2013 Mitsubishi Outlander at Jerry's Mitsubishi in Baltimore, Maryland


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2013 Mitsubishi Outlander at Jerry's Mitsubishi in Baltimore, Maryland

  1. 1. 2013 Outlander Series
  2. 2. Front Cover: Outlander GT in Cool Silver and Outlander Sport SE with Premium Package in White Pearl
  3. 3. Outlander Sport SE in Laguna Blue and Outlander GT in Cool Silver
  5. 5. BY INTEGRATING BOLD NEW LINES AND SIMPLIFIED, STREAMLINED DESIGN AT BOTH THE FRONT AND REAR,THE 2013 OUTLANDER SPORT RAISES THE ELEGANCE FACTOR A NOTCH OR TWO. SO NOW YOU’LL NOTONLY LOOK GREAT COMING AND GOING, YOU’LL LEAVE A LASTING IMPRESSION WHEREVER YOU GO.Super-Wide Range HID HeadlampsUsing xenon gas, super-wide High IntensityDischarge Headlamps (S-HID) project a beamthat’s 35 percent brighter than normal lights.What’s more, the light they emit more closelymimics that of the sun, making for betterdefinition and less eye fatigue.LED Combination Tail LightsOutlander Sport has got your back with LEDcombination tail lights. These high-qualityunits not only look sharp, they also light upfaster, are more visible and last longer thantraditional tail lights.OUTLANDER SPORTTake to the road with adramatically heightenedsense of style.
  6. 6. Outlander Sport SE with Premium Package in Laguna Blue
  7. 7. Panoramic Glass RoofBy day, the panoramic glass roof creates afresh, open-air quality throughout the interior.By night, the roof’s LED mood lighting setsthe tone for endless evening drive possibilities.OUR BLUESKY THINKINGBROUGHT YOUOF ALL THINGS,BLUE SKYWith its available panoramicglass roof, the Outlander Sport’sinterior offers a brilliant open-airfeeling. Basking inside, you’ll findthe seats well-appointed withembossed upholstery while thepebble-texture dash and subtleaccents add a touch of class.Throw in the ample cargo spaceand Outlander Sport really shines.Outlander Sport SE with Leather and Interior Accessory Packages
  8. 8. THE OUTLANDER SPORT’S HIGH-TECH POWER PLANT OFFERS A VARIETY OF INNOVATIONSTHAT HELP IMPROVE EFFICIENCY AND GAS MILEAGE. THE PISTONS HAVE BEEN COATED WITH ASPECIAL RESIN SURFACE TREATMENT THAT REDUCES FRICTION, WHILE A SMART ALTERNATORAND AN ELECTRIC ASSIST POWER STEERING UNIT HELP REDUCE THE LOAD ON THE ENGINE.Under the hood we wentabove and beyond.2.0L MIVEC EnginePowering Outlander Sport is a 2.0-literengine that features resin-coated pistonsand smoother surface camshafts forreduced friction and improved fueleconomy. The dual overhead cam, 16-valveengine produces 148-horsepower @ 6,000rpm and 145 lb.-ft. of torque @ 4,200 rpm.As with all Mitsubishi engines, it enjoys theefficient breathing of Mitsubishi InnovativeValve-timing Electronic Control (MIVEC).Paddle ShiftersAvailable with our Continuously VariableTransmission (CVT) are rally-inspired paddleshifters that offer real hands-on performance.Shifting is easy; simply pull the right paddleto upshift and the left to downshift.
  9. 9. Outlander Sport ES in Quick SilverBrake Energy Regeneration SystemIn most cars, the engine is burdened with thetask of driving an alternator to generate andprovide power for electric loads. This system’ssmart alternator captures kinetic energyduring deceleration for generating powerand by restraining power generation duringother running circumstances. The regenerativesystem keeps the battery charged so theengine doesn’t have to, thereby improvingfuel efficiency.Electric Power SteeringWithout the constant burden of a belt-drivenhydraulic pump, the engine is able to achievebetter fuel efficiency. When the driver turnsthe steering wheel, the Electric Power Steeringsystem uses sophisticated electronics toprovide the appropriate amount of steeringassist needed.
