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Do you know how your organization is progressing towards deploying a Process Based Management approach? See what users who have taken the Free Quick Assessment think about it below.

View this 5 minute overview on what is included .

What users say about the PBM Quick Assessment:
"The feedback section was the most helpful in demonstrating to management where our biggest challenges are."
"The main categories include a cross-process integration and exhibit how PBM fits in the big picture."
"The Gap Analysis charts provided insight into where our strengths were and also where we needed improvement."
"Overall high level summary and insightful. Thanks."
"The Quick Assessment was just that - quick and easy! It provided a snapshot of where our organization is at and where to focus our efforts"
"I would highly recommend this FREE assessment for anyone looking to implement process thinking in their organization."

How would you answer these questions:
Are your process efforts linked to your overall strategy?
What type of process governance structure do you have in place and how effective is it?
Do your PBM efforts integrate other process initiatives together or are they independent efforts driven by other groups?
How are you evaluating your progress in implementing PBM?
Is process knowledge captured, shared and managed as a critical asset?
What mechanisms are in place to promote a process-oriented culture and how do you enable your organization to adapt to a process mindset?

These and many other questions can be answered by our full range of PBM Assessments developed over the past 8 years with over 30 organizations. These assessments range from our Free Quick Assessment to a Full PBM Assessment.

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  • Process Strategy Group has developed a web based quick assessment which can help you determine how well your organization is progressing on the journey to become process based.  In this brief overview, we will discuss the areas that it covers, and review an example of the Feedback Report someone would receive after taking this FREE Quick Assessment.
  • The Quick Assessment is based on insight gained from 15+ years of research and client work looking at the key steps required to move along the journey to become a process-based organization. This work led to creation of an Organizational PBM Assessment. This PBM Assessment starts with an Organizational Profile, and then evaluates an organization from the 6 perspectives shown here.   Briefly review each of the 6 sections.   To develop the Quick Assessment, We chose specific questions from each of the sections to provide enough insight to generate conclusions about the progress of the organization.  
  • The Quick Assessment is composed of 16 multiple choice questions which provide the basis to determine a score , provide feedback on your strengths and gaps and provide recommendations you can follow to address the gaps identified.   This feedback is provided in a report. Here is the first section. It provides the respondents score based on their answers, and explains what is included in the next 3 sections of the report.
  • The next section of the Feedback Report is an Assessment Gap Analysis.   We use red and yellow gauges to show critical and moderate gaps, and green to indicate strengths. The gauges show the average of the results for each of the 6 categories. In this example, we have moderate gaps in 5 categories, and strengths in Process Knowledge Management.   The colored gauges make it easy to see how you are performing.
  • Based on your responses and the Assessment Analysis, we provide recommendations to help you move forward.   We also acknowledge your strengths, and indicate why that strength is important.   We provide recommendations on up to 2 strengths, Critical GAPs and Moderate Gaps identified.   Notice that on the Gaps that we provide prescriptive feedback that you can apply to move forward. For example, here we have a critical gap in Strategy and Planning. The response indicated that process efforts are focused on random problems that need to be fixed. Our feedback is that you need to prioritize your problems to add structure to your efforts.  As a result of these recommendations, you will have actionable steps you can take to move your process-based efforts forward.
  • We have developed this Quick Assessment to provide an easy way for an organization to get some idea of how they are doing on the journey to become process based. And the best news is that we provide this Quick Assessment for Free.   Why would we do this? We continue to see too many organizations strugling to make progress and this provides an easy tool to get insight to move you forward. The more people that take the Quick Assessment, the more insight can be provided to organizations to help them make progress. Others that have not taken the Assessment see results discussed in each of our monthly Process Perspectives newsletters. This helps all of us to better help organizations be successful as they become process-based.     If you want this feedback based on your responses, go ahead and click on the Free Assessment Try It to tbe directed to the Quick Assessment. You will get your specific feedback , with no risk, or cost, to you or the organization.   One of the things that we learned is that their is value to an organization to get this feedback based on many respondents. As a result, we now offer a Quick Assessment for an organization, which is targeted to provide consolidated feedback from a cross section of up to 15 people in the organization. For informtion on that tool, click the highlighted area. Good luck on your process efforts and let us know what your issues are. Thank You.
  • FREE PBM Quick Assessment

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