for project managers to carry out routine administrative tasks and allow them to focus on providing good advice to our clients, organising projects more effectively and ensuring optimum workflow. We are increasingly supplementing commercial CAT tools with our own technology for purposes such as file format conversion, terminological consistency checking and document preparation in ways that are fully integrated into project workflow.

In January 2008 we were certified to the BS EN 15038 translation services standard which sets out the requirements for the provision of quality services by translation service providers.

Please also visit our website for information about our work into English from all the world’s major languages.

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  • Around 65 staff as at end of 2012, virtually all qualified translators.
  • We now work in officeenvironments that fit with the image and capabilities of who we are.
  • STP has invested, and continues to reinvest, in good people, good processes and good technology.With these, we can offer a very high level of service and capacity at a competitive cost.
  • These are the human resources to work out the best solutions for our clients’ needs.
  • Hardware resources – they are there to guarantee uninterrupted business.We have greater technical capability than any freelancer and even most of our clients .Whiteley preparing for upgrade to 50Mbps up-/downstream leased line connection. 30Mbps fibre in Stockholm. 20Mbps ADSL2 in London.
  • We have invested time and money in lots of good technology, and many of our translation company clients outsource to us tasks they may not be able to carry out in-house themselves.
  • In-house-developed translation project management/”mini ERP” software handles all our processes. Life cycle since 2002, currently deployed on SQL Server. Three copies sold to three of our largest clients. Effectively “runs the business” and provides management with invaluable management account information (financial and statistical).
  • In early 2013 STP will launch an extranet portal for freelance suppliers, called Nexus. This is completely integrated with our internal project management software and will allow “self service” by our freelancers in terms of updating their supplier information, viewing and claiming jobs, invoicing etc. We have high hopes that this will ease our internal administrative burden and enable us to better utilise our strong supply chain.
  • STP works almost exclusively for other translation companies – including many of the world’s largest. We are a good example of the 80-20 rule – 80% of our business comes from about 20% of our clients.
  • This is what our key clients said about us at the end of last year.
  • Here is an indication of our capacity – the figures are from 2012and are “weighted” source words, i.e. equivalent to number of true new words.
  • The main subject fields that we handle.
  • In 2008 we were certified to the translation industry’s own quality standard.Only our “Translation and Revision” work is in accordance with this standard, though we also sell “Translation Only” to those translation companies who don’t want to buy revision.The certificate obliges STP to monitor certain factors, including client complaints and client feedback.
  • Our service is built on four cornerstones:Project managementOur project management procedures are documented and our project managers apply them to each new translation order.The process is implemented through the Project Management Database software.This ensures that: Enquiries are dealt with quickly, all job details are recorded, all materials and instructions are handled and stored correctly Correspondence between the client, project manager and translator(s)/reviser(s) runs smoothly Projects are completed within the agreed time frame Handling of materials and information All client materials are handled in confidence and archived/backed up on file server All project details and materials are stored in the PMDB Where appropriate, clients are provided with a project quotation and order acknowledgementTranslator selectionSTP has a documented process for translator selection, the storing of translator data and feedback on work completed, including on-going translator training and encouraging continuing professional development.These ensure the high professional standard of both internal and external translators and revisers.Translators and revisers are selected based on their formal academic qualifications and professional experience.Client feedbackClient feedback is always taken seriously and any complaints from clients are dealt with promptly and efficiently according to STP's client complaints procedure
  • At STP, we claim mainlyto be experts in one thing – translation.Our translators*,project managers*and most of our senior management* are trained translators.Most of us are native speakers of a Nordic language, or have a degree involving a Nordic language.When it comes to the individual roles and tasks, our staff have a lot of cross-functional capabilities and experience, which gives our operations great flexibility, and this is important for any company, smaller ones in particular.
  • Stp 2012 presentation

