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Global Sports Forum Barcelona 2012 - Sessions report

  1. 1. session reports 7-9 March 2012 PALAU DE CONGRESSOS DE CATALUNYA
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  3. 3. SESSION REPORTSLucien Boyer, General CommissionerT he role sport plays in society grows their passion: just think how Oscar will transform the way they interact in importance with each Pistorius questions the existing rules with consumers and fans. The digital passing year and 2012 looks like of sporting institutions and pushes and social media revolution can takebeing a very special year indeed. them to evolve; Laird Hamilton brings the relationship between brands andI am sure that the London 2012 Olympics innovation to surfing; Kevin Rolland the public even further and must be putwill be a dramatic global spectacle and pushes the boundaries of promoting at the heart of the sports experience.the anticipation of the first London new sports; Eric Cantona shows that According to a study commissioned byOlympic Games since 1948 was razor football can be art; and Hope Solo proves Havas Sports & Entertainment for thesharp at this year’s edition of the that athletes are also entertainers. Forumii, 48 per cent of fans believe thatGlobal Sports Forum Barcelona, which Moreover, consider the community social media enhances their experience ofbrought together some of the finest initiatives led by the two NFL superstars, sport. The key for brands is to put fans atminds in sport from around the world to Justin Tuck and Tony Richardson, who the centre of their social media approachdebate ‘What’s Next’ for our industry. show that with dedicated commitment, and become involved in a collaborative,For me, one of the most striking moments sport can force changes in society. two-way discussion. This is somethingof the GSFB 2012 was Lord Sebastian Their actions are mirrored by clubs and the UFC has done superbly and itCoe’s impassioned reminder of sport’s community groups across the world. earned the organisation the inauguralresponsibility to inspire the world Not least, by FC Barcelona, whose GSFB SoMe (Social Media) Trophy.and galvanise the next generation. President, Sandro Rosell, showcased Before I sign-off, I would like to sayMajor sporting events make marks in the club’s partnership with UNICEF at that I always feel privileged to debate,history and change the way we watch, the GSFB; or Fundación Colombianitos exchange and share with the GSFBplay, live, and experience sport: be it in which was awarded the GSFB Gold community and this year three words1992 when the city of Barcelona was and Community Trophies for its come to mind when I think abouttotally transformed by the Olympic ‘Goals For a Better Life’ initiative. ‘What’s Next’ for sport: ‘authenticity,Movement; in 2012 when the UEFA In the same way, GSFB 2012 showed commitment and passion.’European Championship looks set to us that brands should adopt a more Yours in sport,super-charge football in Eastern Europe; socially responsible attitude towardsor looking ahead to 2014 and 2016, sponsorship and their involvement with Lucien Boyerwhen Brazil will be the gateway to sport. A recent brand study conducted President and CEO, Havas Sports &South America for the FIFA World Cup by Havas Mediai reveals that less than Entertainment and General Commissioner,and Olympic and Paralympic Games. 20 per cent of the people interviewed Global Sports Forum BarcelonaThis year, our guests showed us that believe brands bring something ‘true’athletes are, and should remain, and positive to their daily lives. i Meaningful brands, Havas Media, 2012the main catalysts for change in the By being truly ‘meaningful’ and creating Globalisation and new media in sport, Havas iisporting landscape by channeling valuable, authentic, experiences, brands Sports & Entertainment, March 2012 global sports forum barcelona 2012 3
  4. 4. Xavier trias Mayor, BarcelonaSESSION REPORTS BARCELONA’S SPORTING TRANSFORMATION Xavier trias, mayor of barcelona, opened the global sports forum 2012 by explaining how sport has transformed the city in the last 20 years W e have been very committed municipal sporting clubs; 10 per cent of Winter Olympics in 2022. To bid for to sport for a long, long those members are aged over 60 and a candidacy in events such as these you time now. It all started with large proportion of them have disabilities. have to enter into competition and the 1992 Olympics which totally The capacity for organising events in that is why we have to continue to transformed our city. There was a great our city just grows and grows. Every be demanding with our own city. effort from the city council and the weekend there is some kind of sporting It’s good to stand for these events. It society of