Interview prep


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Interview prep

  1. 1. Interview Preparation
  2. 2. The New Reality Employment for “Mutual Benefit” Learning Organizations Hierarchy to Horizontal Activity to Performance Compliance to Commitment Managing as a Coach Reaction to Pressure
  3. 3. Key Evaluation Factors  Aggressiveness/Enthusiasm  Communication Skills  Record of Success  Rational Thought Process  Maturity  Planning and Organization  Reaction to Pressure
  4. 4. Talking Rule of Thumb: You - 1/3 The other person- 2/3 Listen 2X as much as you talk!
  5. 5. Breaking the Ice“I’m excited to be here!”
  6. 6. Taking Early Control“What are the 3-5 key things this person needs to accomplish in order to be successful in this position?”
  7. 7. Premeditated Questions:The company- Organization, culture, new products/services, new leadership.The Industry- What is their value proposition?The position- Why has it been created, or who had the position and why is it open? Opportunities for advancement.
  8. 8. Follow up Questions: Short-term, long-term goals What would you want me to work on first? Biggest problems we would face Behaviors that are rewarded/not rewarded Why are you here? What prepared incumbent to be successful (if applicable) Five culture adjectives
  9. 9. “Lacking” Questions: Who is doing the job now? What has been lacking in other candidates that you have decided NOT to move forward with?
  10. 10. Restate, Reassure, Reaffirm
  11. 11. The Trial Close (Precede with a “softener”)“What concerns, if any, do you have about my ability to be successful in this position”
  12. 12. Trial Close Cycle 3 Steps:1- Acknowledge the concern2- Address the concern3- Tie-down
  13. 13. Trial Close One More Time!“Are there any other concerns you might have about my ability to be successful in this position?”
  14. 14. Final CloseInterview ends with definite next steps OR Interview ends on a vague note, no definite next steps
  15. 15. Closing Statements“I think my background fits this position well”“We have a good match here”“This looks like a good long-term situation”“Everything looks good”
  16. 16. Communication Styles Auditory Visual Kinesthetic
  17. 17. Body Language“Your words tell me a story, but your body tells me the whole story” Body Language 55% + How you say it 38% = Total Non-Verbal 93%
  18. 18. Identify the Emotion Strong handshake Arms gripped, hands clenched Stroking chin, glasses in mouth Peering over glasses, rubbing eye Moving closer, finger pointer Twirling ring, fidgeting with watch Tilting head Staring Steepling Clearing throat, jingling coins in pocket Heel thumping, toe tapping, deep breath Hands spread palms out Nodding of head Ear Tugging
  19. 19. The Power of the Handwritten Note
  20. 20. How to Answer Those Pesky HR Questions!
  21. 21. How to Handle $$
  22. 22. The Leave BehindOne of the most powerful tools in your tool chest. Use the job description as your guide!
  23. 23. The Best Communicators:  Smile  Eye Contact  Listen  Mention Names  Be Aware of Body Language  Respect Boundaries  Look for Common Interests  Give a compliment
  24. 24. Do What Recruiters Do! Make the calls, not just the clicks Call the hiring managers, not just HR Script your call: What is important to them? Follow up, and follow up again! Use LinkedIn and other online networking tools
  25. 25. Should I Take This Job?The Ten Questions You Must Ask Yourself BEFORE You Decide!