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Over the years, links from .edu and .gov domains have been sought after by webmasters as search engine optimization (SEO) specialists. In the late ’90s and early 2000s getting links from education and government was a very effective SEO strategy. But do you know why they were once so effective? Are they still effective?

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Learn step by step seo free

  1. 1. Step By Step SEO By Jerry’s mateAlthough I say it is a beginner’s guide, there are many factorswhich affect SEO which were not apparent to me before Icreated my website, things which I learnt along the way asthere is with many things. So I do recommend anyone to readthis eBook, whether you consider yourself to be a beginner oran expert in the field.If you like the eBook and like my blog then please subscribeto the RSS feed. Lot more is coming….. http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  2. 2. Keywords in the domain name Pick a keyword, product or Business relevant domain Name, It really helps….It is sometimes hard to find an unregistered domain namewhich is specific to your market and contains strongkeywords. If your domain name is unpronounceable, hard toremember or type in to the search bar it is more than likelythat the amount of traffic you receive will be decreased beforeyou even start developing your website. It is important thatyou research every possible domain name you can. Don’t justleave it to what the domain registration companies can comeup with, you need to be creative doing a bit of keywordresearch would help here in finding the main keywords thatyou want to target and include them in your domain name.The domain name should be prioritised as being one of themost important aspects of creating your website it can notonly feature as the brand name of your site but also helps incommunicating to people the topic of your website andhelps to create users first judgments of your site. The domainname is largely important when you are seeking to rankhighly in search engines and when you’re planning onreceiving viral traffic too. http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  3. 3. In recent years the TLD (Top Level Domain) has also been a hottopic debated by many webmasters. Whether this plays animportance in ranking highly in the search engines issomething that has never been clear cut. The opinions betweenmany webmasters and theories that they createare the only information you can use to come up with yourown decision. Personally I believe that the TLD does play arole in search engine rankings however it is so minimal that tohave your website and another website judged in the Googlealgorithm merely on the TLD would be inauspicious.The domain name needs to include your primary keywords; amistake often brought up by many sites including my own isthat the primary keywords are not in the domain name. Thisheavily affects the optimization of the website and decreasesyour chances of competing against other websites .Domain ageThe age of your domain name also plays a role in SEO, formany years search engines have taken in to account the ageof the domain name due to spam sites and link farms whichusually last less than a year.Now search engines don’t just take in to account the age ofthe domain but also how long the domain name has beenregistered for and the age of the content too. You may be http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  4. 4. finding search engines logic here a bit impractical however Ibelieve it to be pure logic. If you were to set up a websitemerely to take advantage of search engines and the loopholesthat can be found in their algorithms you would not register adomain name purely for the creation of this website for morethan one year, it would be a waste of money as the websitewould probably be de-indexed and blacklisted after a coupleof months so that’s whereGoogle’s logic comes in to play they take in to account thelength of time a domain has been registered to suggest howlong the domain owner thinks there website may be around,or at least that the domain owner thinks the website is goingto be around for that amount of time.Next we have the domain and content age much like a bottleof wine left in the cellar to mature it becomes better withage. Well that’s what Google is suggesting here, they take thedomain and content age as a measurement which is used inSEO. However the weight that is given to these factors issupposed to be minimal therefore anyone who is about to orjust has created a website don’t cry it is not the end of theworld.Keywords in the URLAfter you have created your website and targeted those allimportant keywords it is time to include these keywords inevery part of your web page, this includes your URL.The idea here is that you pick out your most importantkeywords in each and every page and when creating the file http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  5. 5. name and URL for the website include them.For example:If you have just written an article on Affiliate marketing andthe ten tips to success, your file name and URL maybe,www.yourwebsitename.com/Ten-top-tips-to-affiliate-marketing.phpThis helps to optimize your overall web page; the URL is thedomain name however with every different page on yourwebsite it differs. The file name and URL name for each pagewill be different to ensure users can access every page.Therefore you also want to ensure the URLs are not too long,easy to type and remember.If I am creating a web page just for one certain article, I willgenerally use the article title as the URL this is because mytitle should be optimised when creating my article thereforeit includes the main keywords that are included in my pagescontent.Remember to not make your URL too long, don’t use toomany hyphens and ensure you have typed everythingcorrectly.Hyphens in URL http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  6. 