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UCL's Media Adventure
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UCL's Media Adventure


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Presentation given at Mobile Learning 2011

Presentation given at Mobile Learning 2011

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. UCLs media adventure
  • 2. podcasting, lecture capture and iTunes U (oh, and mobility)
  • 3. What were going to cover p o dcas ti ng bug w we g ot the • Ho ture c apture • Develop ing lec into iT une s U • How w e got ng to m obi l i ty • M o vi
  • 4. Now this looks interesting...
  • 5. Why podcasting at UCL? Globalisati o n p o l i cy Strong acad emic lead Fund ing fo r pilot proj ect
  • 6. Pilot project ampions Id entify ch ic nee d s academ to meet rkflows De velop wo lecture theatres Equip selecte d vailable able equ ipment a M ake port efforts” support Pro vi de “bes t- s tu de nt o p in io n Sur vey s taff and in 20 08 t s tarte d 18 m onth pilo
  • 7. Lecturecast paces in s talle d 22 tea ching s "pilot"p hase dur ing the ring 20 10/11: Du r 1.5k events Ove 7k vie w ings Over 7
  • 8. Lecturecast Expensive, but deal do ne 38 spaces i ns talle d su 2011 m mer 60 spaces n ow equippe available fo d and r ser vice th ter m is
  • 9. The iTunes U bombshell! o m App le late Appro ach f r 20 07 ebruar y 20 08 Br iefing F ch Jun e 20 08 Laun
  • 10. Gathering the team Legal Copyright Systems Project and IPR Management PR Media
  • 11. The most important things Content Co ntent Co ntent eet of i deal and Spread sh o launch alis tic content t re hnical a nd legal Tec pra gmatism e back Kee ping so m
  • 12. Clear structure and layout
  • 13. Attention to graphics and design
  • 14. A way in...
  • 15. Where we are now 150 ite ms of Starte d w it h c co ntent 2,0 0 0 items Now a ro und downl oad s a 20 - 40k month 00,000 since Aro u nd 1,0 launch
  • 16. Moving to mobility PANIC TACTICS
  • 17. A mobile strategy
  • 18. UCLs mobile strategy nd o u r mobile w ill un ders ta"W e e d s an d their rs, their ne L w illlearne ng 201 1/12 UC devi ce s. Duri access ive app lication ro vi de nat rt and p s t u de nt suppo to major we w ill g ser vic es, and learnin cess is re that this ac ensu 0% of enable d availa ble to 9 ent cus to mers" s tu d
  • 19. UCL mobile student users f UCL s tu dents 46% o e smart p hones havDecember 2010 data
  • 20. Developing mobile presence
  • 21. Developing mobile presence
  • 22. Embedding mobility ...and one d ay we wont ne ed it at all...
  • 23. Next? s t emb e d de d et Lec tureca G rd fea ture of as a s tanda rse de liver y co u obile s upport Reso urce m change g n i si ng ra p i d reco and e nhance Expand er y cha nnels del i v
  • 24. UCLs media adventure Jeremy Speller UCL Director of Learning & Media Services 2011 Mobile Learning Symposium College of North West London 28 September 2011 contact: Images copyright © UCL Learning & Media Services iTunes is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries