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Rastelli Direct Tasting Catalog
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Rastelli Direct Tasting Catalog


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Rastelli Direct Tasting Catalog: Do You Like to Host Parties? Let's talk about how you can get Free Food for hosting a Tasting! Give me a call at 812-618-8438

Rastelli Direct Tasting Catalog: Do You Like to Host Parties? Let's talk about how you can get Free Food for hosting a Tasting! Give me a call at 812-618-8438

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  • 2. CONTENTSWelcome P. 3Steaks & Beef P. 5Seafood P. 6Chicken P. 7Pork, Veal & Lamb P. 8Heat & Serve P. 9Desserts P. 10Value Packs P. 11-12IBP Starter Packs P. 13-15
  • 3. RASTELLI DIRECTRestaurant Quality, Delivered DirectRastelli Direct is a new, “Delicious Opportunity” from industryleader, Rastelli Foods; o ering the same 5-star quality meats,seafood and premium food products that we have provided to theworlds highest rated restaurants, steakhouses, resorts, hotels anddiscerning customers since 1976.This extensive menu is now available to individual consumersthrough Rastelli Direct’s national home delivery program. Inaddition to the convenience of gourmet home delivery, RastelliDirect uses the power of Network Marketing to provide nancialopportunity to the people who have supported their familybusiness for years.We know you will enjoy the Rastelli Direct experience!Mangia Bene! (Eat Well!) 3
  • 4. RASTELLI DIRECT TASTINGS & EVENTS Sharing a meal with friends and family at a Tasting Event is the most natural and fun way to share Rastelli Direct™. Whether hosting or attending a Rastelli Direct™ Tasting, please relax and enjoy this time with new and old friends. The Rastelli Direct™ Tasting & Events catalog includes some of our most delicious and best selling items. To view our entire menu visit us online at: Jlssls05
  • 5. ELITE BLACK ANGUS FILET MIGNONFilet mignon is THE melt-in-your-mouth steak. Youwill love the rich avor and incredible tendernessof this preferred cut.Item #: 620 6 (6 oz) PortionsItem #: 620D 2 (6 oz) PortionsItem #: 621 4 (8 oz) PortionsItem #: 621D 2 (8 oz) PortionsELITE BLACK ANGUS NY STRIP STEAKSOur New York Strip Steak is center cut from themost tender portion of the strip loin. ThisAmerican classic is a backyard BBQ favorite.Item #: 627 4 (8 OZ) PortionsItem #: 627D 2 (8 OZ) PortionsItem #: 628 4 (12 OZ) PortionsItem #: 628D 2 (12 OZ) PortionsELITE BLACK ANGUS FLAT IRON STEAKSTaste the steak that has everyone talking! FlatIron Steaks the juicy and avorful choice thatpleases the palate and your wallet.Item #: 624 6 (4 oz) PortionsItem #: 624D 2 (4 oz) PortionsItem #: 625 4 (8 oz) PortionsELITE BLACK ANGUS BURGERS & SLIDERSWhether you want a full meal or just a little bite,our burgers and sliders are the perfectAll-American addition to your next BBQ.Item #: 602 12 (5.3 oz) BurgersItem #: 606 12 (2 oz) Sliders More options available online @ /Jlssls05 5
  • 6. SCOTTISH SALMON Our Scottish Salmon is raised in North Atlantic waters. Known as “La Belle Rouge” throughout Europe, this avorful salmon comes "skin on" for extra avor. Item #: 783 6 (6 oz) Portions Item #: 783D 2 (6 oz) Portions WILD CAUGHT AHI TUNA Dont wait until your next trip to the sushi restaurant! Enjoy our hand cut Wild Caught Ahi Tuna Steaks, made from incredibly fresh yellow n tuna, at home. Item #: 781 6 (6 oz) Portions Item #: 781D 2 (6 oz) Portions PANGASIUS FILLET Pangasius is a aky fresh water sh that is native to Southeast Asia. Raised in open, fast owing rivers, Pangasius o ers great value and great taste. Item #: 791 4 (7 oz) Portions COLOSSAL SHRIMP Simple Seafood! Our fully-cooked and raw Colossal Shrimp come peeled, deveined to save you time when youre dining in. Item #: 772 (Fully Cooked) 1 (2 lb) Pack Item #: 770 (Raw) 1 (2 lb) Pack More options available online @6