Barcelona who really threw event going on in Barcelona and more doesn’t matter whether you win or their weight behind the Games. than 40,000 girls and boys take part lose – you don’t always win in sport. We learnt a great deal and we will in competitions organised here. And However, it’s good to be ambitious continue to learn from events like by looking to emerging sports, those and eager to compete. But the whole the 2012 London Olympics from the targeting young people, we have process is clear: the more committed point-of-view of regeneration, how made a number of decisions such as you are to sport, the more the country, to improve facilities for people with formulating a bid for the ESPN X Games. city and people will benefit. disabilities and also development Our marathon, for example, has grown What’s the future of sport? I’m the and finance within sport itself. by 20 per cent with every edition. This is mayor but I am also a doctor and In Barcelona, holding major sports not happening by chance. We’ve really paediatrician so I see first-hand how competitions is now a key part of our thrown our weight behind increasing sport is linked to a healthy lifestyle. It development and I’m convinced that participation in sport for everyone, is impossible to think of sport without sport is the perfect way to inject life especially those who are suffering physical thinking of sport in schools. We want to into a city, to improve its well-being and or economic difficulties, and that is where be a healthy city – a city of well-being, a to put it on the international stage. we will continue to invest in sport. city well-focused on a healthy future. Today, Barcelona is the third city You have to keep people really focused. I would like to thank Havas Sports worldwide in terms of the number of We did it with the 1992 Olympics & Entertainment for organising the affiliates and sporting clubs. Six thousand and we are trying to keep on doing Global Sports Forum here in Barcelona. people are signed up to the many it, as shown with our bid for the We’re very proud to be hosts. 4 global sports forum barcelona 2012
  5. 5. lord sebastian coe Chairman, London 2012 Organising CommitteeCOE’SLONDONMASTERPLANone-on-one withsebastian coeA “forensic” free media has been one of the key assets in London’s successful build-up to thissummer’s Olympic Games said LordSebastian Coe on the third day of theGlobal Sports Forum Barcelona 2012.Coe, Chairman of the London 2012Organising Committee (LOCOG), provedan unlikely supporter of his critics afterAmerican journalist and sportswriter AlanAbrahamson labelled the British press The 21st century should be about bringing“feral”, despite the fact a group of themwere sitting just a few metres away. sport to young people. Barcelona did it in“I wouldn’t say feral,” said Coe. “What I an extraordinary way in 1992 by changingwould say however is that I don’t think aGames has ever been delivered in a media the face of a city through that has been quite so forensic.“In fairness they have made us performbetter. Occasionally I say that through “The numbers are insightful. This is a of the original architects where hegritted teeth but they have. We are city that by the end of the process had lived now and he pointed towards thenot at war with the media. We have created 70 per cent more green space, fifth floor of an apartment block hea very good and strong relationship linked the city centre to a beach, created had designed all those years ago.”with them and occasionally it gets affordable housing and had turned the Coe told delegates how he tackled afeisty but that is the nature of it. economic fortunes of the city around. common problem that has affected“I would rather have a forensic British “Barcelona was not even in Europe’s top previous Games - when there is toopress. Sometimes they do not provide 16 venues before 1992. It’s never been out much physical distance betweenthe most enjoyable of experiences but of the top four since 1992 and tourism is the organising committee and theactually I would much rather have a now the second largest driver of economic infrastructure and delivery press than not. And occasionally, activity here. It is an extraordinary story “We made a conscious decision to co-and I say occasionally, they come up and at this stage in the history of the locate,” he said. “In reality that meanswith some thoughtful observations.” Olympic Movement it is by a country mile having the chairman of the OlympicCoe also revealed how much of an the best example of a regeneration project Delivery Authority (ODA) only a coupleinfluence Barcelona has been to this and legacy story around the Games. of offices away from me, so if we want tosummer’s Games: “The 21st century “My first visit [after winning the discuss something we’re not waiting toshould be about bringing sport to hosting rights to the Games in 2005] get into each other’s diaries, we just walkyoung people. Barcelona did it in an was to Barcelona and I sat down with into each other’s office. Paul Deighton,extraordinary way in 1992 by changing the town planners. I remember the our chief executive, meets pretty muchthe face of a city through sport. proof of the pudding was asking one every day with the ODA chief executive.” global sports forum barcelona 2012 5
