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  • 1. Personal Profile for Client #3
    Name: Colin
    Age: 19
    Goal: To gain lean weight
    Lifestyle: Active
  • 2. Day 1-Breakfast
    Day 1 will commence with Oatmeal Strawberry Protein Pancakes. This meal is high in protein and energy and would allow Colin to use up his Protein Powder. To drink, Colin should have a glass of organic orange juice.
  • 3. Day 1-Mid-Morning snack
    Since Colin has an active lifestyle, he will need more meals. So if he get hungry in the middle of the morning, he can have some homemade Trailmix. It is easy to make with organic granola, peanuts, raisins, almonds and cranberries. Water can taken if needed.
  • 4. Day 1-Lunch
    For lunch, we have decided to give Colin an Turkey wrap. Not only does it have lean turkey, but also has the vegetables that Colin likes, and is very simple to make.
  • 5. Day 1- After workout snack
    In the morning, Colin can enjoy a Protein Powder Parfait. By adding in the fat free yogurt as well as a variety of fruit, can make a yummy snack and make the powder taste good.
  • 6. Day 1-Dinner
    When he comes home, Colin and easily whip up a simple, Chinese Soy Sauce Fried rice with onions, carrots, eggs, ham, soy sauce. Not only is it filling but also delicious. On the side, he can have a baked chicken breast, giving him the extra protein. He can also have a glass of Ice Tea (unsweetened).
  • 7. Day 2-Breakfast
    On Day 2, Colin and feast on Cheerio's which are high in carbs but also very healthy. With the addition of skimmed milk, fresh fruit and raisins, he can begin his morning with a bang!
  • 8. Day 2- Mid Morning Snack
    In the morning, Colin should eat a granola bar. This includes a lot of nutrients that are necessary for Colin and would be a great snack as well. Water can be taken if needed.
  • 9. Day 2-Lunch
    For Lunch, we have decided to give Colin a BLT, however, this time, much more healthier. This BLT comes with whole wheat bread, tomatoes, turkey bacon, and cucumbers, making it healthier than the normal BLT, and as filling. He can have lemon juice to drink.
  • 10. Day 2- After Workout Snack
    After a tiring workout, Colin can then enjoy a Strawberry Mass Protein Shake. With skim milk, fat free yogurt, strawberries, honey, rolled oats, strawberry protein powder and a few ice cups, this drink is just what he need after a workout.
  • 11. Day 2-Dinner
    Finally for dinner, he can have Chicken Fajita. This is a high carbohydrate and protein meal, which is just right for him. It also can include vegetables like onions and peppers. On the side is a simple Caesar Salad.
  • 12. Day 3-Breakfast
    The next morning, Colin can prepare a soupy oatmeal (just the way he likes). He can choose to put in different fruits in it as well. On the side, he can have Organic Soy Bean Milk.
  • 13. Day 3 -Mid Morning Snack
    When Colin gets hungry in the morning, he can have some Corn Chips with Salsa. Unsweetened Ice Tea can also be taken.
  • 14. Day 3-Lunch
    For Lunch, Colin can eat a rice salad. This easy to make salad has the carbohydrates that Colin wants as well as the protein from the meat added in. It also has a lot of vitamins and minerals from the vegetables.
  • 15. Day 3- After workout snack
    After a workout, Colin can eat a protein bar. In this bar, there is oatmeal, fruits, protein powder, nut and many other things. This bar will give the energy Colin needs after his hot and sweaty workout.
  • 16. Day 3-Dinner
    Colin’s favorite food is pasta. So we decided to give him Chicken Pasta with tomato sauce. With whole-wheat pasta, chicken, tomatoes and other, we can create a healthier version of this dish.
  • 17. Day 4-Breakfast
     On the morning of day 4, Colin will have some Branflakes which are high in fiber along with some 1% milk, a glass of organic orange juice and a cup of coffee to give that jump start he needs for the day
  • 18. Day 4- Mid Morning Snack
    Colin will then have a slice of whole wheat bread with organic peanut butter which is a great source of protein and healthy fats
  • 19. Day 4- Lunch
        For lunch he'll be having a mouth watering, satisfying and healthy sinta steak sandwich with pesto and grilled vegetables along with half an avocado which provides both omega 3 oils and healthy fats
  • 20. Day 4- After Workout Snack
    For his post workout snack, Colin will be having a shake with strawberris, cantolope, blueberries, yogurt and the strawberry protein powder he's just dying to get rid of. He'll also have a mix of cashews and walnuts to give him some good healthy calories that will keep him energized  for the rest of the day.