  • 7. EUROPEAN CHICKEN HALF SEMI BONELESSA taste of the old country! Enjoy our semiboneless European style chicken. These skin onchicken halves are free from any additives orpreservatives.Item #: 718 2 (16 oz ) HalvesALL NATURAL CHICKEN BREASTOur All Natural Chicken Breast is raised on freerange farms and fed a grain diet for enhanced avor, texture and reduced fat content.Item #: 715 6 (6 oz) PortionsItem #: 715D 2 (6 oz) PortionsCHICKEN WINGS, FULLY COOKEDThese Fully Cooked Chicken Wings are perfect togrill, bake or fry and toss in your favorite sauce!Item #: 739 1 (5 lb) PacksCHICKEN SAUSAGE STUFFED WITH FETA AND SPINACHOur Chicken Sausage with Feta Cheese andSpinach is sure to be a savory surprise for all. Addsome are to your next meal with this healthybest seller!Item #: 705 2 (1 lb) Packs 7
  • 8. PRIME PORK PORTERHOUSE CHOP BONE IN King of Chops! Prime Pork Porterhouse guarantee tender and juicy chops every time. These delicious cuts come bone-in for extra avor. Item #: 691 4 (10 oz) Portions Item #: 691D 2 (10 oz) Portions PORK LOIN CHOPS CENTER CUT However you choose to prepare our Pork Loin Chops, you will be delighted! The velvety texture will have you referring to "the other white meat" as "the only white meat". Item #: 692 6 (5 oz) Portions ALL NATURAL MILK FED VEAL LEG CUTLETS This succulent and tender milk-fed veal is an all natural addition to your sautés. Try this with Marsala or Saltimbocca seasonings. Item #: 682 8 (3 oz) Portions ALL NATURAL FRENCHED LAMB RACKS This ultimate cut of lamb needs no introduction. Simply roast or grill with fresh herbs for a perfect presentation. Our All Natural Frenched Rack of Lamb is the perfect centerpiece! Item #: 679D 1 (24 oz) Pack8
  • 9. ELITE BLACK ANGUS BRISKET POT ROAST AU JUS FULLY COOKEDOur fully cooked Elite Black Angus Beef Brisket isslow braised in its own natural juices. This avorful pot roast will ignite your tastebuds!Item #: 732 1 (2.5 Ib) PortionBABY BACK RIBS IN SAUCE FULLY COOKEDOur fall-o -the-bone, hardwood smoked PorkBaby Back Ribs are seasoned with a sweet, smokysauce and are sure to make you a star of yournext barbeque.Item #: 736 1 (2 Ib) PackDELILAH WINDERS AH HA MACARONI AND CHEESEChef and Entrepreneur, Delilah Winder is bringingher home cooking to you! Enjoy her famous Ah,Ha Macaroni & Cheese; winner of Oprahsnationwide search for Best of the Best!Item #: 1010 2 (12 oz) PortionsSTEAMAZING CHICKEN CURRY WITH RICESteamazing!™ brings you an authentic dish withFlame-Broiled pieces of Chicken Breast in anaromatic Curry Sauce with Steamed White Riceand Spinach.Item #: 573A 2 (12 oz) Portions More options available online @ 9
  • 10. ELEGANT FARMER APPLE PIE 8 INCH Voted "Best Pie in America" by Wall Street Journal and Food Network. The Elegant Farmer Apple Pie features mounds of sweet-tart apples in a u y and aky crust. Item #: 853 1 (3.25 Ib) Pie PELLMAN TRIPLE CHOCOLATE CAKE Chocolate frosting surrounds four layers of moist chocolate cake. Chocolate rosettes and curls crown this triple-threat dessert to amaze the chocolatiest of chocaholics! Item #: 859 1 (3.75 Ib) Cake TOFFEE CRUNCH BLONDIE This buttery blondie is studded with creamy white chocolate chunks, semi-sweet chocolate and chewy pieces of Heath® to ee. Item #: 856 1 (1.56 Ib) Pack PELLMAN CARROT CAKE Double layered Pellman Carrot Cake has grated carrots, real pineapple and chopped walnuts. smoth Spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg and smoth- ered with cream cheese icing. Item #: 860 1 (3.75 Ib) Cake10
  • 11. Value PacksSave Time... Save Money! Rastelli Direct Value Packages o er theultimate in easy, convenient shopping. Get pre-selected packagesof customer favorites that cost you less by choosing any of ourfantastic Value Packages.Whether youre planning a Back-Yard BBQ, Tailgating Event, orParty... or shopping for the Steak Lover or Seafood fanatic in yourlife, youll nd what you need with Rastelli Direct. 11
