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Commandments For A Successful Life


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Spiritual
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  • 1. Commandments for a successful life
  • 2. Live as if you are going to die tomorrow
  • 3. Everyday try to help out someone in any small or big thing
  • 4. Always carry a smile on your face
  • 5. Greet and talk to others with respect
  • 6. If you cannot get along with someone, avoid that person but don’t indulge in misbehavior of any kind
  • 7. Do believe in GOD. Do your best and leave everything else on Him.
  • 8. Be honest towards your work and people
  • 9. Always be positive towards everything in your life
  • 10. “ Never loose faith in yourself, you can do anything in the universe.” Don’t give up at any cost.
  • 11. Try to encourage & motivate other people
  • 12.
    • Learn to say ‘NO’.
  • 13. Learn to say sorry for anything wrong done by you.
  • 14. Respect your parents. Think twice before taking any step.
  • 15. Always remember…………. “ If you are a good human being nothing on this earth can stop you from getting what you want. You will definitely get it.”
  • 16. Never ever loose hope in your life. There is always a good thing after the ending of a bad thing
  • 17. Have a systematic routine in your life
  • 18. Never ever take people for granted. Learn to appreciate the good people you have around.
  • 19. Always say thank you for the smallest favor done.
  • 20. Have an ambition in your life . A life without goal is nothing. Everyone lives a normal routine life, but trying to do something extra makes a unique man.
  • 21. Health is wealth Don’t let your health be an obstacle.
  • 22. Don’t be shy to show your emotions
  • 23. If you are upset about a particular situation or event, find a solution to it but don’t run away.
  • 24. Always make sure you have at least 1 person in your life to whom you can talk about anything in this world and who will understand you and give you the honest feedback.
  • 25. When things are not going well don’t loose heart. HAVE PATIENCE
  • 26. Pray to God when you rise, have lunch, dinner and before going to bed. The Creator who has blessed us with a normal life at least deserve that much from us.
  • 27. When you feel there is no meaning left for your life, do remember that there is always someone who needs your help & support . your life is existing to make someone else’s life worth living.
  • 28. Last but not the least……….. LOVE yourself Everything else will follow
  • 29. Think About It…..
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