  6. 6. oscar pistoriusSESSION REPORTS THE BLADE RUNNER one-on-one with oscar pistorius S outh African Paralympic runner Oscar Pistorius said on the third day of the Global Sports Forum Barcelona 2012 that he has now learnt to deal with the media attention that comes with his legendary status in the athletics world. Pistorius, known as the Blade Runner because of the carbon-fibre blades he runs on, had his lower legs amputated at age one and is the double- amputee world record holder in the 100, 200 and 400 metre events. In 2008, the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) ruled that There’s always a lot of attention at big Pistorius could not compete in any events meets and that’s something that every sanctioned by the governing body after it banned the use of “any technical sportsman has to deal with. device that incorporates springs, wheels or any other element that provides a user with an advantage over another athlete not using such a device.” to focus on what you have to do.” to how it feels running in them. The decision was reversed by CAS (the “At the end of the day it’s a job and I’m “The specific model I use has been Court of Arbitration for Sport) however pretty sure it’s a similar situation to a lot around since 1996 and tens of thousands who ruled that there was no evidence of you who sit in your board meetings have been sold since then,” he said. Pistorius had any net advantage over and read your financials on NASDAQ,” “It’s not a custom-made piece as such, able-bodied athletes, and last year the he added, addressing delegates. “It’s but it’s a high-activity piece of sportswear. South African competed at the IAAF World just one of those times when you’re It’s made by a company in Iceland that Championships in Daegu, qualifying meant to focus, you need to get your started out about 35 years ago called for the semi-finals of the 400 metres. head down and graft. It is easier said Össur, and they are one of the biggest “There’s always a lot of attention at big than done but I think my experiences prosthetic manufacturers in the world. meets and that’s something that every at [last year’s World Championships “Compared to the prosthetic leg I wear sportsman has to deal with,” he said. in] Daegu will definitely be useful this every day it doesn’t cause any cosmesis… “But there are times where you can focus year [at the 2012 London Olympics].” and it’s built for a function so it’s very and at the World Championships [last During the session, which was moderated energy efficient. It does the job quite year] we hosted a press conference, got by American journalist and sportswriter well. It’s very durable, and all [Paralympic] it done and dusted, and then I just tried Alan Abrahamson, Pistorius also told athletes have faith in the prosthetics. I’ve to stay away from the news reports on delegates the background to his been using the exact same model since my computer and phone. You just have carbon-fibre blades and gave an insight 2004 so I’m pretty used to it by now.” 6 global sports forum barcelona 2012
  7. 7. maite fandos Deputy Mayor of Quality of Life, Equality and Sports, City of Barcelona Kelhem salter Senior Policy Officer, Sports Unit, Greater London AuthorityCREATING A SPORTING METROPOLISHow sport brings a city to lifeT he Olympic Games were the hot “Equally the Games are a unique try to raise private contributions through topic on the opening day of the opportunity to showcase the city to sponsorships. That’s very important. Global Sports Forum Barcelona the world…and that can help create a “What we need to do is hold events that2012 and the Greater London Authority’s domino effect. Hosting the Games well signify a return to the city,” Fandos added.Kelhem Salter outlined to delegates the and successfully helps bring both sporting “If we were looking to only seek a profit wehuge impact London 2012 is already and non-sporting events to the city.” wouldn’t get very far. It is our public dutyhaving on the city five months out. Salter added that “Barcelona is the to make a contribution through sport“The simple act of holding the Games inspiration for any city holding an Olympic “Sport is very important when it comes towill not do anything: the Olympic Games Games” – something that fellow panel integrating people. Kids are going