6. It has been discussed and debated between many webmasterswhether underscores or hyphens in your URL are better. Iwould say that dashes (hyphens) are better to include in yourURLs and you can read here that Matt Cutts also thinks this.http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/dashes-vs-underscores/There has been a lot of debate over which is better to useeither the dash (hyphen) or the underscore.Now usability studies also show that most people are likely touse the dash (hyphen) instead of an underscore, therefore thisagain strengthens the debate to use hyphens instead ofunderscoresOverall though I would put it down to personal preference,although Matt Cutts does basically say, that if you want toplease the Google search engine then dashes are a bettersymbol to use in between keywords, it is totally up to you.Length of domain registration timeThis is a topic which in the past has been a hot topic,according to Google domain names which have beenregistered for the longest length of 10 years are morevaluable than those which will expire within the year.However what we do not know is how much more valuable, inmy opinion it cannot be anything worth worrying about.This is just another tactic of Google’s to put under the spotlight http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  7. 7. sites which look to be spammers. However it would be hard tojudge every site which has only been registered for a year as aspamming site, therefore I feel this is an action they may useafter your site has already been under analysis for some time.Nonetheless if you really want to ensure you get that numberone spot, then I would suggest if you have the money, andplan on keeping your website for 10 years that you doregister your domain, plus think of the money youwill be saving from the discount you might get and you won’thave to worry about your domain expiring without yourenewing it, well for 10 years at least.Keywords in Title TagsOptimizing your title tags is one of the most important onpage SEO strategies that you need to do. By using your mainkeywords in your title tag this not only affects your searchengine rankings, helping to increase your SERP but will alsohave an effect on the amount of users who click to read yourarticle.The job of the title tag is to describe the main topic of yourarticle by including your main keyword. Many people use thebusiness name or company name in the title tag however I feelthis wastes the amount of space your title tag can hold alsomaking your title look unprofessional and in most cases it isirrelevant to the articles content. The title tag should be nolonger than 80 characters containing your most relevantkeywords; it should be clearly readable and easy to http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  8. 8. understand. The title tag is used by search engines as oneof the most important pieces of information on your webpage and it helps them determine the topic of your page.The title tag is situated in the “head” section of your htmlpage; all of your Meta tags should be located here includingthe most popular description and keywords tags.When you have created your web page the title tag willappear in the tab of your internet window and your user’sbrowser. The title tag also appears on the results pages of thesearch engines, which is there to give the users an idea ofwhat the content is about, also enticing them to click on yourwebsite.To ensure your title tag is fully optimized it is necessary toperform keyword research for your articles creation, this willnot only be included in your title tag but also in most of theother places written about in this section.Ensure that every page on your website has unique title http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  9. 9. KeywordsinMetatagstags and description tags.The Meta tags come after the title tag and usually include thedescription tag and the keywords tag, like the title tag theseshould include your main keywords for that page and beunique to each web page.MetaDescriptionTagThis tag allows you to write a 200-250 character text insertwhich will appear in the search engine results page. Howevermany search engines including Google tend to ignore thedescription tag and will some times take snippets of yourdescription and automatically create there ownwhich is used by drawing up words from the body of thepage.The description tag should contain the keywords which youincluded in your title tag and any other long tail keywordsyou are trying to rank highly for. Make sure the descriptiontag is relevant to your pages content and persuades thereader to click on your website.MetaKeywordsTagIn the past the keywords tag was far more superior than it istoday, these days it is generally ignored by most of the searchengines. However for the time it takes to correctly http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  10. 