Scott Simson: 7 Business Failures And Nearly Broke

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Interview with Scott Simson, best-selling author of the book, Fox and the Mountain. Scott had 7 business failures before finally achieving a business success.

Interview with Scott Simson, best-selling author of the book, Fox and the Mountain. Scott had 7 business failures before finally achieving a business success.

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  • 1. Scott Simson: 7 Business Failures And Nearly Broke (This article is from a blog post in I decided to open an interview section and Scott Simson happens to be the first on my list. I first came to know Scott through his 8-part video series on how to achieve your maximum potential. There are 3 things that really struck me about Scott. Other than the fact he had 7 business failures! 1. He is passionate. You can see this evidently from the speeches he gives in his videos. 2. He emphasizes all the time that we have unlimited potential. Knowing that opens up a world of opportunities for yourself. 3. The huge take away and lesson I learnt from Scott is this. Instead of focusing on how you want to make a million dollars, focus on how you’re going to provide a million dollars’ worth of value. That really stuck with me. Interview with Scott Simson
  • 2. Scott is a #1 Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Achievement Consultant, teaching entrepreneurs all over the globe how to become successful in their business and everywhere else. By finding the principles of success and understanding their true potential, Scott and his wife were able raise their family from $3 in their bank account and tens of thousands of dollars in consumer debt, to being consumer debt free with a six figure income in 6 months. He and his wife, Camber wrote Fox and the Mountain which became a best-seller and was endorsed by success industry leaders such as Stephen R. Covey and Greg S. Reid. Scott considers himself first and foremost an entrepreneur, and takes pride in being a family man. Without further ado, let the first interview of Jer’s Passageway begin… Jeremy Ng: Let’s start with your favourite success quote that you live by, and why? Scott Simson: I think that the quote that pretty much sums up my life right now is a simple one by Gordon B. Hinckley. Try a little harder to be a little better. Simple, yet profound. If we are constantly striving to be better, then we are doing good in the world. I love it. Jeremy: Tell us a little about the nature of your work and what a typical day looks like for you. Scott: I am an entrepreneur first and consultant second. It is important for me to distinguish that because I want your readers and my clients to know that I practice what I preach. My consulting is based off of my experience, not something that I am repeating from a course. I use what I teach in my businesses and have seen success because of it.
  • 3. A typical day…haha…I wish there was a typical day. Every day is a bit different, but usually it goes something like this. I wake up around 5am and the first thing that I do is get social on facebook, twitter or my blog. I work on building relationships and online marketing first thing in the morning. Then I work on my internet marketing ventures, making sure that everything is in order. I tweak things if they need to be tweaked. Then I make calls if needed and return emails. Then I get to work on my physical business, which is an orthodontic lab that I run right out of my house. This is a pretty flexible business, so I return calls and coach while I am working. It is all about multitasking most days…maximizing efficiency. I usually work 12-16 hours a day during the week and 5-10 hours over the weekend….I get in trouble with the Mrs. if I work more than that. Jeremy: You had 7 business failures. Most would have given up by the 2nd time. What kind of impact did all these failures have on you, and what made you push on? Scott: I have always known that I was meant to do big things. I don’t want this to come across arrogant, hopefully this sentence does the trick. I have always felt special, like I am supposed to make an impact. That feeling really helped my wife and I to be able to forget the pain of failure and focus on the excitement of potential. After each of our failures we would be down for a few months, but then we would get the spark again and have a desire to start over. It is a pretty awesome mindset to have. Jeremy: What are the top 3 key lessons you learnt that made your 8th business a success, and did you have a specific “ah-hah” moment after your 7th business failed? Scott: My top 3 lessons were… 1. Focus on the work that counts. Meaning, don’t avoid doing the uncomfortable things that bring in the money. Do the work that other people avoid doing. 2. Don’t follow the money, follow your passion. Money is enticing, but passion is fulfilling. When we do what we love the money will always come in. 3. Take personal responsibility for the perceived good and bad in your life. Don’t blame, just keep working. Don’t waste your time with drama or being emotional just buckle down. My specific ah-ha moment was that I needed to be doing something I loved over something that was simply a way to make money. When we started doing that, there were plenty of opportunities to make money. Jeremy: Many people have been conditioned to see money as “the root of all evil.” What is your attitude towards money? Scott: People who think that have it wrong. Money is paper, it is currency, there is no inherent evil attached to it. People can do evil things with money, but it is not the cause of evil. A man’s heart is the cause of evil. I do not worship money, I do not do things that compromise my integrity to get more money. I love money because it allows me to bring people closer together. It allows me to do amazing things with my family. Money is a magnifying glass to the soul. It only enhances what you already have inside.