    1. 1. Working in partnership withLanguage Service Providers
    2. 2. STP History• 1995 – STP founded as a partnership • 2000 – STP incorporated as a limited company in UK • 2001 – Tranflex founded as a limited company in Sweden• 2001 – STP Acquired UK arm of Done Information • 2002 – STP moved to larger office • 2008 – STP moved to even larger office • 2010 – Tranflex set up London subsidiary • 2012 – STP acquired Tranflex • 2012 – STP acquired Simply English International and rebranded it as STP English  © Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd, December 2012 2
    3. 3. Current Offices & Staffing• Whiteley – Currently 35 staff, room for 50• Stockholm – Currently 8 staff, room for 10• London – Currently 9 staff, room for 16• Farnham – Currently 3 staff, room for 4 (STP also has 10+ permanent home workers) © Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd, December 2012 3
    4. 4. Philosophy• Academically strong• Professional pride and commitment• Team spirit• Service-minded• Commercial realities• Optimised use of technology © Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd, December 2012 4
    5. 5. Human Resources Jesper Managing Director Anu Raisa Chris SimonOperations QA & Production Process & IT Manager Manager Manager Account Manager PM Team Account Linguists Translators Several account linguist 5 language teams18 project managers teams with 2-3 in each with 5-11 translators in each 700+ Nordic freelance translators, of which more than 140 are preferred/regular © Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd, December 2012 5
    6. 6. Hardware Resources• MS Windows Small Business Server Premium 2012 Virtualised installations on three physical Dell PowerEdge 2950 servers, each with 24GB RAM and 1.3TB RAID Virtualised memoQ Server (60 client licences), Trados TM server (35 client licences), PangeaMT solution and 35 virtual PCs for remote access on Dell PowerEdge R510 server with 128GB RAM and 3.2TB RAID• MS Windows 7 Enterprise Deployed on 60+ client workstations each with 2-4GB RAM• Power, hardware & Domain Controller Redundancy• Server and Main Client PC UPS up to 2 Hours• Antivirus & Cisco Firewall Appliance Protection• Daily Incremental Backups & Shadow Copies every 15 minutes• Server and Remote Desktop Virtualisation• 8Mbps Up-/Downstream Fibre-Optic Leased Line © Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd, December 2012 6
    7. 7. Software Resources• STP Project Management Software• SDL Trados TM Server• SDL Trados MultiTerm Server• SDL Trados 2006/2007 Desktop• SDL Trados Studio 2009/2011• PangeaMT Full Power DIY MT solution• Idiom WorldServer Desktop Workbench• MemoQ 6.2 Server + 50 client licences• DéjàVu X/Wordfast Pro• Yamagata QA Distiller• Apsic Xbench• MS Office 2002 (XP) & 2010• Numerous proprietary and in-house translation tools & utilities © Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd, December 2012 7
    8. 8. STP PM Software© Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd 2012 8
    9. 9. STP Nexus ExtranetFebruary 2009 © Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd,2009 Ltd December 2012 9
    10. 10. STP Clients• In 2012 STP served 300+ translation company clients, including 32 of the world’s top 100 LSPs (of which 8 represent significant business)• approx. 50 clients account for 80% of business • 38 of our current top 50 clients have worked with us for over ten years • 2012 turnover exceeded GBP 5 million © Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd, December 2012 10
    11. 11. Client FeedbackSTP client satisfaction survey 2011:• “We are very happy with your services.”• “Response times generally very good. This has improved recently.”• “Very efficient communication, reliable project management, a pleasure to work with.”• “The quality of the translations is usually very good.”• “I find the project managers very helpful.”• “Generally, I have been very happy with everything STP have completed for me. They are always punctual with their deliveries, friendly and in general make life easy for me.”• “I get the impression that you have expanded your pool of translators, as you are accepting a lot more work from us than in the past (which is great).”• “Rates a little high for industry average, but justified by good quality and reliability.”• “Almost no end customer complaints.”• “Services absolutely in line with our requirements and expectations.” © Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd, December 2012 11
    12. 12. STP’s Main LanguagesTarget language Source words in 2012 (rounded) Swedish 13,100,000 Danish 10,600,000 English 11,700,000 Norwegian 8,900,000 Finnish 5,100,000 © Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd, December 2012 12
    13. 13. STP 2012 Fields & Volumes Subject area Source words translated (rounded) “General” 11,100,000 Technical 9,800,000 IT/localisation 12,400,000Medical (device/pharma) 2,500,000 Commercial 3,100,000 Financial 4,200,000 Legal 1,100,000 Marketing 1,500,000 Automotive 1,100,000 Other 2,600,000 © Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd, December 2012 13
    14. 14. BS EN 15038 for STPCertified toBS EN 15038in January 2008 by Bureau VeritasTranslation + revision Complaints percentage 2008 2009 2010 2011 2008 2009 2010 2011 38% 49% 48% 59% 0.24% 0.32% 0.28% 0.40% of projects completed of projects completed © Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd, December 2012 14
    15. 15. Processes & WorkflowsProject Management Handling of materials and informationTranslator selection Client feedback © Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd, December 2012 15
    16. 16. Why Work With USOur project managers, in-house translators and freelance partners arededicated, experienced language professionals. We know the translationindustry and its tools as well as the Nordic culture and market. Production Qualified translators  Project Management Qualified translators  Management Qualified translators & experienced leaders  © Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd, December 2012 16
    17. 17. Working With UsWhy: When: High capacity  Regular projects Technical solutions  Big projects Variety of subject matters  Specialist projects Translation and revision  Urgent projects Project management  Small projects © Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd, December 2012 17
    18. 18. Looking forward toshared future successwith our LSP partners