How Do To Build an E-Commerce Brand for 2016


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Built for the Nordic e-commerce Knowledge Conference on 20th May 2014, this presentation covers some of the trends for 2015/16 ~ including how to approach social commerce and more importantly ~ how NOT to.

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  • Strategy – purpose – WHY?CMO’s – challenge isn’t to do more with less (cut budgets)To do more with more – increased budgets / increased data
  • Story telling in swipesMoments that matterSocialnomics 2014 @equalman
  • So everyone is now running around trying to figure out how to tell stories in 7 seconds (Vine)….
  • From 1:16Command Center – big radian6 users
  • From 1:16Command Center – big radian6 users
  • Built by LVMH
  • Red Bull tried to solve this – 50% of people use social to waste time – so let’s give them some epic shit to do while they’re thereRovio built a business on it – Angry Birds FB page
  • Advertising – click-to-share v click-to-buySo we SELL to our friends?
  • So people were all putting BUY NOW buttons on things – and what happened???Does anyone remember these?F-commerce. We ALL thought it was going to be huge in 2010?Nobody bought anything. Technology wasn’t in place to accurately figure out the value of a fanNO – WHAT DO PEOPLE WANT TO SEE ON FB?
  • Pinterest – “the site that shows you things you didn’t know you needed”According to Rich Relevance, Pinterest already generates twice as much revenue for retailers than Facebook and hasDouble the conversation rate of Twitter (0.96 per cent to 0.49 per cent)$4bn valuation.Testing promoted pins with Gap, Disney, Banan Republic and others… ABOUT YOUTUBE???? 
  • World’s second biggest search engine
  • Search and SEO?WHAT ABOUT TWITTER – t-commerce?
  • Intent – INTEREST graphClick-to-share NOT click-to-buy
  • Deloitte – by 2017 Amazon could own up to 23$ of global e-commerceBiggest social network???Twitter commerce? NOT AT ALL – not a social networkTwitter needs revenue. Amazon needs social. But this partnership is NOT social shopping. (Friend around for dinner trying to sell you a set of steak knives!)
  • Twitter commerce?Black Friday this year $1.2bnAmazon up 40% YoY after Bezos on Today show
  • But we’re all running around building mobile optimised responsive sites60% apps never been downloaded from iStore (450,000 so apps aren’t a guarantee either!)
  • Anapp that HAS been downloaded Because it’s a 100% SOCIAL SHOPPING APPMillions of users.50 global chains already have WANELO buttons (Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Sephora)85% mobile
  • Apologies for Bwest quality
  • Credit Suisse 2013 report – 40% garments returned
  • 21 – 99% accuracy cart abandonment rates /
  • Judd- stop presentation here! HUGE opportunityNordics – 3 top 5 – social penetrationIceland 70%Norway 64%Malta 58%Denmark 58%Sweden 57%
  • In addition to the fastest growing countries, Flurry also measured which markets are mostly rapidly nearing saturation.  Specifically, we compared the number of active devices in each country relative to its adult population, between ages 15 and 64 years old.  While Singapore, Hong Kong and Sweden form the top three countries in terms of smart device penetration, indicating their strong consumer technology economies, each country has a relatively small total population, ranging between 5 to 10 million.  By comparison, the United States, the fifth most penetrated country with 78% of its adult population using smart devices, has a total population of more than 310 million.  South Korea and the United Kingdom have the 2nd and 3rd largest populations among the top 10 penetrated markets, with roughly 50 million and 60 million respectively.We forecast mobileadvertising to grow by an average of 50% a year between2013 and 2016, driven by the rapid adoption of smartphonesand tablets. By contrast we forecast desktop internetadvertising to grow at an average of 7% a year. (Zenith Optimedia)
  • Challenge: Companies not willing to spend money if the don’t see the ROI very clearly
  • SportchekCanada’s largest sportwear retailerCancelled DM – targeted FB ads based upon customer segmentation and demographic profiling from their customer baseStore traffic increased 40%For every $1 spent on FB – they received $1.40 in salesWhy am I telling you this? US study and we’re in Denmark? (opinions of channel marketers / NOT CMO / CIO’s)Despite: Highest level or smartphone penetration and social media adoption in the world
  • Half life of a tweet 6 minutesSLA’s customer service = 20 minutes on FB / 1 hour on YouTube and email
  • ET does this for brands like NIKEWe power 8/10 worlds biggest e-commerce sitesNikes emails – up to 1m minute / 19bn a day
  • Throughout every part of the customer lifecycleONLY ~ Complete customer journey – end-to-end = ETMC
  • But it’s up to us
  • 2014 – mobile
  • How Do To Build an E-Commerce Brand for 2016

    1. 1. @JeremyWaite Head of Digital Strategy EMEA   #ETRetail
    2. 2. E-Commerce has a BIG Problem…
    3. 3. Content is King Right?
    4. 4. “Create epic shit is NOT a content strategy”. @MarkwSchaefer
    5. 5. Social Commerce is the Answer…
    6. 6. of people trust their friends “ 78% recommendations”. (Only 14% trust brands).
    7. 7. X
    8. 8. Pinterest generates 2X the revenue of Facebook and 2X the CTR of Twitter”. “ Rich Relevance
    9. 9. “Where products are concerned… @BrianSolis is the new Google”.
    10. 10. of daily Google searches have “ 20% never been searched for before”.
    11. 11. of Twitter users recommend “ 53% products in their tweets”.
    12. 12. 86% of eyeballs on mobile devices are in apps NOT on websites
    13. 13. “Single  digital  mall  that  unites  all  of  shopping”.  Deena  Varshavskaya  @SiberianFruit   “It’s like 2,000malls in one place!”
    14. 14. How Can Stores Claim Back Shoppers?
    15. 15. 3rd highest penetration in the world – smart phones 92% 87% 86% 79% 78% 76% 76% 75% 74% 74% Singapore Hong Kong Sweden Australia US S. Korea Switzerland Denmark UK Norway Källa:SKRIV DIT
    16. 16. Top 5 most effective medium, Nordics
    17. 17. Top 5 Most Effective Mediums, Nordics
    18. 18. Create, Measure and Manage Customer Experiences.
    19. 19. “We ask too much of Technology and not enough of ourselves”. @NateSilver538
    20. 20. Questions?
    21. 21.