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  • Connect that these grand buildings they created to the grand buildings that the cathedrals were during the gothic time period.
  • -There were 3 main elements of Gothic Architecture 1. Structure 2. The Visual 3. SymbolicGothic architecture had a strong skeletal stone structure, pure structural logic and was not bulky and heavy like Romanesque.Gothic Architecture is the emphasis of line which takes over transforming it into a light weight form.Emphasizes line through the use of stain glass windows and the reduction of materials
  • Was present before but came out more during this period.
  • Was present before this period, but came out more during.
  • Started with the isle vaulting to open up the isle arcade inside the nave of the cathedral. Was a response to the demands created by vaulting and arches.
  • A lot of sculpture on the outside of cathedrals, for columns, inside the pediments, etc.
  • Virgin and Child: worldly queen, royal garments, gem-encrusted crown, free-standing work, Christ richly attired-infant prince, body hard to read behind drapery
  • Gothic europe

    1. 1.  It was first used by the Italian critics because they viewed the art as barbarous. The style was brought to Italy when Rome was destroyed. They blamed the Goths for their destruction.
    2. 2. “Go Big or Go Home”
    3. 3. Saint Denis Chartres Cathedral Salisbury CathedralReimscathedral Notre Dame
    4. 4. ChartresCathedral
    5. 5.  FUNCTION: structure that spans the space while supporting weight  “Gothic Architecture is the result of an engineering challenge: how to span in stone ever-wider surfaces from ever-greater heights?”Salisbury Cathedral
    6. 6. Also referred to as “Web Vaulting” Westminster Abbey  FUNCTION: arched form used to provide a space with a ceilingReims cathedral
    7. 7.  FUNCTION: built against a counterfort or projecting from a wall which serves to support or reinforce the wall. They act against lateral forces arising out of the roof structures that lack adequate Notre Dame bracing.
    8. 8.  Classical look, Greek contrapposto imitated  Heads look like ancient Roman portraits  Figures start to converse through gesture and expression  More individualized and show personalityAnnunciation and  Emerge more fromVisitation, Reims Cathedral the wall
    9. 9. Saint Theodore, Chartres CathedralDeath of the Virgin, Strasbourg Cathedral
    10. 10. Virgin of Jeanne d’Evreux, Saint Denis Virgin of Paris, Notre DameVirgin with the DeadChrist, Rineland, Germany
    11. 11.  Illustrated biblical stories, Saint’s lives, and occasionally contemporary scenes of workers Sainte Chapellecom/watch?v=55BtsUeR51E SaintvTgROfw Denis
    12. 12. SainteChapelle Saint Denis
    13. 13. ChartresCathedral Notre Dame Saint Denis
    14. 14.  Just as the stained-glass windows were based on scriptural content, a very important part of the people’s lives, you will create your own “stained-glass design” based on an important event or person in your life.