  • 21. Day 4- Dinner
        For supper, Colin will have a delicious appetizer of tomato slices and eta cheese with some balsamic vinegar dressing on the side. For his main course he'll have a 1/4 roasted chicken roasted in a rosemary marinade with some organic brown rice on the side and of course how can we forget some great peach frozen yogurt for dessert
  • 22. Day 5- Breakfast
     For day 5 he'll start off the day a little differently with an Israeli salad with some tehini on it. Tehini is a paste made out of sesame seeds and is considered one of the healthiest sources of protein.
  • 23. Day 5- Breakfast
    He'll also have two eggs and toast with a  side of lemon iced tea.
  • 24. Day 5- Mid Morning Snack
    For his mid morning snack we're going to give Colin a very filling yogurt with muesli on top (a mix of fruit and nuts)
  • 25. Day 5-Lunch
    For lunch on day 5 we're going go with a healthy twist on everybody's favorite food, pizza. It'll be an open whole wheat pita break with tomato sauce, low fat mozzarella cheese and grilled peppers. On the side of that, to replace french fries  we'll have some baked potato wedges with a vinaigrette on the side.
  • 26. Day 5-Lunch
    For dessert he'll be having a light fruit salad with a lemon and honey dressing
  • 27. Day 5- After workout Snack
    For Colin's after workout snack we'll be going with another shake but this time with a more tropic feel to it. In the shake he'll be putting Pineapple, Mango , Kiwi, Orange juice and ice, to make it more refreshing. He'll also have some healthy whole  wheat pretzels as a snack
  • 28. Day 5- Dinner
    For supper we'll be going with some grilled salmon and some whole wheat pasta with mushrooms on the side along with a spinach salad with pomegranate and pears. Spinach is a great source of iron and B vitamins while salmon is a healthy source of protein.
  • 29. Day 6-Breakfast
    For day's six breakfast we're starting off with a middle eastern dish calledshakshuka which is  a tomato based egg dish that is a great source of both protein and vegetables and some toast togo on the side. Shakshukais simply made by sauteing tomatoes in tomato sauce, putting in some chili peppers and then frying up the eggs.
  • 30. Day 6- Breakfast
    Colin will also have some orange and grapefruit slices which raise the blood sugar and will give him energy for the day
  • 31. Day 6- Mid Morning snack
     For a mid morning snack we'll be giving Collin the very colorful and nutritious terra chips.
  • 32. Day 6- Lunch
    We're heading over to Japan for lunch because Collin will be having some Tuna and vegetarian sushi followed by a stir fried Japanese noodle dish with chicken chunks and vegetables
  • 33. Day 6- After workout Snack
    For Colin's after workout shake, this time we'll be going with a vanilla hinted, orange raspberry shake with some of the protein powder that he won't even be able to taste
  • 34. Day 6- Dinner
    For his final meal of the day on day 6, Colin will be having a turkey burger with onions, mushrooms, tomato, light may and BBQ sauce with a side of a tabuli salad and corn on the cob.
  • 35. Day 6- Dinner
    Tabuli salad is a couscous salad with cucumber tomato and onions. For dessert he'll have 2 small  chocolate chip cookies to satisfy that sweet tooth.
  • 36. Day 7- Breakfast
    Since it’s the end of the week, we decided to PARTY! So in the morning, Colin would be having blueberry waffles with 1 glass of skimmed milk. This would give him carbohydrates and calcium needed during the day.
  • 37. Day 7-Mid Morning Snack
    For his mid morning snack, Colin will be able to eat a Bran Carrot Muffin. It has healthy carbohydrates and vegetables, which include the vital vitamins and minerals needed for keeping his energy up.
  • 38. Day 7- Lunch
    For Lunch, Colin will be having a seafood salad. On the bottom will be a bed of Spinach. On top will be chunks of grilled salmon and grilled shrimp. This was he can get protein from the seafood and vitamins from the spinach.
  • 39. Day 7- After workout snack
    Instead of doing another fruity drink, after the work out, Colin will be able to have a Chocolate Strawberry Milkshake with low fat milk and ice cream as well as some of its protein powder. This with not only be a nice change but also very appealing.
  • 40. Day 7- Dinner
    Since it’s the last day of the week, Colin can have a piece of steak for dinner, along with some potatoes. This will be a relief from the regular diet. For dessert, Colin will be able to have a piece of Apple Pie to go along with it.