  • 12. RD FAVORITES Try this delicious sampler of our house favorites. (2) 8 oz Elite Black Angus Filet Mignon ( 6) 6 oz Poulet Rouge Chicken Breast (12) 5.3 oz Elite Black Angus Gourmet Burgers (1) 2.5 lb pack Pork Baby Back Ribs in Sauce (2) 12 oz. Delilahs Ah, Ha Mac and Cheese Item #: 915 Value Pack STEAK LOVERS Now you can eat the same steaks at home that are served in Five-Star Restaurants around the world. (2) 6 oz Elite Black Angus Filet of Sirloin (2) 6 oz Elite Black Angus Bacon Wrapped Filets (4) 8 oz All Natural Black Angus Flat Iron Steaks (2) 10 oz Organic Black Angus Ribeye Steaks Item #: 903 Value Pack SEAFOOD DELIGHT If you nd seafood delightful, then you will love our Seafood Delight package! (6) 6 oz Ahi Tuna Steaks (2) 6 oz Scottish Salmon (4) 6 oz Mahi Mahi (1) 2 lb. pack of Clams Fully Cooked Item #: 905 Value Pack HEAT & EAT In just minutes your At-Home Tasting invitees will be treated to a delicious sampling. (1) 2.5 lb pack of Elite Black Angus Brisket Pot Roast w/ Gravy (1) 2 lb bag of Cooked Jumbo Shrimp (2) 12 oz Delilahs Macaroni and Cheese (4) 3.5 oz Cheesecake Factory Original Cheesecake12 Item #: 913 Value Pack
  • 13. IBP STARTER PACKAGESThe best way to get started as an IBP is with an IBP Starter Kit! EachIBP Starter Kit comes with a delicious variety of our best tasting andhealthiest items. These packs are a great value and will increaseyour product knowledge instantly as your palate experiences thebest of the best. 13
  • 14. HIGH STEAKS PACK ITEM #: 922 12 (5.3 oz) Portions All Natural Black Angus Beef Gourmet Burgers 4 (8 oz) Portions Pureland Prime Pork Rib Chop Bone In 1 (2.5 lb) Pack Pork Baby Back Ribs in Sauce Fully Cooked 1 (1 lb) Portion Colossal Shrimp Fully Cooked 4 (3.5 oz) Portions Cheesecake Factory Original Cheesecake 2 (15 oz) Packs Severinos Marinara Sauce 2 (1 lb) Packs Severinos Classic Spaghetti & Linguini Combo 2 (12 oz) Portions Scalloped Potatoes 4 (3 oz) Portions All Natural Veal Leg Slice 4 (4 oz) Portions All Natural Black Angus Beef Flat Iron 2 (6 oz) Portions Elite Black Angus Beef Filet Mignon 2 (6 oz) Portions All Natural Chicken Breast 2 (6 oz) Portions Scottish Salmon Portions 4 (6 oz) Portions Tilapia Fillets HEALTHY BEGINNINGS ITEM #: 946 4 (3 oz) Portions All Natural Veal Leg Slice 8 (3 oz) Portions Pork Tenderloin Medallions 6 (6 oz) Portions All Natural Chicken Breast 2 (15 oz) Portions Severinos Marinara Sauce 2 (1 lb) Portions Whole Wheat Linguini & Multigrain Ravioli Combo 2 (6 oz) Portions All Natural Black Angus Beef Filet of Sirloin Steak 2 (1 lb) Portions Chicken Sausage Stu ed W/Feta Cheese and Spinach 2 (6 oz) Portions Scottish Salmon Portions 2 (6 oz) Portions Mahi Mahi CHEF’S TABLE ITEM #: 947 1 (2.5 lb) Pack Pork Baby Back Ribs in Sauce Fully Cooked 4 (3.5 oz) Portions Cheesecake Factory Original Cheesecake 2 (6 oz) Portions Organic Black Angus Beef Filet Mignon 2 (12 oz) Portions Cheese Tortellini with Alfredo Sauce 1 (1 lb) Portion Chicken Pot Pie 2 (1 lb) Packs Elite Black Angus Ground Beef 80% Lean 2 (8 oz) Portions All Natural Black Angus Beef Flat Iron Steak 2 (6 oz) Portions All Natural Chicken Breast 2 (6 oz) Portions Scottish Salmon Portions14
  • 15. ELITE TASTES ITEM #: 9491 (2.5 lb) Pack Pork Baby Back Ribs in Sauce Fully Cooked2 (12 oz) Portions Six Cheese Sacchettini with Pesto2 (4 oz) Portions Elite Black Angus Beef Flat Iron Steak2 (6 oz) Portions Elite Black Angus Beef Filet Mignon2 (10 oz) Portions Pureland Prime Pork Porterhouse Chop (Bone In)2 (6 oz) Portions All Natural Chicken Breast2 (6 oz) Portions Ahi Tuna SteaksBASIC BUSINESS KIT ITEM #: 1000Included in all of the IBP Starter PackagesYour Very Own Retail Website ($500 Value)Your Personal Business ManagerAccess LIVE! Customer Service M-F 8am to 5pm EST 15
  • 16. Three Ways to Get Involved... 1. Buy Online Simply Shop Anytime & Enjoy! No minimums or requirements. 2. Smart Shopper’s Club Simply Shop & Save Purchase $50 monthly, and receive a 20% discount. Just shop, and choose the option to become a smart shopper. 3. Independent Business Partner Eat For Free O set the cost of your purchase by referring others to shop. * Please see your Rastelli Direct ™ consultant for more details. Rastelli Direct ™ 510 Heron Drive, Suite 114 Swedesboro, NJ 08085 Customer Service: (877) 686-3276 Fax Number: (856) 241-1916 /Jlssls05 FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT THE PERSON WHO GAVE YOU THIS CATALOG. Jerrod Smith Independent Business Partner Jlssls05 812-618-8438© Rastelli Direct, LLC. Printed in the USA