  • 4. Jeremy: I strongly believe in reading widely for continuous growth, and Brian Tracy recommends reading every day. What are the top 3 books that have influenced you the most in terms of personal growth? Scott: 1. The Scriptures – by God through his prophets. Hands down the most influential books in my life. 2. Think and Grow Rich – by Napoleon Hill. Most entrepreneurs know this book and refer to it frequently. I am definitely one of those entrepreneurs. 3. The Alchemist – by Paulo Coelho. This book just hit me in the right place. I absolutely love it. Jeremy: Who do you consider your major influencers towards your success, and share with us a little on how you study successful people. Scott: I have a lot of influences. I have those who are at the very top. I read their books, watch their videos, listen to their audios, and if they have not passed away, I hope to meet them some day. I have those who surround me who are at the next level. I speak with them frequently and go to them for specific advice that they are experts in. I surround myself with people who are better than me in one area or another. I listen to the advice they give only in their area of expertise. I study the lives of those I desire to be like, not to follow in their exact footsteps, but to learn their mentality and decision making skills. Jeremy: What advice would you give to people who see themselves as introverts and are afraid of networking? Scott: All growth happens outside of our comfort zone. To be successful you need to get comfortable being uncomfortable. I wouldn’t advise an introvert personality to just jump right out there and go to the biggest networking meeting they can find. A social anxiety induced panic attack would not be good for anyone. Start small, focus online, take baby steps. Jeremy: I see a lot of young people being encouraged to just follow their passion. Do you think passion is enough? If it’s not, do you think it’s the main ingredient? Scott: I focus a lot on passion because it has inherent potential. Anything that is done with love has got a massive advantage. With that said, I have seen awesome businesses built first, and then passions were found within the business later. I always encourage young people to do what they love because of the momentum that comes along with it. I don’t however, think that it is the end all ingredient that will make or break a business. Jeremy: What would you say to people who have no idea what their passion is? Scott: Try things. I didn’t find my passion for a long time. I am not sure that I ever would have if I hadn’t started and failed at 7 businesses. Jeremy: Do you personally use any unique methods to stay motivated?
  • 5. Scott: I actually wrote a blog post about this not too long ago. Here it is. I am always trying new things to remind myself of my goals and aspirations. I think that the most effective method is to have some type of group hold you accountable. Whether it is a mastermind group or a couple of friends or family members, it is a very powerful tool. Jeremy: Success means a multitude of things to different people. Define success. Scott: Success to me is multidimensional. First and foremost it means providing value to people who need it. It means accepting value for my services. It means living in a manner that at the end will leave you without regrets. It means feeling accomplished. Jeremy: What is one thing that people should absolutely know about you? Scott: Everything that I do is to strengthen my family, they absolutely hands down come first in my life. Jeremy: Share with us some of your upcoming projects. Scott: Right now I have been working on an information product for my publishing company. My business partner and I built a program that helps authors get their books on the bestseller list. That is still in pre-launch, but can be found here… I also will be working on putting together some audio programs with my wife on become a successful entrepreneur. We will be releasing those later this year. Jeremy: Finally, if you have to write your obituary today, what would it say? Scott: Wow, this is a tough one. I don’t know quite how to answer this question… I guess I would just want it to say something like this… Scott Simson was a family man. His love for his wife an children made him do remarkable things. He spent his days helping others become better. He lived with integrity and honor. Cheesy? haha, I would just want it to focus on loving my family in hopes that it would inspire a reader to focus on what is important in life. Connect with Scott! Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn | Website I’m leaving you with a video by Scott. Find your passion, and always remember – You have unlimited potential. (Finding your PASSION – The Simple Key to MASSIVE SUCCESS)
  • 6. Stay tuned for the next interview with… Andrew Ferebee, founder of Knowledge For Men. Please read my affiliate disclosure. Photo credit: Elizabeth Boyce and Earth Mama Photography. ~Helping you become the best version of yourself~ Jeremy writes about everything Personal Growth at his blog, Jer’s Passageway. Do give his blog a visit, he would love to connect with you!