  10. 10. THE OUTLANDER AND OUTLANDER SPORT’S MANY AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGY FEATURES ARESO ADVANCED, YOU MIGHT FEEL YOURSELF ADVANCING ALONG WITH THEM. WITH AMENITIESLIKE HARD-DRIVE NAVIGATION, AND VOICE-ACTIVATED COMMAND OF YOUR PHONE AND YOURMUSIC COLLECTION, YOU’LL SOON BE MULTI-TASKING WITH THE BEST OF THEM.Consider yourselfupgraded.40GB Hard Disc Drive NavigationSystem and Music ServerThe Outlander Series’ available 40-gigabytenavigation system not only offers ultrafastdata access, it provides a wealth of usefulfeatures like Real-Time Traffic and DiamondLane Guidance™ that gives the driver High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane information,and points of interest along with directions. The entertainment system is controlled throughthe sharp 7-inch LCD touch screen, whereyou can browse your music library. Completewith a DVD player and a digital music server,it holds as many as 3,000 of your favoritetunes. Additional functionality includes theability to set the behavior of systems such aspower locks and interior lighting.
  11. 11. Brake Energy Regeneration SystemIn most cars, the engine is burdened withthe task of driving an alternator, which inturn charges the battery. This system’s smartalternator captures kinetic energy duringdeceleration and converts it into electricenergy. With the regenerative system keepingthe battery charged, the engine doesn’t haveto, thereby improving gas mileage.Electric Power SteeringWithout the constant burden of a belt-drivenhydraulic pump, the engine is able to achievebetter fuel efficiency. When the driver turnsthe steering wheel, the Electric Power Steeringsystem uses sophisticated electronics toprovide the appropriate amount of steeringassist needed.Outlander Sport SE with Premium Package in White Pearl
  12. 12. Outlander Sport SE with Premium Package in White Pearl
  13. 13. TECHNOLOGYFUSE Hands-Free Link System™ with USB PortIncorporating Bluetooth® 2.01technology, FUSEallows you to enjoy full use of your Bluetooth-enabled phone and play music from your iPod2or other MP3 player and USB devices, hands-free. In addition to more traditional controls, suchas buttons on the steering wheel and on thenavigation screen, FUSE also utilizes advancedspeech recognition technology when connected tothe USB port so you can operate selected featureswith the sound of your voice. FUSE can recognizeup to seven different mobile phones, syncing upwith contact lists from each phone that’s beenpaired with the system and keeping the lists privateto each user.Rockford Fosgate® Audio SystemOutlander’s many capabilities include a top-shelfaudio system. The available Rockford Fosgate®Punch premium sound system, with nine speakersin seven locations (including a 10-inch long-throw subwoofer), is driven by 710 watts ofdeep bass and crystal clear highs. Along withdigital signal processing, the unit also boasts asound compensation feature that automaticallyadjusts both volume and equalizer levels basedon vehicle speed. And as if that wasn’t enough,imagine listening to over 130 channels, includingcommercial-free music, plus sports, news, talk,and entertainment with SiriusXM™ Satellite Radio3(Three months of service included). Welcome to theworld of Satellite Radio.Audio DoorsIn addition to providing impact protection, thefront and rear doors on Outlander Sport offeraudio projection. Mitsubishi tuned the doors tofunction as speaker cabinets, extending response,increasing clarity and reducing coloration.FAST-Key SystemKey fumbling is so last year. Outlander’s FAST-Key(Free-hand Advanced Security Transmitter)makes vehicle entry easy. Unlock the doors bysimply pressing the button on either front dooror the trunk lever. You can even start the enginewith the keys tucked away in a pocket or purse.Available Real-Time TrafficKick congestion to the curb. Real-Time Trafficreceives compiled traffic data and warns youof trouble, including accidents and construction.With dynamic route guidance, the systemautomatically offers you the option to select yourroute to steer you clear of possible jams.ECO Drive LampOutlander and Outlander Sport’s ECO DriveLamp can actually help you learn to drive moreefficiently. Note when the lamp indicates you’regetting good mileage and develop the mosteconomical throttle technique.
