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Blue Vip Presentation En

  1. 1. Presentation March 2010
  2. 2. Digital Media Consulting & Management BlueVip makes available its intelligence and experience to Italian and International companies operating in the new Digital Media world with the mission of creating significant value increases through innovation Confidential & Proprietary 1
  3. 3. Practices: Strategy Marketing & Sales Planning Execution Thanks to its consulting and management skills and experiences, BlueVip supports the managers developing strategic activities: •  Vision, mission, objectives check and definition •  Activities’ and products/services’ analysis •  Competitive advantages analysis •  SWOT analysis •  Strategic positioning •  Strategic planning development Confidential & Proprietary 2
  4. 4. Practices: Marketing & Sales Strategy Planning Execution BlueVip covers all the traditional areas of marketing & sales function and, through the participated company InTarget Group, manages all “digital marketing” activities •  Market analysis •  Marketing function support •  Corporate identity development •  Search marketing •  Publishing and marketing plans •  Search advertising •  Direct marketing •  Social media marketing •  Sales network organization •  Web marketing intelligence Confidential & Proprietary 3
  5. 5. Practices: Planning Marketing Strategy & Sales Execution BlueVip has a consolidated experience in developing business plans for start-ups and new projects and in realising planning and control models and systems •  Business Planning •  Budgeting and operating planning •  Activity Based Costing analysis •  Management Reporting models and systems •  Balanced Scorecards Confidential & Proprietary 4
  6. 6. Practices: Execution Marketing Strategy & Sales Planning BlueVip’s partners engage themselves directly in management activities executing strategies and plans suggested •  Start-ups and products’ launches management •  Temporary management •  Sales channels management •  E-commerce •  Multimedia contents and TV channels distribution Confidential & Proprietary 5
  7. 7. Industries: Television Mobile Publishing Entertainment Internet BlueVip has a multi-years consulting and management experience in this industry and a wide knowledge of the Italian and the Spanish TV market. We follow very close every evolution of the market from the legal and the business point of view and we have a direct experience of realization and management of TV production centers and broadcasting networks •  European TV market analysis •  Feasibility plans for new TV channels •  Research and distribution of TV channels and contents •  Strategic planning, business planning for new channels launch •  Operating planning and sources recruitment •  Start-up phase management Confidential & Proprietary 6
  8. 8. Industries: Mobile Television Publishing Entertainment Internet BlueVip has an important experience in the telecommunication sector and mainly in mobile business with relevant projects with all main operators •  Telecom market analysis in Italy •  Planning and control models and systems •  System integration •  Multimedia contents distribution for mobile phones •  Planning and realizing applications for smartphones Confidential & Proprietary 7
  9. 9. Industries: Publishing Television Mobile Entertainment Internet Recently BlueVip acquired a deep knowledge in the publishing industry and in particular in the professional publishing, following projects for a “new comer” •  Professional publishing market analysis •  Business planning for the launch of new online products and services •  Financial and commercial partnership research •  Sales strategy development •  Marketing planning •  Launch on the market management Confidential & Proprietary 8
  10. 10. Industries: Entertainment Television Mobile Publishing Internet BlueVip has directly invested in the travel and time out sector, where has some important projects •  Outgoing and incoming Italian travel market analysis •  Distribution channels (online and offline) analysis •  Strategic planning for distribution activities online and offline •  Business planning for distribution activities online and offline •  Design, realization and management of web and mobile platforms for travel and time out Confidential & Proprietary 9
  11. 11. Industries: Internet Television Mobile Publishing Entertainment BlueVip’s experience is completed by a wide knowledge of the web world, where all projects are converging today •  Planning, realization and management of e-commerce activities •  Support and management of logistic and delivery processes for e- commerce •  Web-tv projects •  Multimedia contents distribution •  Web sites realization and management •  Digital Marketing: search marketing, search advertising, social media marketing and web marketing intelligence Confidential & Proprietary 10
  12. 12. Some experiences Teleshopping/e-commerce Television Telecommunication/Mobile Multimedia Travel & Enterteinment Publishing/Professional services Confidential & Proprietary 11
  13. 13. Focus: digital marketing BlueVip offers a complete network of skills in the Digital Marketing through the 4 business units of the participated company InTarget Group Digital Marketing “pull” Digital Marketing “push” Social Media Marketing Web Marketing Intelligence •  Search Engine •  Search •  Brand •  Web Analytics Marketing Advertising Reputation •  Brand •  Social Search •  Contextual •  Buzz Reputation Marketing Advertising Marketing Analysis •  Mobile Search •  Mobile •  WOM •  Usability & Marketing Advertising Marketing Call to action Analysis •  Local Search •  Social •  Social Marketing Advertising Advertising •  Market Research Confidential & Proprietary 12
  14. 14. InTarget Group clients Confidential & Proprietary 13
  15. 15. Contacts Nicola Gasperini Managing Partner Mobile phone +39 335 7606149 Roberto De Falco Partner Mobile phone +39 335 7516215 Offices in Milano – Roma – Barcellona Tel. +39 06 83960755 Confidential & Proprietary 14