10. optimize your keywords tag I do believe it is worth doing.The keywords tag should include 5-7 keywords which areshown throughout your pages content. This is to allow eachkeyword a high percentage of strength compared to theoverall amount of keywords you include, usually around16%.KeywordsincontentContent is the number one key to optimizing a website in myopinion, and you may have heard the saying before“Content is king” well it is. You can write as much content asyou like, your not restricted this gives you the totallyfreedom to add as many keywords as you would like.However, and this is a big however there are rules and ifyou just go ahead writing loads of content with a keyword inevery sentence you will see these rules come in to action.My first point to make is, write the content for the readers notfor the search engines. A very common point that is madealthough that is because its such an important one to make, nomatter how much content you put on your website if its allwritten for the search engines and not for the users, you cansay bye bye to regular readers, the main traffic you willreceive will be from unique viewers who will read thefirst paragraph then run away too. You need to ensure youwrite for the users however keeping it informative,entertaining and to the point. This is something you can’t learnover night like most of the other sections I have written about.Writing quality, entertaining straight to the point http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  11. 11. content which grasps the readers educates them and makesthem want to read more is hard, its harder than hard it’s a skillwhich will take some people months even years to master.However it is a very important skill to have which will makeyour life much easier and your website more successful.Keep the amount of keywords you include in your contentdown, you do not want Google penalizing you for keywordstuffing. The process of keyword stuffing is to have more than10% of your overall pages content to be keywords. I wouldadvise you keep the amount of keywords you include in yourcontent down to about 5-7%.KeywordsinheadingtagsThe H1 headings tag has a large amount of strength in theGoogle algorithm and should be optimized on every singlepage of your website. The importance of this headings tag isundoubtedly strong thus you should take time to considerwhich keywords you include in your headings tag.Nevertheless keywords in this tag should be completelyrelevant to the content underneath it.File sizes below 50kb (do not exceed 100kb)I’ll keep this short, each page you create you want to ensurethat the file size for each page is under 100kb, preferably keepit under 50kb this will not only ensure the page loads quickenough but also they are not favoured, keeping short pages ismuch better and advised rather than having one http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  12. 12. http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.comlong page.Frequency of website updatesThe frequency of each update on your website also plays apart in search engine optimization, it is great when yourwebsite is updated daily with new articles or content andsearch engines love it too.The second part of my “Step By Step” series discussesstrategies which help a website increase backlinks to gainpopularity through the links they build with relatedwebsites.This is a tricky subject to cover as there are so many ethicaland unethical ways to build links, through spamming offorums or blogs to innocently adding your link to an article orputting your URL in a forum signature.If you would like to know more about link building before I goin to detail on the ways in which you can link build you canfind out more here http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  13. 13. http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.comStart link building nowSearch engine submissionPerhaps you are wondering how soon you should submityour website to the search engines there is no right time tosubmit however I have two proposals I can suggest.These are either submit to the top 3 search engines ordo not submit at allI mean it, the top 3 search engines are Google, Yahoo and MSNthese are the only ones you want to be spending your timesubmitting your website to, however if the website is notbrand new then its more than likely it has already beenindexed.Why?Well these search engines crawl the internet daily, weeklymonthly all the time they are crawling the web for newwebsites with new unique content. If you are frequentlyadding content to your website which I would advise you dothen the search engines are more than likely to come to you.However if your website is brand new and you cannot wait tobe indexed then help the search engines out and submit yourwebsite to the top 3 search engines. http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  14. 14. http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.comhttp://www.google.com/addurl/Here are the links to the URL submission pageshttp://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/submithttp://search.msn.com.sg/docs/submit.aspxOne key fact to remember is to not submit your website to thesearch engines more than once, some people suggestsubmitting your website monthly or every couple of monthsbut once you have submitted the site once search engines willstart crawling your site and picking up your new content.SitemapsSitemaps are generally coded in XML and submitted tosearch engines to help speed up the process of indexingweb pages (Importanceofhavingasitemap).If you have over 15 pages in your website I would suggestthat it is time to add a sitemap especially if you’re planning oncontinuing to grow your website. If you’re uploading newpages to your site daily then again I advise you to create asitemap and upload it in to your website and then use Googlewebmaster tools to submit it to Google search engine. http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  15. 