  14. 14. SOME MAY FIND OUTLANDER, WITH ITS ASSERTIVE FRONT GRILLE, A LITTLE INTIMIDATING.RELAX. IT ACTUALLY LIVES TO PLEASE. WITH A DISTINCTIVE FRONT BUMPER, HOOD AND FRONTFENDERS, NOT TO MENTION SIDE SILLS, SIDE MIRRORS AND 18-INCH WHEELS, THE HANDSOMEOUTLANDER WILL ESCORT YOUR FAMILY IN FORMIDABLE STYLE.Thule® Integrated Roof RackAs if you needed even more cargo optionswith your Outlander, this roof rack from Thule®gives you just that. Choose from a variety ofavailable cargo boxes to match your particulargear needs.Flap-Fold TailgateOutlander features the only two-piece flap-foldtailgate in its class. It makes for easy loadingand also doubles as a bench for outdooractivities, handling up to 400 pounds.OUTLANDERLooks aggressive,but it’s great withyour kids.
  15. 15. Outlander SE in Rally Red
  17. 17. INSIDE YOU’LLFIND IT IMMENSELYOUTGOINGAvailable in five or seven passengerconfigurations, Outlander happilymakes room for the whole familyand their assorted gear. Its 60/40split rear seat folds and tumbles tounveil over 72 cubic feet of space.And with the hidden storagecompartment found on five-seatmodels, Outlander demonstratesit can keep a secret, too.Inner BeautyAlong with a sharp instrument cluster,Outlander’s interior has been designedwith handsome seats, door and dash trimcrafted from available grained leather withdouble stitching.Available Third-Row SeatingFor groups as large as seven, Outlanderoffers an available compact third row ofseating that conveniently drops down andout of the way when it’s not needed.4Outlander GT in Quartz Brown with Beige Leather Interior, 3rd-row seat folded
  18. 18. EXERCISE YOURCHOICE OF POWERWhether you’re looking for quickresponsiveness or raw pullingforce, the Outlander offers twostrong aluminum-block enginechoices that are more than up tothe task. And with its amazinggrip, Outlander’s available SuperAll-Wheel Control will leaveno doubt that when it comes topower, you can handle it.2.4L MIVEC EngineThe 2.4-liter engine is an aluminum-blockpower plant with dual overhead cams, 16valves and MIVEC. This “long-stroke” engineproduces 168-horsepower and 167 lb.-ft. oftorque @ 6,000 rpm. With a balanced torqueto horsepower ratio, the responsive 2.4-literengine provides confident daily drivingpower. Balance shafts, a system patented byMitsubishi over 30 years ago to reduce enginevibration, help give the 2.4-liter smooth andquiet performance.3.0L MIVEC EngineOutlander’s 3.0-liter engine is a brawnyaluminum-block V6 with single overheadcams, 24 valves and MIVEC technology. Itproduces 230-horsepowerat 6,250 rpm and215 lb.-ft. of torque @ 3,750 rpm. This powerplant can pull a trailer up to 3,500 pounds.6-Speed Automatic Transmission withIdle Neutral LogicBuilt to handle the extra torque of thepowerful V6 engine, the 6-speed automaticprovides swift and sure gear shifting. Andto increase fuel efficiency, Idle Neutral Logicselects neutral when the vehicle comes to astop, reducing the load on the engine.
  19. 19. All-Wheel ControlAll-Wheel Control (AWC) is a philosophythat combines the electronically controlled4WD system with Active Stability Control(ASC). AWC transfers power to all fourwheels giving the vehicle superior drivingperformance and enhanced traction undervarious road conditions. The 4WD systemregulates drive torque front-to-rear with anetwork of handling technologies. Outlanderuses an advanced 4WD system allowingthe driver to choose from one of threemodes (2WD/4WD/LOCK) depending onperformance preferences and surfaceconditions. The anti-lock brakes with ElectronicBrakeforce Distribution (EBD), and aluminumroof (which lowers the center of gravity) allwork hand in hand to give the driver optimaldriving performance and safety.Super All-Wheel ControlEngineered to take full advantage of theengine’s power, Super All-Wheel Control(S-AWC) is actually a series of advancedtechnologies orchestrated to work inharmony. The Active Front Differential(AFD), intelligently distributes engine powerbetween left and right on the front axle,while the electronically controlled 