Power of Networking


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Power of Networking

  1. 1. The Power of Networking
  2. 2. Networking is NOT Getting something from someone Using others Coercion Manipulation
  3. 3. (net-wur-king) Defined: “The process of developing and maintaining quality relationshipsthat enrich your life and empower you to achieve your goals”.
  4. 4. What We’ll Cover Keys/Steps to Networking  Communication Styles Success  Exiting Gracefully Resources at Hand  Tenacity Pays Key Communication Skills  Business Cards Your Elevator Pitch  The Handwritten Note Networking for Introverts  Creative Networking Breaking the Ice  Networking for Hiring Listen and Compliment Eye Contact Body Language
  5. 5. 5 Degrees of Separation…. to the PopeContact the local church pastor, who contacts…The Bishop of the local diocese, who contacts…The Administration of the Vatican, who contacts…The Camerlengo, who contacts… The Pope!
  6. 6. The Keys to Networking Success: Who do you know? How well are you connected? Do you know how to make a connection? Who knows you?
  7. 7. Five Steps: Meet People Listen and Learn Make Connections Follow up Stay in Touch! Networking Never Stops!
  8. 8. Networking Resources Conferences Events Like This! Professional Organizations Online- LinkedIn, Plaxo, Spock
  9. 9. The Best Communicators: Smile Eye Contact Listen Remember Names Be Aware of Body Language Respect Boundaries Look for Common Interests Give a Compliment Everybody is a somebody!
  10. 10. Your Elevator Pitch What do you do? (In 30 seconds)
  11. 11. Networking for Introverts Introvert = Good Listener Introvert = Thoughtful Introvert = Focused
  12. 12. Breaking the Ice“What brings you…..“I’m a first-time attendee. Anyadvice…
  13. 13. Talking Rule of Thumb: You - 1/3 The other person- 2/3 Listen 2X as much as you talk!
  14. 14. Are You a Good Listener? Test Yourself: Do you make eye contact? Do you ask questions for clarification? Do you acknowledge the other person’s feelings? Do you try to understand the other person’s point of view before giving yours? Do you react non-verbally? Do you keep focused? Do you not change the subject without warning?
  15. 15. Body Language“Your words tell me a story, but your body tells me the whole story” Body Language 55% + How you say it 38% = Total Non-Verbal 93%
  16. 16. Identify the Emotion Strong handshake Arms gripped, hands clenched Stroking chin, glasses in mouth Peering over glasses, rubbing eye Moving closer, finger pointer Twirling ring, fidgeting with watch Tilting head Staring Steepling Clearing throat, jingling coins in pocket Heel thumping, toe tapping, deep breath Hands spread palms out Nodding of head The “Corner pocket”
  17. 17. Communication Styles Auditory Visual Kinesthetic
  18. 18. The Graceful Exit “Say, it was great meeting you, Bob. Hopefully we can continue our conversation sometime in the future. Best of continued success.” “Bob, I’ve enjoyed talking with you. Please excuse me while I take some time to mingle and talk with some other folks.” “You have been interesting to talk with, Bob. I’ll give you the opportunity to meet some other folks (before they sound the two minute warning).”
  19. 19. Tenacity Pays Tenacious vs Aggressive
  20. 20. Before you take….. You gotta give!
  21. 21. Don’t forget your business cards! Good places to stash them:  Car  Suit/Dress Pocket  Luggage  Toiletry Bag  Wallet/Purse
  22. 22. The Power of the Handwritten Note
  23. 23. Creative Networking Birthdays Contact three people per week Sit with people you don’t know “Targeted Networking” - List those you want to meet or talk with, and find a way to contact them.
  24. 24. When you hire, do you: Ask references who they might know? Ask your employees who they admire/names of past managers, peers, direct reports, suppliers? Ask candidates you did not hire for referrals? Network outside the direct marketing industry? Network for talent at trade shows?
  25. 25. Turbo-Charge Your Networking Network smart Put it on the calendar- the “50-butt” rule Be selective about your events Consistent and persistent Make someone better You schmooze, you lose Practice by doing Watch the clock *Andrea Nierenberg, Nonstop Networking