15. http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.comIf your website has less than 500 pages then you can create asitemap for free here.http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/Then use http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/to submit your sitemap to Google.You can find a review of Google Webmaster Tools further on inthe eBook.Niche directory submissionsWhat I mean by a “Niche directory” is a directory that hasbeen built to focus on one single market. The best way tofind these niche directories is to search on the main 3search engines for directories in your market.It is best to submit your website to directories over a longperiod of time, instead of taking one day to submit yourwebsite to a hundred directories try doing 10 directories aweek; this will seem more natural to the search engines andwill overall put you in a better position. Change the anchortext slightly when submitting to directories, don’t alwayskeep with the exact same anchor text this will look strangeto the search engines and may harm your website. Makesure you target the keywords you want to on each pagehowever change your anchor text round slightly, you don’t http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  16. 16. http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.comhave to do this all the time however for every 5 or 10submissions I would suggest you do.Don’t always link to the home pageUse deep linking when your submitting to directories don’tjust submit your home page to each directory submitappropriate internal pages this balances out the amount ofincoming links you have to your website and allows you touse more relevant keywords in your anchor text.RelevantforumsignaturesForum signatures is a method of building links which comesup again and again, however not all forums allow do followlinks and this is something you may want to research in tobefore you start using a particular forum to build links.When you do find a forum that does accept do follow linksthough, don’t just start spamming the forums with yoursignature. Try to answer people’s questions accurately andwith as much information as they need. Participate inconversations and try to focus on helping people in yourmost skilled niche or area that you know the most about.When you write your signature don’t just write it for thesearch engines, write it for the people on the forums too. Itis most likely that if you are helping people out some of theywill take the time to visit your forum signatures to see whatyou are all about. Ensure that you add each of your http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  17. 17. http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.comkeywords for that particular page to your forum signature butmake sure people will know what the site is about beforethey even click on the link.You can usually add more than one link if you have not usedtoo many characters up this might be a good chance to putlinks to both your home page and alternative internal links.You could change the internal link each week or month toensure you keep some sort of balance.AnchortextThe anchor text is the visible text of a hyperlink. For exampleClick here this is a hyperlink set up to connect to thehomepage however the anchor text is not specific to the homepage and it does not tell either the user or the search enginewhat the home page may be related too.To optimise the anchor text you can pick out certainkeywords that you find in the page you are linking to anduse them in your anchor text. This allows the search enginesto know what the page is related to and helps the userunderstand what the page is about.Anchor text optimisation can be done internally andexternally, internal anchor text optimisation involves linkingfrom one internal page to another internal page, using therelevant keywords of the pages linked in the anchor text.External anchor text optimisation uses many different link http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  18. 18. http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.combuilding strategies such as forum signatures, directories,search engines and other relevant websites to link to a singlepage on your website using the relevant keywords of thatpage to be used in the anchor text.InternalLinkingEveryone knows that you can build a large amount ofbacklinks through linking with forum signatures, searchengines, directories, other related websites, email signatures,blog carnivals, blog comments and many other forms ofexternal linking. However many people usually forget aboutor dismiss the fact that you can also build links throughinternal linking, which has more than one advantage.Not only does a well structured navigation bar help users inmoving around your website but it also helps to build linksand helps search engines crawl your site. It is important to beable to access every page you want to be indexed from everyother page on your website, through using a sitemap and asolid internal navigation system you can do this.Other than ensuring your website has a solid navigationalsystem and that each page links with one another, it is alsoimportant to link within articles to other appropriate articles.If you have writ an article and it seems that you can help theuser more by adding a link to another page on your website,then do it. Internal linking helps users and search engines http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  19. 19. http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.comand increases the strength of your website. Be sure to useyour anchor text optimisation to maximise the benefits youcan receive from adding these internal links also making itclear to users what is on the other side of the link.Another link building strategy that I felt needed a wholearticle to display its importance and effectiveness is blogcommenting, which in the correct manor can be largelyeffective for both increasing backlinks and increasing traffic.BlogCommentingLink building can be done quickly and effectively through blogcommenting you can target related blogs in seconds andreceive backlinks from high page ranked sites within days.Not only does blog commenting produce high qualitybacklinks but it also produces traffic obviously, this dependson whether or not the blog is popular however I only targetblogs which are very popular.This is a list of the top 100 "Make money online" blog sitesThis next link is to the top 100 blogs through technoratihttp://technorati.com/pop/blogs/You can also use Google blog searchhttp://blogsearch.google.com/ to find blogs relevant to yourwebsite. http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  20. 