4WDSystem intelligently distributes powerbetween the front and rear wheels.Active Stability Control (ASC) helps keepthe vehicle on the intended path whencornering, and the Anti-lock BrakingSystem (ABS) with Electronic BrakeforceDistribution (EBD) improves control andstability under hard braking. A mode switchallows the driver to select from “TARMAC,”“SNOW” or “LOCK” settings for maximumtraction regardless of surface conditions.Continuously Variable TransmissionOne of the smoothest, most efficient drivetrains available, a Continuously VariableTransmission (CVT) operates on a pulleysystem that allows infinite variability betweenthe highest and lowest ratios. Instead ofshifting gears, it readily adapts to changingvehicle speeds and allows the engineto remain efficient, improving both fueleconomy and exhaust emissions.Sportronic®Shift ModeCan’t decide between an automatic ormanual transmission? Get the best of bothworlds with our Sportronic® transmissionwith adaptive shift control. Its clutchless“manual” shift mode offers manual shiftingwithout that pesky third pedal. Shifting isas simple as pushing the shift lever forwardto upshift or pulling back to downshift.Outlander GT in Quartz Brown
  20. 20. MITSUBISHICARS.COMExterior vehicle colors not available for all trim levelsBuild Your OwnCOLOR / TRIM / SPECIFICATIONS
  21. 21. EXTERIOR COLORS OUTLANDER SPORT OUTLANDERES SE ES SE GTLaguna Blue 1 2 - - -White Pearl 1 2 - - -Quick Silver 1 2 - - -Mercury Gray 1 2 3 5 5,7Labrador Black 1 2 3 4, 5 4,5,6,7Rally Red 1 2 3 5 5,7Cosmic Blue - - - 4,5 4,5,6,7Diamond White - - 3 4,5 4,5,6,7Cool Silver - - 3 5 5,7Quartz Brown - - - 4,5 4,5,6,7INTERIOR COLORSNumbers indicate interior colors / trims available with exterior vehicle color5 Black Premium Sport Fabric1 Black OS Fabric 2 Black OS Premium Sport Fabric 3 Black Fabric 4 Beige Premium Sport Fabric7 Black Leather6 Beige Leather
  22. 22. THE ENGINEERING ADVANCEMENTS WE’RE MOST PROUD OF ARE NOT VISIBLE TO THE NAKED EYE. EVERY VEHICLE WE BUILDIS FORTIFIED WITH A HOST OF ACTIVE AND PASSIVE SAFETY FEATURES.Rear-View Camera SystemWith visibility compromised, backing up avehicle is always a safety concern. Outlanderand Outlander Sport’s available handy rear-view camera can provide a measure ofassurance as an image of the area directlybehind the vehicle is displayed.Dual Advanced Front Airbags5Dual advanced front airbags with seat positionand occupant sensors help protect the driverand front passenger by sensing the severityof the impact, the position of the driver’sseat and the weight of the front passenger’sseat to provide the appropriate level of frontairbag deployment. In the event of a crash inwhich the passenger seat is unoccupied, thepassenger airbag will not deploy.Rain-Sensing WipersThis automatic system helps keep visibilityclear during changing precipitation conditionsor after being splashed by another vehicle.An infrared sensor sends light throughthe windshield glass and determines wiperfrequency and speed by the amount oflight reflected back.Active Stability ControlOne of the most significant advancementsever developed, Active Stability Control andTraction Control, helps drivers maintain controlin adverse conditions and during emergencymaneuvers. Sensors monitor traction andwork with the anti-lock braking system tocounteract slipping. Applying the brakes onspecific wheels, the system helps the vehicletrack in the driver’s intended direction.Rigid BodyThe Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution(RISE) unibody construction gives ittremendous strength. The design includes aflat front subframe that provides a super-rigid foundation for the front suspension andsteering components. The subframe offersimproved lateral stiffness for more precisesuspension operation.Front Impact Crumple ZonesThe front end of the vehicle has beenengineered to minimize injury in the event ofa collision. These features include a shock-absorbing hood, cowl and fender structures,as well as shock-absorbing hood hinges.We hope you neversee our best work.