throughacts as a catalyst and it’s how the city uses member Maite Fandos, Deputy Mayor difficult times in terms of integration andthat catalyst that makes a difference,” of Quality of Life, Equality and Sports sport gives those experiencing problems,he said during the opening panel How at the City of Barcelona, agreed with. who can’t integrate into society, help.”sport brings a city to life. In his position “When you see you can host an editionSalter has helped oversee a multi- Fandos also confirmed on the panel that of the Olympic Games – and 1992million pound investment programme Barcelona will bid for the 2022 Winter was the best in history in our view – itinto grassroots sport in the city. Olympics Games after then Barcelona gives you great self-esteem,” she said. Mayor Jordi Hereu suggested in January“What’s been amazing for me is the “It placed us on the world map from 2010 that the Catalan capital would attemptbreadth of impact that the Olympic Games a sporting point-of-view and led to to become the first city to host bothcan have – not only as a sporting event but other events coming to the city. the summer and winter versions of thealso in terms of economic regeneration. “The 1992 Olympic Games let people event. Should the bid be successful, bothThe 2012 Games are being held in a discover our city. Before then they Barcelona and the Pyrenees mountains todeprived area and we are seeing huge didn’t know how capable the Catalans the north of the city will host the events.changes, including significant amounts were in hosting such a major event.”of jobs for local people. The two weeks of The panel discussion was moderatedthe Games will require around 200,000 “It’s clear that [economically] times are by SportBusiness Group Editorialcontactors and the bulk will be coming hard, and it’s also difficult to secure a public Director Kevin Roberts and TV3from that area – that’s a fantastic legacy. contribution to sports events because we news anchorman Artur Peguera. global sports forum barcelona 2012 7
  8. 8. laird Hamilton Legendary big-wave surferSESSION REPORTS KING OF THE WAVES one-on-one with laird Hamilton L egendary big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton told delegates on the second day at the Global Sports do,” he said. “People take my pictures and “When you have a group of judges Forum Barcelona 2012 that he has use them for advertising and they like deciding the outcome of anything minimal interest in the commercial tie- looking at my pictures - but my personal it’s always confusing,” he said. “I think ups that come with his iconic status. feeling is that I’m an artist and it subsidises racing is great - you either win or Hamilton, the co-inventor of tow-in- what I do so I don’t have to break rocks.” lose – and in games where you score surfing and father of modern day When asked by panel moderator Alan points you either win, lose or draw. paddleboarding, has had a raft of Abrahamson, the American journalist “The only way you could truly put sponsors in the past including major and sportswriter, his opinion of surfing in the Olympics is by putting in brands American Express, Toyota surfing becoming an Olympic sport, a machine that produces waves – that’d and Oxbow. Hamilton questioned whether the be the only fair platform for people to “I think I’m an artist but there’s a judging of surf performances would be express themselves…the ocean does certain commercialisation to what I appropriate. what it wants when it wants to.” WINDS OF CHANGE sailing: what’s next? A broadcast revolution is transforming one of the world’s oldest events into an emerging russell coutts powerhouse according to four-time CEO, Oracle Racing America’s Cup winner Russell Coutts, CEO of Oracle Racing, the current holders of the 150-year-old event. include live graphics, athlete’s view “Just imagine going to a broadcaster and Declining TV exposure and sponsorship cameras and onboard microphones. not being able to tell them how long a revenues forced the men at the top A GPS system now also tracks the race would be going on for? What we are of the America’s Cup to revamp the boats to within a two-centimetre seeing in sailing today is a real revolution event a couple of years ago. And accuracy on the course. and there is a lot of good work going on Coutts, speaking on the final day of “It’s not such a massive leap of to reinvent what is a wonderful sport.” the Global Sports Forum Barcelona imagination to realise the old methods Coutts was joined on the panel by Anna 2012, said changes in the broadcasting were not going to work,” he said on the Corbella, the first Catalan woman to and marketing of the Cup have Sailing: what’s next? session. “Look at the complete a round-the-world regatta, already started to reap benefits. way it was televised and the amount of and French sailing legend Loïck Peyron, Broadcast changes that have been delays there were in the races in those winner of the Jules Verne Trophy. The incorporated into the America’s Cup slow boats. Frankly the broadcasters session was moderated by Lucien World Series, the new regular circuit didn’t even have an idea of how long Boyer, General Commissioner of the of regattas that started last year, the races were going to last for. Global Sports Forum Barcelona. 8 global sports forum barcelona 2012