20. http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.comHowever I strongly advise you to ensure the comments arerelevant to the article, that they portray some sort of opinionor that they are of use to the website owner and otherreaders. Don’t just go spamming every blog you come acrossbecause it would just be a waste of time as most blogs that areworth commenting on are using some sort of spam filterwithin their blog not only this but other dedicated readerswill highlight your spam comment to the article writer orwebsite owner and therefore the time it had taken you toproduce the comments was wasted. Also if you are primarilylooking for backlinks and see traffic as only a bonus you willneed to ensure that the blog is dofollow, this means that thelink that you leave will be counted as a backlink.Instead use the blogs that you read daily or weekly currently,instead of just reading the article and going to anotherarticle or another website state your opinion on the topic, addsome more detail to the topic or ask the writer a question thisway you still receive a backlink and you will probably receivetraffic from the blog also. As a bonus if you find a blog sitewith the “Top commentator” plug in youcan try and become the top commentator by spending a weekor two commenting on articles which you found useful andinsightful.Overall blog commenting is a technique for link building that Iuse continuously however I do not seek blogs to comment on Ijust use the blogs that I read daily and weekly to comment on.This way I become a avid reader and loyaluser of the blog, the article writer or website owner may start http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  21. 21. http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.comto notice me and appreciate my comments they may feel moreinclined to answer any questions I have or mention me in anarticle (now that would be good).Another advantage of blog commenting that i have justthought of whilst copying this article in to a html documentready to upload, is if you are targeting the highly popular blogsites that are relevant to your website you will not only get thebacklink but also a proportion of that web pages pagerankjuice will also be sent to your website. Therefore if you takeblog commenting as one of your main strategiesfor link building you will most probably see knock on effects ofthe comment in months and years to come, not only shortterm but long term effects.I hope that you enjoyed this free eBook and that you found itinformative. I wish you every success in optimizing yourwebsites to reach that always targeted first page. Top3freeSEOToolsThere are a variety of free and paid SEO tools on the internetthey have different primary functions and can help differentforms of websites out in different ways. I am going to tell youwhat my 3 best free SEO tools are so that you can use them toyour advantage like I have done to mine.GoogleWebmasterTools http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  22. 22. http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.comA must have for anyone with a website whether it’s a forum ablog a static website or any other type of website, is Googlewebmaster tool’s.To get started with Google webmaster tool’s all you need is aGoogle account which most people have already from theirGoogle adsense accounts or Google adwords accounts. If youhave not got an account on Google then you can sign up forone here after you have signed up foryour account you need to go to Google webmaster tools andthen log in.Next you can add your website to the webmaster toolsaccount, you will need to verify your website from one of thetwo ways they give you to choose from, one is to add ameta tag in your head section of your website and the secondis to upload a text file, I advise anyone to verify their websitethrough the meta tag option it’s far simpler.Now Google webmaster tools allows you to do loads one ofthe most used tools that I use is the “Top Search Queries”which displays the top 20 search queries that you usuallyrank for and the right column displays the top 20 searchqueries that often get clicked. However do not take everyrank for an accurate reading, it is only an average and isusually a week or two behind.The second most common tool that I use is the links andmainly the external links this shows you the amount ofexternal links google has found to your website however http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  23. 23. http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.comagain don’t take it as an accurate number. You can also see theamount of internal links to every single page on your website,allowing you to see which page is the most commonly linkedand which page you may be missing out.The third most common tool I use is the sitemap tool whichallows you to upload an XML sitemap through googlewebmaster tools, which will help with indexing your websitefaster and enabling your site to be crawled quicker. You canread more about sitemaps here and why they are essential.Google webmasters is definitely a must have tool for anyone inthe website business, whether its just a personal blog or one ofmany in your portfolio it’s a key tool which can easily be usedto your advantage.RankCheckerRank checker is a firefox extension which allows you to easilycheck where you rank in Google, Yahoo and MSN. You needMozilla Firefox to enable you to use rank checker and you candownload firefox herehttp://www.spreadfirefox.com/node&id=236059&t=1Rank checker is a great tool which allows you to check yoursearch engine rankings in multiple search engines at the sametime. You have the option to check your ranking for onekeyword or for multiple keywords. Not only this but you canalso save your keywords to rank checker, so in the future youcan return to rank checker and check your http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  24. 