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Building Brand India
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Building Brand India


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  • 2. What does the word “Brand” implies?
    • Brand is a product or service that adds dimensions or differentiates it in someway
    • from other products or services designed
    • to satisfy the same need.
    • Brand is not just a logo or symbol.
    • It is the phenomenon which makes it stand without logo.
    • Brand is consistency.
    • USA : Statue of Liberty
    • Egypt : Pyramids
    • China : Dragon
    • India : ???
    • Jaipur is a perfect setting to talk about Brand India.
    • Just mention Jaipur and it brings to many minds a brand of its own.
      • Pink city, palaces on the ground, and palaces on wheels.
      • That it is world’s first planned city, with parallel lanes and by-lanes criss crossing at right angles, the application of geometric principles in town planning.
      • the fact can be added that it is world’s polo capital.
  • 5.
    • Rajasthan reflects a resplendent past.
    • But, Rajasthan could also build a brand on the foundation of an engineering miracle.
      • Indira Gandhi canal.
      • Water travels 110 miles from Punjab before it enters the canal to irrigate Rajasthan’s deserts.
      • Rajasthan is a symbol of Indian entrepreneurship.
      • Rajasthan has produced a generation of pioneers who started from the arid lands of Marwar.
      • They traveled long distances and built a network of trade, commerce and industry in far off places – Calcutta, Mumbai and beyond.
  • 6. Let us not forget that at one point in our history, Brand India was in full bloom.
    • The world’s first university at Takshashila in 700 BC.
    • A global university in Nalanda in the fourth century.
    • Far ahead of others in medicine and surgery 2,500 years ago.
    • World leaders in astronomy and mathematics.
    • Taught world how to navigate.
    • We created footprints across the world through merchandise and trade.
    • Our textile industry was a world leader in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
  • 7.
    • Above all, we were a global economic power at the turn of the eighteenth century.
    • We contributed a quarter of the global output.
    • In brief, India led the world in thought, word and deed.
    • Over the years, colonial indulgence carpet- bombed Brand India.
    • And, Brand India became just a memoir.
    • But the spirit of India was not subdued.
    • We re-gained our freedom in 1947.
  • 8. How can we build brand India?
    • A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lead the world once again thought, word and deed.
    • India has every making of a twenty-first century miracle.
    • Globalization, changing demography, technological revolution and widening economic disparities are defining the New World landscape.
    • It offers many opportunities to build Brand India with global appeal.
    • Intensive competition is opening new opportunities in the developed world
    • To skills and entrepreneurship from other parts of the globe.
    • India stands to gain from falling barriers.
    • It has the largest educational system in the world, and consequently abundant people skill sets.
  • 9. Contd…
    • Western world is placing huge demands on India’s professional resources.
    • India is well placed to meet this growing demand for talented and trained professionals.
    • Technology is becoming the most important driver of economic growth and development.
    • We have the second largest science and technology pool.
    • Opportunities for Indian scientists, engineers and technologists are proliferating.
  • 10. What is our Brand India?
    • India is home to one-sixth of humanity.
    • They are part of a vibrant democratic process.
    • India has the opportunity to leverage institutional framework to address needs of the underprivileged in other parts of the world.
    • In the New World, building Brand India is an imperative we cannot afford to ignore.
    • In fact, it is the New Commandment of the new age.
    • Nations evoke notions.
    • And, very often, those notions define nationality.
  • 11. Advantages of a country as a brand:
    • Strong brands evoke an emotive bond among people and nations.
    • This translates into huge benefits – from greater goodwill to an upswing in tourism, from growing exports and increased investments.
    • Brands are what people buy into in a big way.
    • Brands generate trust, confidence and continued association.
  • 12. Contd…
    • Nation brands encourage people to broaden their view of a country.
    • Once a nation is looked at as a brand, anything from that country is treated as a natural brand extension of that country.
    • Finally, nation brands can serve to be powerful sources of motivation.
    • As I see it, the greatest benefit that a government can give its export sector is to build a good country brand.
  • 13. Brand India will appeal to the world only if it:
    • Delivers value to the rest of the world.
    • Strikes an emotional chord among citizens in all parts of the world.
    • Inspires the enterprising communities across the globe.
  • 14. Brand India can deliver value through products that have global appeal.
    • Global Brands In Traditional Products
      • – Darjeeling Tea,
      • - Basmati Rice and
      • - Tandoori Chicken
    • Global Brands in
      • Automobiles
      • Textiles
      • Generic drugs
      • Gems and Jewellery
  • 15. Contd….
    • In the knowledge economy, global brands in
      • information & communication technology,
      • life sciences and biotechnology.
    • Can make global businesses competitive through business process outsourcing.
    • Can make global organizations productive through infocom technology.
  • 16. Brand India would be :
    • A nation of young talented people.
    • A reservoir of food for the world.
    • A sea of scientific and technological talent an ocean of professional resources. society that has harnessed technology to transform the quality of life.
    • A country that has banished unemployment.
    • A leader in the knowledge age.
    • In brief, a twenty-first century miracle and a replicable model for all democratic, modern and plural societies.
  • 17. Strengths
    • India has the brand capital.
    • Ours is a country where four-fifths of the population is young. And will continue to be young.
    • We have one of the highest arable land acreages in the world.
    • Our land is richly endowed with water and sunshine.
  • 18. Contd….
    • We are blessed with varied agro climatic zones.
    • Our farmers are intelligent and enterprising.
    • Our manufacturing is getting competitive.
    • Fifteen of the world’s major automobile manufacturers are already sourcing components from India.
  • 19. But Building Brand India is not an easy enterprise.
    • It demands vision and commitment.
    • It requires patience and conviction.
    • In the twentieth century, two names have become India’s unique brand ambassadors : Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa.
    • Due to them, India has come to be identified for its courage, compassion and charisma.
    • But twenty-first century demands new brand ambassadors.
    • They should exude commitment to excellence, dynamism and modernity.
  • 20. What Hampers our Brand India?
    • Lack of administrative expertise
    • Illiteracy
    • Unemployment
    • Corruption
  • 21. In a nutshell…
    • After having gone through our many strengths and few weaknesses what we need to do is:
    • Our India is already a brand, it is poised but to make a mark in the global scenario our countrymen need to put persistent efforts.
    • In one word……its time to FLY!!!
  • 22. Reference :
    • Speech By:
    • ( Chairman & MD Reliance Industries) At : Ad Asia 2003
  • 23. Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani Thank U