  9. 9. (left) tony richardson 17-year NFL veteran (centre) Justin tuck Two-time Super Bowl champion (right) alan abrahamson American journalist and sportswriterSUPER BOWL SUPERSTARSWhen the nfl comes to barcelonaE xposure at the Olympic Games is 17-year NFL veteran. “It’s different from a the-field careers by giving back to why US sports such as basketball game like basketball where it’s obvious the wider community, Tuck primarily and baseball receive much you need to shoot the ball in the hoop through his ‘R.U.S.H. for Literacy’greater global interest than American and get either two or three points. programme and Richardson throughfootball according to National Football his ‘Rich in Spirit Foundation’.League (NFL) player Justin Tuck, All-Pro So when asked by the panel moderator,Defensive End for the New York Giants. By branching out American journalist and sportswriter“[American football] is not a sport that’s Alan Abrahamson, what he thoughtbeen pushed across the whole world,” and playing in of comments by former professionalthe two-time Super Bowl champion different countries basketball player Charles Barkley - whotold delegates on the When the NFL throughout his career has argued thatcomes to Barcelona session on the we will bring more athletes should not be considered rolesecond day at the Global Sports Forum exposure to the models - Tuck vehemently disagreed.Barcelona 2012. “It’s a great sport withgreat potential and the NFL is doing sport and help it “What Charles was trying to say was that parents and guardians shouldn’ta great job to slowly broaden itself. become a world rely on sports figures or celebrities to“I had the opportunity to play agame in London and there will be the game, not just a raise their kids,” he said. “I agree with that - but whether we want to beopportunity to play more games, and US game. or not, we are definitely looked uppossibly a greater number of games, to by kids and young adults and Ioverseas. But American football is not think it’s very important to be seenan Olympic sport and seen across the “I also get criticised from people who by these kids in a great - baseball and basketball are grew up playing soccer who say that our “They’re going to imitate anything weseen. By branching out and playing in sport is too slow. We had the opportunity do...they’re going to buy our jerseys,different countries we will bring more to see [Lionel] Messi last night – he ask their parents to get our autographs,exposure to the sport and help it become scored five goals and you can easily and anything we do they’ll emulate. I’da world game, not just a US game.” follow the ball and the techniques. rather be seen doing positive work than“The rules are a little difficult for certain But our sport is a little bit different.” negative…I want to be one of thosecountries to understand,” added fellow Both Tuck and Richardson have guys setting a good example and be apanel member Tony Richardson, the supplemented their successful on- great role model, not a negative one.” global sports forum barcelona 2012 9
  10. 10. SESSION REPORTS I AM CANTONA one-on-one with football legend and new York cosmos Director of soccer eric cantona F ootball champion, beach soccer star, philosopher, actor, advertiser and director of football Eric Cantona eric cantona told the Global Sports Forum Barcelona Director of Soccer, New York Cosmos 2012 how to make a career after sport. It has been almost 15 years since the Frenchman played his last game for English Premier League football club Manchester United, and he used the opening morning of the second It’s very difficult for a sports person to be day to talk about how professional successful after sport but rebels are people sportsmen can cross the boundary from the football pitch to the stage. who place their own destiny in danger. Known for his theatrics on the pitch, Cantona has appeared alongside Cate Blanchett in 1998 film Elizabeth before being directed by Ken Loach in the 2009 “He is a rebel,” Séguéla said. “I follow the trawler, it’s because they think film Looking for Eric. Delegates were prefer him to be a rebel. He will sardines will be thrown into the sea. shown examples of his advertising work, be a rebel to the very end. Thank you very much’) and then I left.” with