  23. 23. ENGINE OUTLANDER SPORT OUTLANDERES SE ES SE GTDrive Train 2WD AWC 2WD AWC 2WD 2WD AWC 2WD S-AWCEngine Type 2.0L I4 2.4L I4 3.0L V6Engine Code 4B11 4B12 6B31Valve TrainDOHC 16-valve SOHC 24-valveMitsubishi Innovative Valve-timing Electronic Control system (MIVEC)Displacement (cc) 1998 2360 2998Bore x Stroke (mm) 86.0 x 86.0 88.0 x 97.0 87.6 x 82.9Compression Ratio 10.0:1 10.5:1Horsepower @ RPM 148 @ 6000 168 @ 6000 230 @ 6250Torque @ RPM (lb-ft.) 145 @ 4200 167 @ 4100 215 @ 3750Material Aluminum Block and Cylinder HeadsRedline RPM 6500Recommended Fuel Regular Unleaded PremiumUnleadedEngine Oil Type 0W-20 5W-20TRANSMISSION OUTLANDER SPORT OUTLANDERES SE ES SE GT2WD AWC 2WD AWC 2WD 2WD AWC 2WD S-AWCType: 5-Speed Manual 5MTType: Continuously Variable Automatic(CVT) Sportronic ®CVT CVTType: 6-Speed Automatic Sportronic® withIdle-Neutral Logic6ATSUSPENSION OUTLANDER SPORT OUTLANDERES SE ES SE GTFront MacPherson StrutFront Stabilizer Bar Diameter (mm) 22Rear Multi-linkRear Stabilizer Bar Diameter (mm) 16 20EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS OUTLANDER SPORT OUTLANDERES SE ES SE GTWheelbase (in.) 105.1Length (in.) 169.1 183.7Width (in.) 69.7 70.9Height (in.) 64.2 66.1 (w/ roof rails: 67.7)Track, Front (in.) / Rear (in.) 60.0 / 60.0 60.6 / 60.6Min. Ground Clearance (in.) 8.5INTERIOR DIMENSIONS OUTLANDER SPORT OUTLANDERES SE ES SE GTPassenger Seating Capacity 5 7Interior Volume (cu. ft.) 119.2 139.4Passenger Volume (cu. ft.) 97.5 100.4Cargo Area (Behind Front Seat) (cu. ft.) 49.5 72.6Cargo Area (Behind Rear Seat) (cu. ft.) 21.7 36.2 36.2 ~ 39.5Cargo Area (Behind 3rd Seat) (cu. ft.) — — 14.9PASSENGER SPACE OUTLANDER SPORT OUTLANDERES SE ES SE GTFront Head Room (in.) [w/pano/sunroof] 39.4 [38.9] 40.3 [39.8 ]Front Shoulder / Hip / Leg Room (in.) 56.2 / 52.1 / 41.6 56.4 / 52.2 / 41.66Rear Head Room (in.) [w/pano/sunroof] 37.9 [36.8] 38.3 [37.5]Rear Shoulder / Hip / Leg Room (in.) 55.7 / 51.6 / 36.3 56.1 / 51.9 / 39.6 (36.8 w/ 3rd row)3rdRow Head Room (in.) — — 35.43rdRow Shoulder / Hip / Leg Room (in.) — — 49.8/ 39.1/ 27.7WEIGHTS OUTLANDER SPORT OUTLANDERES SE ES SE GTDrive Train 2WD AWC 2WD AWC 2WD 2WD AWC 2WD S-AWCCurb Weight (lbs) [5MT]3087[3021]3230 3120 3263 3384 3516 3660 3626 3780Weight Distribution (% f/r) [5MT]60/40[59/41]60/40 60/40 59/41 56/44 54/46 53/47 56/44 56/44Towing Capacity (lbs) — 1500 3500STEERING OUTLANDER SPORT OUTLANDERES SE ES SE GTTypeRack-and-pinion,Electric Power Assist Rack-and-pinion, Hydraulic Power AssistTurn Circle Diameter– Curb to Curb (ft.) 34.8 34.8BRAKES OUTLANDER SPORT OUTLANDERES SE ES SE GTFront Brake Type Ventilated discFront Brake Diameter (in./mm) 11.6/294Rear Brake Type Solid discRear Brake Diameter (in./mm) 11.9/302FUEL CAPACITY OUTLANDER SPORT OUTLANDERES SE ES SE GTFuel Tank Capacity (gal.)16.6 (2WD)15.8 (AWC)16.616.6 (2WD)15.8 (AWC)16.6(2WD)15.8(S-AWC)ESTIMATED FUEL ECONOMY7OUTLANDER SPORT OUTLANDERES SE ES SE GT2WD AWC 2WD AWC 2WD 2WD AWC 2WD S-AWCCity (mpg) [5MT] 24 [24] 24 24 24 22 22 22 19 19Highway (mpg) [5MT] 31 [30] 29 31 29 28 28 27 26 25Combined (mpg) [5MT] 27 [26] 26 27 26 25 25 24 22 21WHEELS TIRES OUTLANDER SPORT OUTLANDERES SE ES SE GTWheel Type18 CastAluminum16 SteelwithWheelCovers18” Cast AluminumTire SizeP225/55R18P215/70R16P225/55R18WARRANTIES OUTLANDER SPORT OUTLANDERES SE ES SE GTBasic 5 years or 60,000 milesPowertrain 10 years or 100,000 milesAnti-Corrosion 7 years or 100,000 miles
