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Lesson plan 5

  1. 1. LESSON PLAN Teachers: Estela N Braun, Liliana Moserrat. Student Teacher: Víctor Camargo, Jésica Perez. School: Escuela Nº2 Remedios de Escalada de San Martín. Timetable: Tuesday 16.45 – 17.30 / Friday 15.40 – 16.35. Date: 13/09/13. Topic: Nutrition. Class Nº5 AIMS To introduce new vocabulary items. To present the food pyramid. To engage students in a Total Physical Response activity. OBJECTIVES To associate food images with their spelling and pronunciation. To read a text about a student’s meals. To produce a text about their diet.
  2. 2. ACTIVITIES ACTIVITY TYPE OF INTERACTION Whole class. Activity 1: Presentation of new vocabulary. A food pyramid poster will be stuck on the board. The new vocabulary items will be presented with new flashcards. (chocolate, butter, pizza, strawberry, broccoli, grapes, pear, ice cream) Then the students will have to answer question orally: What do you eat for lunch? Do you drink milk with lunch? Activity 2: Game. Whole class The students will be divided into two groups. The pyramid and the flashcards will be stuck on the board. Each group will receive the labels for the food, which will be scattered on a desk. The student teacher will pronounce one word aloud and one student per group will have to look for the label on the table, and then run to the board and stick it below the flashcard. The student who sticks the label first will get a point for her/his group. Activity 3: A) The students will read a Pair work text¹ about a girl who describes what she eats during a whole day. After that, they will solve two comprehension Individual exercises2. MACROSKILL TIMING MATERIALS Speaking 10’ Food pyramid poster. Flashcards. Blackboard. Reading Listening 10’ Food pyramid poster. Flashcards. Blackboard. Labels. Reading 10’ Photocopies provided by the student teacher. Blackboard. Food Pyramid poster. Labels for categories of food.
  3. 3. Activity 4: They will produce sentences individually, following the model text with the student teacher’s help, who will write an example3 on the blackboard. Then, they will read their answer aloud. Blackboard Individual Writing 10’
  4. 4. Reference: 1 Malena’s Diet I get up at 7 a.m. For breakfast I have chocolate milk with bread and butter. Then, I go to school. At 12.30 p.m. I have lunch: Steak with salad or chips, and a fruit. At 6 p.m. is tea time, I have chocolate milk with biscuits. At 10 p.m. I have dinner with my family: pasta with cheese, and I drink orange juice. My favourite food is ice-cream, I have it on Sunday. 2 Comprehension Exercises: Match the time with the meals: 6 p.m. Breakfast 7 a.m. Dinner 12.30 p.m. Tea time 10 p.m. Lunch True or false? Correct the false words. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 3 Malena has steak and salad for breakfast. (T – F) Malena has pasta with cheese for dinner. (T – F) Malena’s favourite food is chips. (T – F) Malena has biscuits and chocolate milk for lunch. (T – F) Malena has biscuits and chocolate milk for tea time. (T – F) Example I get up at... I have... for breakfast. I have ... for lunch. At tea time, I have... For dinner, I have... My favourite food is...