Woodson success story 2012 #2


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Woodson success story 2012 #2

  1. 1. Woodson County Interagency Coalition SUCCESS STORY 2012Goals Met & Youth Involvement Kansas SPF Implementation Grant to Reduce Underage Drinking
  2. 2. Location - Woodson County is located in Southeast Kansas 3 counties over from the right and 3 counties up
  3. 3. Statistics of Woodson County Population Approximately 3,300 1 School District (consisting of elementary, jr. high & high school) Average Class Size 30 to 45 students per grade (approximately 475 students pre-k thru 12)
  4. 4. Woodson County Interagency Coalition The Coalition is made up of 26 members from all areas of the community - businesses, churches, school district, law enforcement, youth serving organizations, etc. They meet once a month and gather ideas to help make Woodson County a great place to live. Due to the results of the Kansas Communities That Care Survey, our coalition received a grant to help prevent underage drinking in our county.
  5. 5. Kansas Communities That Care YEAR 6 Survey 8 10 th 12 TOTAL th th th 2008 100% 93% 69% 47% 84% 2009 87% 93% 81% 94% 92% 2010 100% 100% 96% 100% 100% 2011 100% 100% 73% 100% 97% 2012 100% 94.6% 100% 89.3% 100% The percentages above show how many students participate in the survey each year. Kansas Communities That Care Survey – It is a survey students in grades 6th, 8th, 10th & 12th take each year to determine what our youth are facing at home, school and in the community. This is how Woodson County Coalition determined there was an underage drinking problem among our
  6. 6. After taking the Kansas Communities That Care Survey, we identified thatWoodson County Youth were drinking alcohol at age 12. Our county had one of the highest percentages of underage drinking.
  7. 7. In an effort to help reduce underage drinking we proceeded to get Youth more involved to identify why we had such a problem. Yates Center Youth Coalitiongrew from 7 members to 21 members in a 3 year period. Our youth have grasp on to the prevention efforts and our survey results prove that our efforts were successful.
  8. 8. Problems Determined by Survey The percentage of youth who reported they consumed alcohol in the last 30 days. The percentage of youth who reported having 5 or more alcoholic drinks at least once in the last 2 weeks.
  9. 9. Our goal for 30 Day Use The Woodson County Coalition set a goal to reduce the percentage of youth in 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th grade who report consuming alcohol in the past 30 days by 8 percentage points from baseline of 35.4% in 2008.
  10. 10. 30 Day Usage – We met our goal! 2 0 We Exceeded Our GoalBaseline Target 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Goal Target35.4% 35.8% 34.3% 25.7% 24.82% 27.4% • Through the strategies set by the coalition we exceeded our goal.
  11. 11. Our Goal for Binge use The Woodson County Coalition set a goal to reduce the percentage of youth in 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th grade who report having 5 or more alcoholic drinks at least once in the last two weeks by 5 percentage points from baseline of 35.4% in 2008.
  12. 12. Binge Use – We met our goal! We Exceeded Our Goal Target GoalBase-line 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Target 26.3% 24.3% 23.3% 18.6% 15.04% 21.3%  Through the strategies set by the coalition the Target Goal has been met.
  13. 13. Strategies (Programs that helped us reach our goals) Too Good For Drugs CMCA (Communities Mobilizing Change on Alcohol) Life Of An Athlete YouthFriends (Adult Mentors)
  14. 14. Too Good For Drugs This program is implemented in the classroom and is instructed once a week in a 10 week period. We implemented this program in grades Kg through 6th and 9th . The teachers really enjoy the hands-on easy to teach curriculum. Too Good for Drugs focuses on setting goals, resolving conflicts, self-respect and making healthy choices. In the higher grades it focuses on appropriate attitudes toward substance use as well as personal and interpersonal skills for dealing with substance use through role play, games, group activities, individual worksheets and class discussions. Each grade level contains age appropriate material.
  15. 15. CMCA – (Communities Mobilizing Change on Alcohol) This program involves your whole community, parents, law enforcement, city council, county commissioners, school administrators & counselors, businesses, churches, etc. This strategy was implemented to increase enforcement of underage drinking due to inconsistent enforcement and lack of parental monitoring and involvement. In our efforts to reduce underage drinking we have increased awareness, implemented programs, provided students with alcohol-free activities and built relationships. Our sheriff’s department has implemented saturation patrols as well as numerous prevention presentations. Parents have volunteered to host activities as well as chaperone. Methodist Church provided a 5th quarter party after every home game.
  16. 16. Life of An Athlete Life of An Athlete was implemented to increase youth drug-free activities and increase commitment to staying drug-free and enforce school policies. We implemented this program by requiring all coaches to host a pre-season meeting with parents and student athletes. Coaches were required to go over the sports policies as well as the drug-free school policy. At the end of the meeting, parents and students were asked to sign a signature page that stated they have read and understand the coaches rules and the districts policy on drugs and alcohol.
  17. 17. YouthFriends – Mentoring Program YouthFriend is a program designed to increase academic achievement, promote education and build self-esteem. We started our program by partnering adults with students to help with reading. Adults volunteer their time to work with children once a week for 30 minutes to an hour. We had several volunteers who would come in and work with multiple students in other areas they needed help in.
  18. 18. Sectors (Organizations that helped us reach our goals) Education Law Enforcement – Sheriff Department Media Faith Youth Serving Organizations
  19. 19. Key Leaders – Supporters of our Efforts School Board, Administration, Counselors, and Teachers Coalition Members Sheriff Department YouthFriend Volunteers Parents Youth Newspaper Staff
  20. 20. Involvement Tactics Utilize Youth-Serving agencies and churches to help provide some alternate activities for youth and promote a healthier life-style. Get youth involved! ( Sports, Student Council, KAYS, etc.) Work with the prevention center, parents, administrators to create an alcohol education program for youth & parents starting at the kindergarten level. Involve parents in all activities and prevention programs. Keep sectors and representatives engaged in prevention efforts.
  21. 21. Greenbush Ropes CourseYouth Building Relationships, Leadership & Trust
  22. 22. Kansas Youth Leadership Summit Student Involvement In an effort to get more students involved we selected a good core of students to attend the Kansas Youth Leadership Summit. This summit is a life changing experience. Students and team leaders attend sessions that are hands-on and teams come up with great ideas to get others more involved. This program really motivates and inspires. This has been a huge asset in building our Youth Coalition group.
  23. 23. Relationships Many relationships have been built to assist in our efforts to prevent & raise awareness. This is the key to success! Student involvement – When students have purpose and inspiration, they are more likely to be involved. Parent involvement – Parents are very supportive to host or be a part of alternate activities and help with prevention efforts. Keep them engaged!
  24. 24. Proudest Moments Youth Involvement Relationship built with Sheriff’s department and school Success of the programs and strategies Reaching Our Goals KCTC Survey participation
  25. 25. Youth InvolvementKansas Youth Leadership Summit
  26. 26. Sheriff’s DepartmentServes breakfast @ Afterprom
  27. 27. Reaching our Goals
  28. 28. Kansas Communities That Care Survey 100 % Participation