  24. 24. S = Standard O / P = Option or Package — = Not available A = Port/Dealer AccessoryEXTERIOR OUTLANDER SPORT OUTLANDERES SE ES SE GTHigh Intensity Discharge headlamps (HID) withautomatic on/off control — S — — SFog lights — S — S SRear LED combination tail lamps S S S S SRain-sensing windshield wipers — S — — SIntermittent rear window wiper/washer S S S S SColor-key outer door handles and folding side mirrors S S S S SFront fenders with signal indicator lamp S S S — —Outer side mirrors with signal indicator lamp — — — S SHeated, power side mirrors S S S S SRear Privacy glass tint S S S S SAluminum roof panel — — S S SFlap-folding tailgate — — S S SChrome tailgate accent — — — — SChrome door beltline accent — S — — SLower side extension with chrome accent — — — S SSingle exhaust outlet with finisher — S S S —Single exhaust outlet with dual finishers — — — — SRoof rails — P S S —Roof Thule® sport rack plug-in accommodation S S — — SINTERIORManual air-condition climate control S — S — —Automatic air-condition climate control — S — S SMicron air filter S S S S SLeather-wrapped steering wheel w/silver accent S S S S SRear heater floor ducts S S S S SVisor vanity mirrors S — — — —Visor vanity mirrors with illumination — S S S SRear seat center armrest with cupholders (x2) S S S S SRear seat pass-through S S — — —Heated front seats — S — S SFront slide-adjustable center armrest — S S S SAluminum pedals — — — — STilt/Telescopic steering column S S — — —Front map, rear and cargo area lamps S S S S S60/40 rear split-fold seatbacks S S S S SUpper glove box compartment — — S S SRear cargo compartments — — S — —Rear 3rd-row jump seat (underfloor stowable) — — — S SCarpeted floor mats S S S S SINSTRUMENTS AND CONTROLS140-watt, AM/FM/CD/MP3-compatible audio systemwith four speakers, digital signal processor, equalizationcontrol and speed compensated volumeS — — — —140-watt, AM/FM/CD/MP3-compatible audio system withsix speakers, digital signal processor, equalization controland speed compensated volume— S S S SOUTLANDER SPORT OUTLANDERES SE ES SE GT710-watt, Rockford Fosgate® audio system with ninespeakers including 10-inch dual-voice coil subwooferwith Punch® controller, digital signal processor, 3-bandequalization and speed compensated volume— P — P PSiriusXM™ Satellite Radio3with three months prepaidservice subscription — P — P SFUSE Hands-free Link System™ with USB port S S A S SIn-dash 6-disc CD/MP3 compatible changer — P — S SSteering-wheel-mounted cruise control and audiocontrol switches S S S S SPower door locks and windows with driver side autoup/downS S S S SKeyless entry with panic feature S — S — —FAST-key with panic alarm feature (Free-handAdvanced Security Transmitter) — S — S SOne-touch Start/Stop (OSS) push-button engine switch — S — — —Sportronic® steering wheel paddle shifters(requires CVT or 6AT) S S — S SMeter Cluster: Multi-Information Display (MID) includestrip meter and odometer, outside temperature, averagefuel consumption, and driving distance to empty,service reminder drive mode indicator, A/T positionindicator, water temperature warning lamp and lowfuel warningS S S S SHigh contrast meter with full color MID S S — S SSAFETY SECURITYAll-Wheel Control (AWC) with multi-mode electroniccenter coupler (2WD, 4WD, LOCK) P P — P —Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) with multi-modeelectronic center coupler and Active Front Differential(AFD) (Tarmac, Snow, LOCK)— — — — PElectronically Controlled 4WD System P P — P PBrake override S S S S SSix airbags5S S S S SDriver-side knee airbag5S S — — —Active Stability Control (ASC) and Traction Control(TCL) S S S S SAnti-lock Brake System (ABS) w/Electronic Brake forceDistribution (EBD) Brake Assist S S S S SHill Start Assist S S — — PTire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) S S S S SRear View Camera System — P P PAnti-theft engine-immobilizer alarm system S S S S SLATCH system (lower anchors and tethers) for CRS S S S S SECOLOGYUpshift Indicator Lamp (5MT only) S — — — —ECO driver indicator lamp (CVT and AT only) S S S S SBrake energy regeneration system S S S S —Plastic polymer front fender panels for light weight S S — — —Electric Power Steering (EPS) S S — — —
