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  • 1. Twitter essentials
    Users contribute 140-character messages known as “tweets” via Web or mobile device.
    Twitter aggregates all user messages into a main feed
    Users can choose to follow one another, thus creating a live updated feed of select tweets.
    It is a social network of sharing our lives and our information, built on “weak ties”
  • 2. Three basic functions of Twitter
    Contribute (tweet)
    Amplify (retweet): Take a message from someone you follow and broadcast it out to your followers
    Converse (reply): You can reply to a user’s tweet in a message that is public, but generally only seen by that user.
  • 3. Why Twitter?
    It is open to all
    Medium is ideal for scanning
    Twitter functions on culture of sharing information and links
    Size is less of a factor. Even if my follower number is small, you can reach many if your followers retweet you
  • 4. @DarfurConflict
    A team of 5-8 students operating on a schedule.
    Two of them per day posting 140-character “tweets” from the DarfurConflict account
    Messages repurpose items about Darfur in the news, distilling key info and providing link
    Work done to build network of followers
    Following people tweeting about Darfur
    Thanking new followers
  • 5.
  • 6. Mass reach: Retweets
    Posting messages to followers is good, but real value lies in “retweets” because it gets beyond the first level of your followers.
    Value: Message moves beyond your followers, is exposed to your followers’ network.
    Wider exposure of message
    Leads to more followers (they join your network)
  • 7. Initial effort
  • 8. Initial followers
  • 9. Power of networks
    Reach: > 2m
    Reach: 174,832
    Darfur Conflict
    Reach: 1338
  • 10. More reach: hashtags
    Hashtags are single words or phrases preceded by a “#” sign.
    Hashtags become links, a conversation filter
    Our students use #Darfur, #Sudan and others
  • 11.
  • 12. A hub and a spoke
  • 13. Benefits
    From 0 to almost 1350 followers in 18 months
    Lehigh has joined an important conversation
    About 3-4 tweets per day
    About half of the accounts tweets are being retweeted, meaning a much larger audience
    Followers include
    International government officials
    U.S. government officials
    Activist networks concerned about Darfur
    Journalists (CNN National Security, NYT, e.g.)
  • 14. Lessons from @DarfurConflict
    Large follower counts less valuable than having the right followers
    Influence on Twitter is the result of both listening and sharing
    Retweetsare a way to gauge value, what is resonating with your followers.
    The reach of six students half a world away can be enormous and keep news in faraway places on the public consciousness.