24. http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.comrankings again with out having to type in all your keywordsagain.The tool is really easy to install and appears as a little icon inthe bottom right of your firefox browser screen. There is somuch you can do with rank checker, why not check itout here.It’s free.SEOQuakeI have been using SEO quake since I first discovered thesoftware it is probably the best Firefox plug in I currentlyuse.It allows you to view loads of different parameters forwebsites this includes the pagerank of the website you’recurrently surfing, the Alexa rank, the amount of yahoo links thesite currently has. There are a vast variety of parameters thatyou can currently add to the SEO quake toolbar theyare easy to install and take a couple of seconds.You can find out more about SEO Quake here anddownloadithereI hope you enjoy these tools as much as I have they aredefinitely worth trying out. http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  25. 25. http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com Top2paidSEOToolsNow these are two tools which I have used before time andtime again, I recommend that you take a look at both tools.SEOEliteSEO Elite is another software product by Brad Callen creatorof keyword elite. I found this product a while ago, afterreading the sales page I was curious as to whether or not thesoftware would do what it said it would. At this time I was stillquite a beginner in the Internet marketing field and thesoftware sounded amazing (to good to be true) however Itook a real big interest in the software and decided to readlots of reviews about the product, which is something I usualdo before I purchase anything (I am sceptical with anythingfrom the internet) I found a couple of reviews on Google and alot of controversy over SEO elite. I also decided to readreviews on keyword elite considering Brad had created thatsoftware too, the reviews for keyword elite seemed overallreally good and the SEO elite reviews were good too it was justthe controversy over fake testimonials that worried me.However in the end I decided to purchase it, the sales page http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  26. 26. http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.comits self would most probably sell it to most people. I have tocommend Brad on his awesome sales pages, I usually see alot of people fall down here not taking the time and effort tocreate a decent sales page but Brad always does. There areplenty of videos on the sales page which describe how theproduct works and shows you step by step different featuresof SEO elite.Considering this chapter in the series is aboutrecommending products to you, you obviously know in theend I am going to say you should purchase it however I thinkit all depends on how knowledgeable you are in the field ofSEO, what you want SEO for and how long you are thinkingabout sticking with SEO. If you’re contemplating using SEOjust to optimise your own personal blog which tells peoplehow you walked the dog today and plan on going for a sleepover tomorrow then its probably not the software for you. Ifyou can get your website ranked on the first page for“Internet Marketing” in 2 months then itsprobably not the software for you because you are obviouslyamazing. However if you are a beginner in the field of SEO ordeveloping websites and you plan on ranking a couple ofwebsites or sticking at optimising your website for a long termplan then I would advise that you consider purchasing thisproduct. At least have a look at the sales page; it is soinformative you can pretty much make your mind up there.You can purchase SEOElitehere http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  27. 27. http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.comWebCEOWeb CEO is the second software program I recommend toanyone in the field of SEO; although there are otherprograms out there which are based around the samefunctions I would admit that this is my favourite.Web CEO is a software package of 12 tools which helps topromote your website in the search engines, analyse yourwebsite, and maintain your site.Web CEO Features Keyword Research Tool: Help pinpoint the most effective keywords for your website, to ensure traffic is maximised. Optimise your web pages for the top 10 positions Submit your website to the search engines Analyse and build links to your websiteThere is so much you can do with Web CEO the interface issimple and fresh, its easy to use and guide yourself around.Unlike SEO Elite Web CEO comes in different packages whichare currentlyFree Edition (Basic Web CEO) http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  28. 28. http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.comSmall Biz Edition ($199)Professional Edition ($389)Then they have two exclusive offers which areSmallBiz Unleashed ($339)Professional Unleashed ($479)Web CEO is aimed at both website developers and websiteowners it is definitely a worth while purchase you can take alookhere http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com
  29. 29. Resources http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.comSEOTutorials,TipsandTricks MyRecommendationsSEOEliteKeywordEliteWebCEO RankCheckerGoogleWebmasterToolsSEOQuakeWordtrackerWordzeKeywordDiscovery http://seoforeverybusinessneed.wordpress.com