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How To Plan A Successful Social Media Campaign
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How To Plan A Successful Social Media Campaign

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It's surprising how complicated many people make social media campaign planning. The most successful campaigns are usually the most simple, and they often follow the same pattern. Einstein once......

It's surprising how complicated many people make social media campaign planning. The most successful campaigns are usually the most simple, and they often follow the same pattern. Einstein once said that "things should be made simpler but not simple".

I've certainly over-simplified these two models, but they work as a good demonstration to show how easily you can build an effective social media campaign.

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  • I would love to see more detail on slide 3, otherwise it is just so much hype. How do you measure your ROI? what tools are available? How do you understand or even find BIG data? I know I need to read up more about big data but what is it? the rest of the slide is fine, just those two questions are not so simple. Help
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  • Thanks for this enlightening information. I didn't know other than gut instinct, I didn't think banner adds were a good idea. I measured their usefulness against my own consumer likes, dislikes and what catches my eye. Not banner adds!
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  • I really like this work Jeremy, it's a great guide. Do you think certain products and services lend themselves to social media more than others? For example music/sport/entertainment where the audience might want to express their personality & tastes through engaging with a brand in this way?
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  • ps. Sorry to all you long-time agency media planners! Of course this has been massively over-simplified and I'm not suggesting a one-size fits-all model, but it's as good a model as I've ever seen - and one that I've seen work across many large and small social media campaigns. When in doubt, seek your local social media ninja....
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  • Digital DarwinismIt’s not survival of the fittest anymore – it’s survival of the FASTEST


  • 1. How to Plan a Successful Social Media Campaign@JeremyWaite | Head of Social Strategy, Adobe EMEA
  • 2. Great Campaigns Have 4 Goals “You can’t1. Driving Innovation manageInnovate rapidly and often, and be what yourecognized for it. Move fast and don’tbreak things… measure”.2. Create Compelling ContentCreate (or curate) content thatdelivers relevant and meaningfulexperiences across all channels.3. Understanding Big DataIdentify actionable insights andsegments across channels to driveengagement and leads.4. Measure ROIMake sure that your campaign isset up to show exactly what impactit has made to your bottom line.
  • 3. When planning a successful social media campaign you need to know two things…1. Where 2. Where Should I Should I Spend Focus My Budget? My Time?
  • 4. Planning a 60% Social Intelligence “You can’t manage 10% Strategy what you can’tSuccessful 30% Measurement 10% Reporting measure”.Social “Don’t spendCampaign 60% Where to spend your budget more Creative time creating 30% Content content than- 60:30:10 Model 30% you do talking Community to your 10% Influencers audience”. 60% Core Channel “Use paid media to accelerate 60% Media great content, not to prop up average content”. 30% Complimentary Channel@JeremyWaiteHead of Social StrategyAdobe EMEA 10% Viral Channel
  • 5. Planning a 10% 1 hour a daySuccessful Creating ContentSocialCampaign- 90:10 Model Where to focus your time 90% 9 hours Engaging with per day your audience@JeremyWaiteHead of Social StrategyAdobe EMEA
  • 6. Want more help with your nextcampaign? Check outAdobe.com/UK/products/Social@JeremyWaiteHead of Social Strategy, Adobe EMEA 8
  • 7. @AdobeSocial