promotions for electronics company “It’s very difficult for a sports person Cantona also gave delegates a Sharp and razor manufacturer Bic. to be successful after sport but rebels glimpse into his current career move, “In my opinion when you really want are people who place their own revamping the soccer franchise New to express something you just have destiny in danger. That’s why we don’t York Cosmos as its Director of Soccer. to use different ways,” Cantona said. understand him but we need these The Cosmos, who once boasted Brazil “Have you got the courage to move people to break through boundaries.” star Pele in the 1970s, folded in 1985 from one field to another? Because Possibly Cantona’s most famous act but relaunched in August 2010. you have got to do it seriously. of rebellion was shown to delegates: “It’s a mythical club and that is why I “Everything is possible. You don’t have after nine months out suspended for went there,” he said. “Because of the much to lose. Is it worth being scared karate-kicking a supporter during players who have played there. stiff going on the stage? No, you are a match, Cantona returned to face “I want us to recreate the spirit that there to have fun. You have got to the British press for the first time. [Johan] Cruyff bought to Barcelona. think that everything is possible.” They were expecting an apology. I think in the next 20 years this Jacques Séguéla, Vice-President and “I’ve never spoken much to country [United States] is going Chief Creative Officer for the Havas journalists,” Cantona explained. to win the FIFA World Cup, which Group, met Cantona when he first “But they [Manchester United] said will make us very proud.” started making commercials and had I really need to say something so The conversation with Cantona, which his own theory as to how Cantona has I said ‘fine, I’ll say something’. also featured Séguéla, was moderated by managed to adapt to life off-the-pitch. “So I said something [‘When the seagulls Stefano Bernabino, Eurosport Chief Editor.10 global sports forum barcelona 2012
  11. 11. THE NEXT GENERATION creating the champions of tomorrow D avid Sheepshanks, Chairman of by the tremendous steps taken the English Football Association in countries such as Spain. (FA)’s National Football Centre at “We as a game have invested lots of St. George’s Park, told delegates at the money in wages, stadia and academies Global Sports Forum 2012 that coaching but not proportionally in coaching. techniques on the European continent So we’ve really made this [St. George’s have outstripped those in England. Park] after a lot of consultation and Sheepshanks’ St. George’s Park centre is observation of how it is done in Europe, David sheepshanks scheduled to open its doors this summer a centre that will work for England where Chairman, the FA’s National and is intended to introduce a fresh we invest in coaching and raise the Football Centre philosophy to the English game inspired competence of coaching as a profession. by coaching techniques on the continent. “We know that when our children “England is the only major European go to school, it is a good teacher youth academy that opened on October country which hasn’t had a national that makes a child interested, and 20, 2011), Anna Tarrés (Head Coach of centre,” he said during Creating the the effect of a bad teacher is the the Spanish synchronised swimming champions of tomorrow session. opposite. It’s the same in football.” team), Swiss athlete Cedric Nabe (One “We realised we needed to invest in The session also featured Carles Folguera Young World representative) and coaching as we’d been overtaken (Director of La Masia, FC Barcelona’s Spanish professional skier Laura Jardi.SPORT’S SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYgiving back: the role of philanthropy in sportF C Barcelona President Sandro UNICEF and Barcelona kicked off a five- “When a footballer says something it Rosell emphasised the central role year partnership in September 2006 to gets spread across the world. When that the club’s role models play in raise awareness and funds to benefit you are fighting diseases you needits CSR (corporate social responsibility) children affected by HIV and AIDS. to educate; messages by footballersactivities in the Giving back: the role “In poorer countries where we mainly get widespread and have greaterof philanthropy in sport session. work with communities, families and credibility. That’s an important facetThe FC Barcelona Foundation, the entity governments, sport is a basic tool to of our partnership with Barcelona.”through which FC Barcelona undertakes its work with children and young people “These kids won’t listen to what theirCSR programme, was founded in 1994 and who have suffered hardship, for example teachers say,” added Rosell. “But theyhas worked closely with many partners, being forced into being child soldiers or will listen to what [Lionel] Messi ormost famously children’s charity UNICEF. sexually and physically exploited,” she said. [Andrés] Iniesta have to say.”