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Moneyball : Big Data Innovation Slides
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Moneyball : Big Data Innovation Slides


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"What's the ROI of your team?". Slides from my presentation at the Big Data Innovation Conference in London - 18th April 2012. Inspired by Moneyball and exploring what can happen when you put social …

"What's the ROI of your team?". Slides from my presentation at the Big Data Innovation Conference in London - 18th April 2012. Inspired by Moneyball and exploring what can happen when you put social (data) at the heart of your business.

See also my @storify on Moneyball at

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Thanks GilesFun. Not stats.
  • But first a quick intro to where I’m from
  • Social MEDIA company – specialising in Facebook & Twitter
  • It’s not having the data – it’s doing something USEFUL with itData partnerMarketing Opportunities v Ethics
  • Moneyball trailer 2:00
  • P4u v CPW£300k & £5m v £100mNo fans – biggest mobile brand in UK in 12 months1 x EPM metric (show later)Vodafone – put social at the heart of your businessNot marketing – TV – awareness v consideration…ThenCAPTURE DATA
  • ROI = Possibly hottest topic we’ll discuss todayInvestment = Value of a fan / data capture (later) $114m v $39mImpressions = Social judged like TV? (aware / consid = brand building objective)Interactions = Engagement score (EPM) = Comments + Likes / Post & FansInnovation = Creating cool award winning content / PR & + BuzzIgnorance= well……
  • Beware of who’s advice you take (Not enough people have failed yet)GURU’s / WIZARDS / SXSW = UNICORNS!Misconception = Social is NEW / CHEAP / EASY = It’s not.It’s REALLY hard and it can be quite expensive (especially if you’re not doing it right)Weigh up what people say today What’s RELEVANT for YOUR brand?
  • Syncapse July 2010 : Pro’s / consPDF
  • How does that affect your “CONVERSATION STRATEGY”Don’t SELL to people – make them WANT to buy from youLike talking to your mate in the PUBIt’s not you – it’s your 130 friends1 – 130 – 17k – 2m+But today shouldn’t be JUST about NUMBERS…
  • This is NOT the iPhone 5!!! (I don’t work in telecoms anymore so I can leak…)APPLE = ANTI-SOCIAL (FB is for students) BUT their fans will run across battlefields for them and get TATTOO’s!Today is NOT a conversation about Facebook (but we can’t avoid it taking up a lot of our time….)
  • Moneyball movie footage from iTunes 26:55 – 28:00
  • EPM – how it helped in the boardroom at P4u
  • Large broadband company = 165 page social media strategyPhone company I worked for = 65 pagesRed Bull = 1 lineNOT a soft drinks company - They see themselves as a MEDIA company – who use their products to promote their campaigns
  • Huge pitch American Company – 10’s billions $Didn’t know it’s customersBrand comms(sponsorship) = Do thisBuzz = Customers talking about something totally differentThis is not business as usual. We’ve got to think differently.(Recommend Brian Solis book)
  • Multi-channel Integrated strategyNot quick tactical (dis-jointed) campaigns
  • SOV tripledPositive sentiment doubled9:30 minsHuge ROI from data capture
  • “Like cycle”
  • What is appropriate for one client or campaign – might be irrelevant for the next
  • Q&AMeet me and Charlie….
  • Transcript

    • 1. What’s the ROI of Your Team?@JeremyWaite Head of Social Strategy
    • 3. 550 BILLION impressions delivered 180 MILLION 40 MILLION 10 MILLIONclicks delivered fans apps installed © 2012 TBG Digital
    • 4. > TBG: A BIG DATA company We hold more data than Facebook. 6 months v 3 years +© TBG Digital 2012
    • 5. Moneyball Clip
    • 6. “Social Media is one area ofbusiness where you don’tneed to out-spend yourcompetitors in order tobeat them”.
    • 7. What’s the ROIof your team?Return on InvestmentReturn on ImpressionsReturn on InteractionsReturn on InnovationReturn on Ignorance
    • 8. 85% of people in social mediahave worked in it forLess than 2 years.#HateAverage
    • 9. Your fans are not WE UNDERSTAND YOUR AUDIENCE ANDworth $136.
    • 10. “96%” of fans who visit aFacebook page NEVER return
    • 11. 46% of fans who ‘LIKE’ a brandpage never want to receiveMARKETING messagesfrom them.
    • 12. + Moneyball
    • 13. EPM “Engagement per Thousand”“It’s about reducingeverything down toa single figure,in order to findvalue in things thatother people can’tsee”. #MoneyballCPC, CPM, CPA,VTA, EPM… © 2012 TBG Digital
    • 14. 50% of people usesocial media towaste time… … so let’s give them some REALLY COOL shit to do when they get there.
    • 15. > Adopt a data driven approach. Y our audience is your most valuable asset WE UNDERSTAND YOUR AUDIENCE AND Gather data by listening to your audience and understanding the conversation to formulate a strategy that will ultimately Listen Understand engage them. Engage
    • 16. Social Gamingfor Engagement,Brand Awareness& Fan AcquisitionKPI’s Share-of-Voice Sentiment Dwell Time Data Capture © 2012 TBG Digital
    • 17. The Facebook Journey Develop a Posting Strategy Facebook Strategy & Community Management Media + Creative Use: CRM system and Listening tools Create ‘Super’ fans Build / Design Use: CRM system and Facebook page Engage through Engagement reporting Tabs, Apps, Gates Apps Use: Apps/Tabs/Ads Reach a critical mass of ‘relevant’ Keep yourTest & Learn fansAd-testing community active Use: Social Ads / SS Ads Social Ads, SS AdsFocus groups Wall Posts, Creative Content © 2012 TBG Digital
    • 18. Just because we canmeasure everything doesn’tmean that we should.
    • 19. + Thank you @JeremyWaite