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  • 1. INTRODUCTION Our business is a costume shopwith rental privileges for clientsand accepts made-to-ordercostumes. Nowadays, people do notjust gather for an event, themedevents have evolved. For everytheme, we play characters.Characters need COSTUMES.
  • 2. INTRODUCTION Other than offering costumes for rent and for sale, “Costumize” customizes plain clothes and convert it into something more innovative because we ARTbelieve that… consists in transforming somethingsimple into something
  • 5. COMPANY NAMEOur business name “Costumize” speaks of our business goal to provide our clients with different types of costume and at the same time give a personal touch to the clothes that our clients would like to be customized.
  • 6. COMPANY TAGLINEWhere . Characters . Come . To . life
  • 8. COMPANY LOGO Magician’s Hat: Crown: Surprise ServitudeYELLOW: TURQUOISEOriginality :Creativity Both genders DIAMOND: UNITY COSTUME & CUSTOMIZE
  • 9. BUSINESS TYPE SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP This is the simplest form of organization, a business wherein it is owned by an individual who has full control of ownership over a business.
  • 10. VISION - MISSIONVision: We envision clientswho are fully satisfiedwith the costumes weprovide.
  • 11. VISION - MISSIONMission:We commit to the following mission:oTo provide all our customers/clients prompt and personalized service.oTo offer high quality costumes at reasonable prices.oTo engage in on-going innovations on how to improve the designs of our costumes to suit the needs of our customers.oTo give our personal touch on clothes and change them from “boring to bravo”
  • 12. BUSINESS OBJECTIVESCUSTOMER SERVICE1. Offer a variety of costumes for sale and for rent. Our costumes are categorized into the following:- Toddlers- Girls- Boys- Teens- Men- Ladies- Wigs (For Sale Only)
  • 13. BUSINESS OBJECTIVESCUSTOMER SERVICE2. We offer customizing services- Provide custom-made costumes- “Customize Me”- “Customize It Station”
  • 14. RENTAL POLICYRENTAL- Signed contractPAYMENT and SECURITY DEPOSIT- Cash Only and a security deposit of P450.00 isrequiredRENTAL PERIOD- Rental costumes are due back Costumize byreturn date listed on invoice.P120.00/week/costume: For all late costumesCLEANING- All costumes must be dry‐cleaned orlaundered prior to return unless. Items returnedunclean will be assessed an additional charge of
  • 15. RENTAL POLICYALTERATIONS- Costumes may be altered to fit, but must be returned to their original condition before cleaning and returning. All alterations must be sewn.DAMAGED or LOST COSTUMES- Damage beyond normal wear and tear willincur damage charges. Major damage tocostumes, including irreparable tears, majorseam damage, damage from pins, or irreversiblealterations will be assessed at the replacementvalue of the costume. Lost costumes will beassessed a lost costume fee of the replacement
  • 16. ORGANIZATIONAL CHART Salary Breakdown: Store Manager: P9,960/mo, P415/day, P51.87/hr Costume Designer / Tailor: P9,000/mo, P300/day, P37.5/hr Store Assisstant / Cashier: P7500/mo, P250/day, P31.25/hr Store Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Monday - Sunday
  • 17. Per the Rules on Exemption, the following categories of establishments may be exempted upon application with and as determined by the Board: distressed establishments new business enterprises retail/service establishments employing not more than 10 workers establishments adversely affected by natural calamities The Boards may also exempt establishments other than those enumerated above only if they are in accord with the rationale for exemption stated in the Rules on Exemption and upon strong justifiable reasons. The Board may grant a - Full exemption of one year for all categories of establishments Partial exemption equivalent to 50% may be granted in the case of distressed establishments Under the present Rules on Exemption, no extension of the exemption periodbeyond one year is allowed.