“Barcelona has 150 million followersin the world and that’s thanks to ourplayers, and they are very involved inthe Foundation,” he said in the sessionalongside Consuelo Crespo, President ofUNICEF Spain. “The players devote time toaccompany people who are ill…last yeartwo days before Christmas, for example,our players spent a whole day givinggifts and spending time with childrenin various hospitals across Barcelona.“The doctors told us the followingweek that some of the kids with seriousillnesses improved without any specialtreatment: they improved because of the sandro rosellemotional excitement they got meeting President, FC Barcelonaour players. You can’t put a price on that.” global sports forum barcelona 2012 11
  12. 12. TROPHY CEREMONY REWARDING INNOVATION global sports forum barcelona 2012 trophy winners A s for previous editions, the Global Committee as Gold, Silver and Bronze leveraged social media and integrated Sports Forum Barcelona 2012 winners while online voters chose, from it into its communication strategy put innovative sport-based the eight nominees, their favourite while the Stadium Innovation Trophy projects at the heart of the conference project which was awarded the Global was introduced to recognise a sports through the Trophy Award Ceremony. Sports Forum Community Trophy. team that made important investment For 2012, the community of Forum Two new trophies were added for 2012 to in stadium infrastructure to maximise speakers from 2010 and 2011 editions reflect changes in the sporting landscape game day experience for fans. chose eight remarkable sports-related and reward those stakeholders that In memory of the former IOC President, achievements that illustrated the are ahead of the game. The first, the the Juan Antonio Samaranch Trophy is ‘What’s Next?’ theme. Three of the eight SoMe (Social Media) Trophy, recognises awarded to the project keeping alive projects were awarded by the Honorary the sports organisation who best the spirit of the Olympic Movement. GOLD/ COMMUNITY TROPHY Organisation: Fundación Colombianitos Project name: Goals For a Better Life G oals For a Better Life, the project run by Fundación Colombianitos that has used football to help improve the lives of children in Colombia, won the Gold Trophy and Community Trophy. Fundación Colombianitos’ community-based programme has improved the quality of children’s lives who have suffered violence, forced relocation and severe poverty in the country. Ana Arizabaleta, General Director at Fundación Colombianitos, received the Gold Trophy from Maite Fandos, ana arizabaleta Deputy Mayor of Quality of Life, Equality General Director, Fundación Colombianitos and Sports at the City of Barcelona.12 global sports forum barcelona 2012
  13. 13. SILVER TROPHYOrganisation: Dream a DreamProject name: Life Skills Thru FootballL ife Skills Thru Football, the Indian-based schools project run by Dream a Dream, wonthe Silver Trophy. The programmeincorporates core life skills principlessuch as respect to help build personalconnections, offering genuine praiseand acknowledgement and bringing acaring, compassionate adult – througha Life Skills Facilitator or volunteer - intoa child’s life. Life Skills Thru Footballworks with 1,900 children from 17schools across the city of Bangalore.Suchetha Bhat, the Head of CurriculumDevelopment and Partnerships at Dreama Dream, collected the award. “We believethat sport is such a powerful medium to (left) suchetha bhatbuild life skills such as self-confidence, Head of Curriculum Developmentleadership and self-esteem,” she said. and Partnerships, Dream a Dream“Because some of the children we (right) tony richardsonwork with come from aggressive and 17-year NFL veteranabusive backgrounds sport helpschannel their energies and aggression.” BRONZE TROPHY Organisation: Society also works closely with AIDS Empowerment Project awareness and treatment groups Project name: Community and local schools to provide Development Football young people with training to reduce the level of infection. C ommunity Development It also strives to improve the Football, run by Society livelihood of its participants Empowerment Project and through agricultural training: in focused on promoting community partnership with the Ministry of development in western Kenya, Agriculture and Livestock, it picked up the Bronze Trophy. provides assistance to families in Targeting young people suffering small-scale agricultural production. from poverty and at risk of HIV/ Festus Juma Onyango, Secretary AIDS, Society Empowerment General of the Society Project uses football to spread Empowerment Project, was unable health awareness and strengthen to get a visa to attend the Global leadership in the region. Sports Forum Barcelona 2012 so the Society Empowerment Project award was sent to him in Kenya. global sports forum barcelona 2012 13
