Developing A Positive Support Perception

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How to develop a positive support perception for your company.

How to develop a positive support perception for your company.

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  • 1. Developing a “Positive Support Perception” for Your Company John Erskine Director of Studio Services NCsoft West [email_address]
  • 2.
    • “ Positive Support Perception” means:
      • People like your company
        • Positive regard for the company means more than “satisfied with the product”
      • Support means everything , not just CS
        • Really. Everything.
      • Perception is reality
        • “ They have great support” – usually isn’t based on first hand experience
    • Marketers could substitute the word brand for support and most of these concepts would be the same.
  • 3.
    • Traditional Paradigms:
      • Net Promoter Score
      • Customer Loyalty Strategies
      • Customer Relationship Management
      • Perceived Value Models
    • blah blah blah
    • (Google these please)
    • These are useful concepts, but they miss the point.
  • 4. Informal Poll: What brands or companies do you associate with great service?
    • USAA
    • American Express
    • Patagonia
    • Netflix
    • Apple
    • Nordstrom
    • Zappos
    • Starbucks
    • Best Buy
    • REI
    • Southwest Airlines
    • Your company???
  • 5. Informal Poll: What factors contribute to a ‘positive support perception’ for a company besides support itself?
    • Accessibility by design
    • Design, design, design
    • Use their own products
    • Product knowledge (across the board)
    • Feel like they care about me
    • Quality self-service
    • Useful forums
    • Billing models, business models
    • Marketing methods and messages (consistent, meaningful)
    • Don’t permit problems that require support (best support is no support required)
    • Personal touch
    • Personalized communications (all of them)
    • Admit when they are wrong
    • Show improvements in the product
    • Continuous quality improvement (no backsliding)
    • Quality of end-to-end user experience
    • Account creation and ‘joining experience’
    • Start a cult (Apple specific)
    • Closed loop feedback systems
    • Company values customers (no take it or leave it)
    • Act like a real human not a ‘corporate entity’
  • 6.
    • So, what are the important points?
    • (a theoretical model can’t replace good old fashioned caring)
      • Customers are people
      • who want to be treated like people
        • not opportunities, or forecasts, or units
      • and they want to believe that you ‘care’ about them as human beings.
        • you can’t fake it, you have to really care
      • You can’t delegate this ‘caring’ to a department, it must be your company culture
      • Requires that you build trust
        • every interaction or experience either increases or decreases trust
  • 7. TRUST Trust is the currency you spend when you make mistakes
  • 8.
    • In today’s wired world, your customers can really know you.
    • Twitter, Facebook, Website, Blog, Newsletter, Emails, Videos, fan sites, rant sites, reviews, polls, interviews …
    • Some tips:
      • Cultivate a customer focused culture. Everyone has to care about the customers.
      • Hire a great community manager and listen to them. Really. Even when they say mean things to you. (especially then)
      • Recognize that ‘HOW’ you do something is as important as ‘WHAT’ you do, and often times more important
      • Every department should be challenged to identify specifically HOW they contribute to positive perception
      • Treat people like real people. Employees. Customers. Vendors. Everyone.
      • And of course, provide awesome customer support
  • 9. Things you might check out Video from Jeff Bezos about Amazon and Zappos Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust – Zappos Culture Book – Zappos Blog – HOW – by Dov Seidman Socialnomics: How social media transforms the way we live and do business The Ultimate Question: Driving Good Profits and True Growth ( about Net Promoter Score – worth a look)