Lights and Shadows of ourselves and the society
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  • 1. Lights Shadows Of The Society
  • 2. Lights oIt is represented by the qualities of happiness, holiness, love, justice and every spiritual trait that comes from the religion etc. oThought to be eternal, limitless and consistent.
  • 3. Shadows • Characterized by limitations, temptations and continual change etc. • It is even said that the entire physical world is a shadow of the world of light, eventually a deception meant to distract our attention from the light it is reflecting.
  • 4. Society Lights  Housing for the poor  Feeding programs and medical missions from the local government  Projects from the Church Shadows  Air, Water, Land Pollution  Destruction of Nature  Heavy Traffic  Violence  Corruption
  • 5. ShadowsLights  Would a rose still be a rose without its thorns?  Would the story of Christ be the same without Judas?  Would poverty be an injustice without wealth?
  • 6. ShadowsLights  Lights and Shadows only exist because of the presence of each other.  Without light, there would be no shadow.  Shadow needs light and having light, there will always be a shadow.  Both sides of a whole are needed for progress and transformation of individual lives and the development of our society.
  • 7. ShadowsLights  A conscious life finds meaning in these contrasts, meaning that impacts and punctuates, and that can even transform us.  By the presence and interaction of light and shadow, our lives can be transformed.  The development of our society starts within ourselves.