  • 18. Sections 3 and 4 of the Rules on Exemption list down the specific criteria and requirements to qualify for exemption, namely: Distressed Establishments a. For Stock Corporations/Cooperatives registers a deficit of 20% or more of the paid up capital as of last accounting period and interim period immediately preceding the effectivity of the Wage Order. registers capital deficiency/negative stockholders equity as of the last full accounting period or interim period immediately preceding the effectivity of the Wage Order. b. For Single Proprietorships/Partnerships/Non-stock,Non-profit Organization registers a deficit of 20% or more of the total invested capital as of the 2 accounting periods and interim period immediately preceding the effectivity of the Wage Order. registers capital deficiency/negative net worth as of the last full accounting period or interim period immediately preceding the effectivity of the Wage Order c. For Banks and Quasi-banks under receivership/liquidation certified by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas under controllership/conservatorship New Business Enterprises NBEs established outside the NCR and outside Export Zones within 2 years from the effectivity of the Wage Order, classified as agricultural establishments or establishments with total assets of 5M and below. Retail/Service Establishments Regularly Employing Not More Than Ten Employees engaged in the ratail sale of goods/services to end users, and employing not more than ten (10) workers
  • 20. LOCATIONFloor Plan…
  • 21. - Fire Extinguisher FIRST Floor
  • 22. - Fire Extinguisher SECOND Floor Fire Exit
  • 23. LOCATIONLocation Map…
  • 24. TARGET MARKETCLASS B - Professionals CLASS C – Middle class CLASS D – Students and Residents
  • 25. PRODUCT LINE & SELLING PRICE Toddlers Girls BOYS Cow 400 Fox 500 Batman 300 Chef 600 Santa 400 Snow White 800 Shrek Donkey 550 Superman Cinderella 800 275 Darth Vader 475 Supergirl 275 Lady Gaga 400 Vampire 400 TEENS Cleopatra 650 Lilac Fairy 800 Pirate 400 Venus 480 MENs WOMENs Witch 525 Spiderman 735 Marilyn Monroe 440 Penguin 540 Supergirl 900 Caveman Jester 440 Infrared Alien 560 315 Chun Li 730 Sumo Inflatable 800 Empress 540 Mirror Ninja 800 Scooby Doo 1100 King Tut 840 FOR RENT
  • 26. FOR SALE
  • 27. PRODUCT LINE & SELLING PRICECustom - MadeAll prices of custom-made costumes depend on the following:- Hours worked Customize it(Hours x P37.5) Customize It Station:- Materials used P350.00- Overhead expense Customize me: P50.00 If cloth was not provided by the client: List of prices for cloth (Per Yard) Spandex =P90-P100 satin =P40-P50
  • 30. MARKETING STRATEGYCOSTUMEMBER - Loyalty Card - Discount Voucher
  • 31. LOYALTY CARD *Not Actual Size
  • 32. DISCOUNT VOUCHER *Not Actual Size
  • 33. BUSINESS TRANSACTIONAug 20 Mr. Orejana invested P300,000 to start a business He secured the licenses and permit from City Hall for P5,333Aug 22 Rented a commercial space with rental fee per month equivalent to P9,000. Lessor demanded two months advance and two months deposit from Mr. Orejana. Thus, he paid a total of P36,000Aug 24 Purchased furniture and fixtures worth P14,250 and maintenance materials worth P1,410Aug 25 Purchased office equipment such as sewing machine, computer, Electric fans, glue guns and fire extinguisher worth P19,000Aug 27 Purchased office supplies such as clothes hanger, ream of bond Paper, ball pens, pencils, record books, and sewing supplies worth P2470Aug 29 Paid for advertisements such as tarpaulins, flyers, business card and Catalogues worth P2368
  • 34. BUSINESS TRANSACTIONAug 31 Purchased inventory sales worth P47190Sept 30 Paid for the salaries of the employees (3) worth P13230 Paid for the mandatory benefits of employees (SSS, Philhealth, Pag-ibig) worth P1500Oct. 1 He totalled the income he earned for 30 days and obtained P78000Oct. 2 Paid for utility expense (Electricity, water, telephone bill) worth P4798 Paid for miscellaneous expense worth P1000Oct. 15 Paid for the salaries of the employees (3) worth P13230
  • 35. No. Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 1. 31 54 94 169 303 2. 32 55 99 177 318 3. 34 58 104 186 334 4. 35 61 109 195 351 5. 37 64 114 205 368 6. 39 67 120 215 387 7. 41 70 126 226 406 8. 43 74 132 237 426 9. 45 77 139 249 448 10. 47 81 146 262 470 11. 50 85 154 275 494 12. 52 90 161 289 518 Total: 486 826 1 498 2 685 4 823 Total No. of Customers in 5 Years: 10’318 Year 1: Oct 1 2012 to Oct 1 2013 Year 2: Oct 1 2013 to Oct 1 2014 Year 3: Oct 1 2014 to Oct 1 2015 Year 4: Oct 1 2015 to Oct 1 2016 Year 5: Oct 1 2017 to Oct 1 2018- Starting Point: Year 1, Month 1 - 30 Year 5, Month 12 - 518 Solution: (518/30) x 100 = 172630  518 customers per day = 1726% Increase after 5 years