  25. 25. OPTIONS PACKAGES OUTLANDER SPORT OUTLANDERES SE ES SE GTPREMIUM PACKAGE: Panoramic glass roof withadjustable LED mood lighting, 710-watt RockfordFosgate Punch® premium sound system with 9speakers including 10-inch dual voice coil subwoofer,in-dash 6-disc CD/MP3 compatible changer, digitalsignal processor, 3-band equalization and speedcompensated volume, SiriusXM™ Satellite Radio3 withthree months prepaid service subscription, roof rails,rear camera system, auto dimming rear view mirror— P — — —PREMIUM PACKAGE: Power glass sunroof, 710-wattRockford Fosgate Punch® premium sound system with9 speakers including 10-inch dual voice coil subwoofer,in-dash 6-disc CD/MP3 compatible changer, digitalsignal processor, 3-band equalization and speedcompensated volume, SiriusXM™ Satellite Radio3 withthree months prepaid service subscription, rear camerasystem, leatherette upper I/P and front door trim withdouble-stitch accents, auto dimming rear view mirror— — — P —TOURING PACKAGE: Power glass sunroof, 710-wattRockford Fosgate Punch® premium sound system with9 speakers including 10-inch dual voice coil subwoofer,in-dash 6-disc CD/MP3 compatible changer, digitalsignal processor, 3-band equalization and speedcompensated volume, leather seating surfaces (1st 2ndrow), eightway power adjustable driver’s seat, heatedfront seats, auto dimming rearview mirror and rearcamera system— — — — POUTLANDER SPORT EXTERIOR PACKAGE: Large rearspoiler, front corner extensions, LED daytime runninglights, front undercover, rear undercover, Alloy fuel doorP P — — —OUTLANDER SPORT INTERIOR PACKAGE (CVT only):Piano black audio surround gear shift panel overlay,black leather aluminum shift knobP P — — —OUTLANDER GRILL AND LIGHT PACKAGE:Fog lights, Chrome grille surround— — A — —OUTLANDER EXTERIOR PACKAGE: Large Rear Spoiler,GT Bodyside Decals— — — — POUTLANDER INTERIOR PACKAGE: Aluminum leather shift knob, aluminum brake grip— — P P POUTLANDER ENTERTAINMENT PACKAGE: Rear seatDVD player with remote, wireless headphones— — P P PNAVIGATION W/ REAR-VIEW CAMERA: 40GB HDDNavigation with Music Server and Real-Time Traffic withDiamond Lane GuidanceTM, rear camera system— P — — PNAVIGATION PACKAGE: 40GB HDD Navigation withMusic Server, Real-Time Traffic and Diamond LaneGuidanceTMA A A A AOUTLANDER TOWING PACKAGE: Tow hitch, trailerwire harness— — P P PILLUMINATION PACKAGE: LED interior lamps, blueLED floor and tailgate lightingP P P P PPROTECTION PACKAGE: Tailgate protector, rearbumper guard, mudguardsP P — —PROTECTION PLUS PACKAGE: Scuff plates, tailgateprotector, rear bumper guard, mudguards6 P P — — —PROTECTION PACKAGE: Scuff plates, tailgateprotector, rear bumper guard, mudguards— — P P PCARGO PACKAGE: Tonneau cover, cargo mat and net P P P P PALL-WEATHER PACKAGE: Remote engine start, all-weather floormats, and mudguardsP P P P PPARK ASSIST SENSORS PACKAGE P P — — —ACCESSORY OPTIONSFUSE Handsfree Link System™ w/ USB Port — — A — —Leather Seating Surfaces — A — — —Sunroof Wind Deflector — — — A ASide Window Deflectors — — A A AS = Standard O / P = Option or Package — = Not available A = Port/Dealer Accessory1The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned bythe Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such marks byMitsubishi is under license.2iPod is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.3Sirius services require subscriptions, sold separatelyafter 3-month trial included with vehicle purchase.See our Customer Agreement for complete termsat www.siriusxm.com. If you decide to continue yourSirius services at the end of your trial subscription,the plan you choose