The Mobile University: last year's model?


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Presentation given at the Future of Technology in Education conference (FOTE10) at Senate House, London on 1 October 2010

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The Mobile University: last year's model?

  1. 1. The Mobile University last year’s model? Jeremy Speller Director of Learning & Media Services FOTE10 1 October 2010
  2. 2. Overview What is this Mobile University then? Are we there yet? Are we getting there? So is it last year's model?
  3. 3. What is the Mobile University?
  4. 4. ...well if you’re in Alabama...
  5. 5. Something researchers/ educational technologists love to talk about Eduserv Symposium JISC conference Experiments by champions Many learned papers - but...
  6. 6. Something researchers/ educational technologists love to do Duke University First year iPod experiment report - Abilene Christian University ACU Connected -
  7. 7. Something vendors are keen to promote Apple in particular - but others too as tablets evolve Drives sales Benefit to our students via devices they mostly have
  8. 8. Mobile pre-iOS Handheld Learning Palms in Schools ...but not much in universities
  9. 9. Something that (only) geeks want? Endless arguments about technology Native apps vs Web apps Mobile sites vs styled sites vs nothing special at all
  10. 10. Something that’s a blip (WAP anyone)? Technological wild west Here today gone tomorrow technologies Ethernet in LTs Power outlets in LTs
  11. 11. Something for information not education? Most current development is around mobile apps / websites pointing at informational resources Very little education... ...but challenge me on that!
  12. 12. Are we there yet? Are we getting there?
  13. 13. Aren’t universities mobile anyway? Paradigm shift - but not fundamentally different Books are mobile Handouts are mobile
  14. 14. Moving forward... Embed in mainstream HE Move from information to education
  15. 15. Is it last year’s model?
  16. 16. Is it last year's model? It may never have been a model It may be last year's model in 3 - 5 years time I'm probably being unfair - but you see where I'm going hopefully...
  17. 17. What will he see that’s different to today?
  18. 18. Questions? Discussion? Approval? Denouncement?
  19. 19. Acknowledgements - gummy phones - iPhone unpacking 1 - 3GS gets a phone - demo phones - boy with iPhone - iPhone unpacking 2 - sleeping phone - theme background University of Mobile homepage copyright © University of Mobile UCL dome and portico - me!