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22928064 Ed451 Carrot Tops Jdee 22928064 Ed451 Carrot Tops Jdee Document Transcript

  • Carrot Tops Name: Jerika J.G. Dee | 5th Grade | Math & Science | Lesson Length: 45 - 60 minutes Analyze Learners The classroom consists of 25 students, 13 male and 12 female. The students range in age from nine to eleven years old. One student is in the gifted/talented program. There are four students that have learning disabilities, three of the students are visually impaired, one with Attention Deficit disorder. There is a mix of ethnic background in the classroom, which includes 10 Chamorro, 12 Filipino, 1 Yapese, 1 Japanese, and 1 Chinese. About ninety percent of the class is enthusiastic about learning and going to school. The classroom consists of three categories of learning styles that include visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. About seventy percent of the students are visual learners, twenty percent are auditory, and ten percent are kinesthetic. This lesson will appeal to students with the learning styles of the three mentioned about because they would have to watch the teacher give demonstrations for procedures, follow directions, and use their hands for data collection and planting. Students have basic computer skills and knowledge of Microsoft Excel. The students also have prior knowledge of how plants grow and parts of the plant that was discussed in the Previous lessons. State Objectives Page 1 of 7
  • The students will be able to: • Apply their knowledge on how plants grow by creating a hypothesis prior to the activity. • Create a digital spread sheet on the carrot top growth • Create a graph that reflects the growth of the carrot top. • Present their graph and conclusion to the class. Select Media, Materials, and Methods Media 1. Projector 2. Microsoft Power Point 3. Laptop 4. 5 Classroom computers for Microsoft Excel Materials 1. 6 Carrots 2. 6 Plastic Cups 3. Tap Water, Orange Juice, Milk, Soda, Vinegar, and Iced Tea 4. Permanent Marker 5. Metric Ruler Page 2 of 7
  • Method 1. Group Learning Utilize Media, Materials, and Methods 1. Projector, PowerPoint, and Laptop - These materials are to be used for the opening PowerPoint presentation of how a plant grows and what it needs to grow. The presentation is to last about less than five minutes and should be prepared by the teacher beforehand. The presentation is used to remind the students of what a plant needs in order to grow and for them to use the knowledge learned in the presentation and previous lessons to make a hypothesis prior to the end result of the activity. The projector should be checked before the lesson to make sure that it will work on the day of the presentation. 2. 6 Carrots, 6 Plastic Cups, Water, Orange Juice, Milk, Soda, Iced Tea, Vinegar Permanent Marker Metric Ruler – After the presentation, the students will take the carrots and cut about half an inch off the end of the carrot that has the leaves. The leaves should then be cut off close enough to the base of the carrot. After cutting the carrots, they should be placed in the paper cup and add one of the liquids specified for each group up to about half of the carrot. Once this is completed, the cup should be placed near a window where sun shines through. The containers should then be labeled by their corresponding liquid and should be observed by the students for any changes. The students should use the metric ruler to measure any growth seen throughout the six-day course. The students have also created a digital spreadsheet to be able to log down any growth observed in the carrot top. 3. 5 Classroom Computers with Microsoft Excel – The last method the students will use these computers to log down their findings on the carrot top growth for six days. The data collected will then be used to create a graph using a step by step procedure of how to create a graph with the data they have inputted into the excel sheet. Once completed, the students will Page 3 of 7
  • present their graph to their classmates. Require Learner Participation Introduction/ Pre-Assessment • The teacher will present a video to remind the students of what they learned in the previous lesson on plant parts, where seeds come from and how they grow. The video will also demonstrate what plants need to survive and how plants benefit to the people and our planet. Ask the students questions such as ‘what do plants need to grow?’, ‘what do plants need to survive?’, and how do plants benefit the people and our planet?’ This Question and Answer will help the students formulate a hypothesis on the activity. • Demonstrate to the class on how to use the digital spreadsheet in excel and how to perform formula calculations. Ex. Auto sum Exploration • Arrange the class into 5 groups of 5. • Using a marker, one student from the group will label their cup with the name of the liquid that their cup will have • Teacher will demonstrate to students how to do the activity by cutting about half an inch off the end of the carrot that has leaves, then putting it into the container with the cut side down. After this, the teacher will add enough water to cover about half the carrot top. • Once this is done, the students will get their carrot tops, place it in the paper cup with the cut side down, and pour the proper liquid that they labeled their cups with. • After the students finish, they will place their cups aligned properly, near a lighted window. Page 4 of 7
  • • In six days, the students will use a metric ruler to measure any growth from the carrot top. • The students will keep a daily record of their observations. To do this, they will use the computers available in class and log it down on the digital spreadsheet that they will create. • Each group will have one computer with a digital spreadsheet. They will each appoint a secretary everyday to input the measurement of the growth of the carrot tops. Example of the Digital Spread Sheet made by the students Daily Observations of Length of Growth in carrot top in Centimeters Growth of Wate Vineg Orange Mil Iced Carrot Top r ar Juice k Tea Soda Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Example of Graph of Digital Spread Sheet made by Page 5 of 7
  • students Generalization • After they have completed their graphs they will compare and contrast with each other their predictions and the results of their experiment. • Students will be asked the following questions: – Which liquid did the carrot grow the most? – Why do you think the carrot grew the most in this liquid? Application / Post Assessment The students will then be able to use their digital spreadsheet and make a bar graph that reflects their results. The students will then present this and their group conclusion to their classmates and teacher. Evaluate and Revise Students Performance: A rubric will be designed to grade the students digital spread sheet, since the students did their activity in groups, the grade will be a total of the points they earned during the group activity while making their spreadsheet, making their graph, and presenting it to the class. At the end of this activity will be able to: – Apply their knowledge on how plants grow through an activity by creating a hypothesis prior to the activity. – Create a digital spreadsheet on the carrot top growth – Create a graph that reflects the growth of the carrot top. – Present their graph and conclusion to the class. The following criteria rating is for the students to be evaluated on their knowledge and performance on the lesson plan: (Total possible points : 100 points) Criteria Possible Received Points Page 6 of 7
  • Points 1. Students participation on 20 question and answer during the review portion of the introduction 2. Students end product of 20 their digital spread sheet 3. Students graph of their 20 digital spread sheet 4. Students equal 20 participation in discussion and group work 5. Students presentation of 20 graph and conclusion to class Total Points: /100 Media Effectiveness To be able to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the media used in this lesson, the teacher must decide if the PowerPoint presentation was able to help the students create their hypothesis. Group discussion may mean that the students have learned something from the presentation. Next, the other media used in this lesson was the computer and digital spread sheet. By looking at their end product, the graph and conclusion made, the teacher can evaluate whether or not they noticed a difference in the growth of the carrot top and how they came up with their results. Instructor Performance The instructor performance can be evaluated based on how the students where able to discuss and carry out instructions while doing their activity, creating the digital spread sheet, making their graph, and presenting their graph and conclusion to the class. Another way would also be if the objectives of the lesson plan were met. After this the teacher will then decide if and how the lesson can be improved. Page 7 of 7