will automatically renew and billat then current rates until you call SiriusXM at1-866-635-2349 to cancel. Programming subject tochange. Sirius satellite service available only to those atleast 18 and older in the 48 contiguous USA, D.C., andPR (with coverage limitations). Sirius, XM and all relatedmarks and logos are trademarks of Sirius XM Radio Inc.43rd-row seats are intended for use by no more thantwo belted occupants no more than 63 inches tall.Exceeding these limitations can increase the risk ofpersonal injury or death in the event of an accident.3rd-row seats are not intended for use by infantsand small children who must use rear-facing orforward-facing child safety seats.5Airbags are part of a Supplemental Restraint System(SRS) to decrease the risk of injury from a deployingairbag, always wear your seatbelt, sit upright in themiddle of the seat, and do not lean against the door.Always place children 12 and under in the rear seatand use appropriate child restraints. Never place arear-facing infant restraint in the front seat. See yourOwner’s Manual and instructions provided with yourchild restraint for additional information.6Late Availability.7EPA estimates are to be used as a standardizedcomparison with other vehicles. Your actualmileage will vary depending on how you driveand maintain your vehicle.Technical data, equipment and optionsshown are based on the latest informationavailable at the time of printing and aresubject to change without notice. Colorsmay vary due to the printing process.Exterior and interior lights on vehiclesshown may be illuminated for illustrationpurposes only. Vehicles are shown withoptional equipment. Not all equipment isavailable on every model. For more completedetails about equipment configurationand Mitsubishi Genuine Accessories, pleasecontact your Mitsubishi Retailer.The 10-year/100,000-mile LimitedPowertrain Warranty applies only tothe original owner of new, retailed 2013models purchased from an authorizedMitsubishi dealer. Subsequent ownersreceive the of 5 years/60,000 miles.Different coverage applies to the i-MiEV,Lancer RALLIART and Evolution. Thei-MiEV, Lancer RALLIART and Evolutionhave 3-year/36,000-mile coverage for NewVehicles and 5-year/60,000-mile coveragefor Limited Powertrain Warranty. Seeretailer for limited warranty and roadsideassistance terms and conditions.ACCESSORY OPTIONS OUTLANDER SPORT OUTLANDERES SE ES SE GTRoof Rack Crossbars A A A A AWheel Locks A A ­— A AAll-Weather Floormats A A A A ABody Side Moldings (Gray) A A A A AAlloy-Fuel Door A A — — —Rear park assist sensors — — A A AFog Lights A — — — —10 YEAR/100,000 MILEPOWERTRAIN LIMITED WARRANTY5 YEAR/60,000 MILEBASIC LIMITED WARRANTY7 YEAR/100,000 MILEANTI-CORROSION/PERFORATIONLIMITED WARRANTY5 YEAR/UNLIMITED MILEROADSIDE ASSISTANCEMitsubishi Motors North America, Inc.6400 Katella Ave., Cypress, CA 90630-00641-888-MITSU2013MITSUBISHICARS.COMLog on to our website and browse our fulllineup of new vehicles, get manufacturer’ssuggested retail price and customer rebateinformation and “build” the Mitsubishi that’sright for you. 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  26. 26. Litho in U.S.A. On recycled paperMITSUBISHICARS.COM / 1.888.MITSU2013NATLBRO-13-003At Mitsubishi, we believe not all drivers are created equal.So we build our vehicles for a different breed of driver, thefearless ones who take pride in what they drive, and refuseto drive more of the same. It’s obvious to us that peoplewho truly want distinctive styling and the latest technologysee past the procession of bland imitations. We believethat every vehicle we make should stand for something.Something more than expected. And that’s why we don’tbuild Mitsubishi cars for stereotypes. We build them for you.