  14. 14. TROPHY CEREMONY SPECIAL RECOGNITION Winner: Heineken Project: Star Player T he Special Recognition Trophy was given to Heineken for the Star Player programme that has succeeded in replicating the excitement of action on-the-pitch for fans watching on television through its sponsorship activation strategy. Star Player, which was launched last year, is a free iPhone (left) christopher carroll app with Facebook integration and Global Director of Media and is a ‘dual-screen’ digital initiative that Communication, Heineken transforms TV watching into a social interactive experience for football fans. (right) lucien boyer General Commissioner, “With Star Player we are merely trying Global Sports Forum Barcelona to aid fans’ celebration of their passions and that will be our focus going forward in our efforts to make connections simply by building programming for who collected the award. is that we allow local interpretation, our fans’ enjoyment, be it in football, “Being a global brand and a premium beer so our UEFA Champions League rugby, films or even the Olympics,” said at the same time its difficult to programming in Vietnam that looks Christopher Carroll, Heineken’s Global find passion points that are universal consistent but it is actually activated very Director of Media and Communication, across the continents…What’s important differently to how it would be in Spain.” SoMe (SOCIAL MEDIA) TROPHY Winner: UFC (Ultimate Fighting including number of social integration, Championship) responsiveness and the ‘Wow factor’. Judges paid special tribute to the T he UFC claimed the new SoMe UFC’s quality of content, relevance (Social Media) Trophy, beating and innovation, as well as community competition from a five-strong management and integration shortlist that included FC Barcelona, across its social media pages. Major League Baseball, the National “When we tried to look at who were the Basketball Association and Real Madrid. most successful brands in social media A unique mathematical algorithm was we found the perception has always been constructed specifically for the SoMe that the sports body with the largest Trophy by global brand engagement number of fans has the most engaged network Havas Sports & Entertainment audience,” said Jez Jowett, Global which analysed each property’s social Social Media Director at Havas Sports & media performance in a number of areas, Entertainment, who presented the award.14 global sports forum barcelona 2012
  15. 15. J.A. SAMARANCH TROPHY Winner: Sir Keith Mills Project: International Inspiration T he J.A. Samaranch Trophy, awarding the project that best encompasses the spirit of the Olympic Movement, was received (left) sir Keith mills by Sir Keith Mills, Chairman of the Chairman, International Inspiration International Inspiration programme. International Inspiration, the London (right) maría teresa samaranch 2012 Olympics’ international sports legacy programme, aims to deliver on the Games’ bid promise to ‘reach “When we bid for the Games in Committee) and was absolutely in tune young people all over the world and 2005 in Singapore we promised the with the vision of Pierre de Coubertin. connect them to the inspirational world we would use the Olympic “We went out and raised a lot of money power of the Games, so they are Games in London to inspire the to roll out these programmes across the inspired to choose sport’. International youth of the world,” said Mills. world. We now have 20 countries active, Inspiration uses sport as a positive force “It was a very emotional presentation well over 12 million children have been to enrich the lives of over 12 million that clearly captured the imagination through these programmes and by the young people across the globe. of the IOC (International Olympic summer I think it will be around 15 million.”STADIUMINNOVATIONTROPHYWinner: JuventusT he state-of-the-art Juventus Stadium, built on the site of the Serie A football team’s former Stadiodelle Alpi home, won the new StadiumInnovation Trophy powered by Stade deFrance. The Juventus Stadium, which hasdrawn in admirers from across Europe,opened at the start of the 2011–12 seasonand has 3,600 premium seats and 120sky boxes and was built using advancedenvironmentally sustainable technologies.In the design stage the architects decidedto remove the running track to make roomfor stands, executive boxes and othermodern improvements which also meansthe distance between the stands and thepitch is only 7.5 metres. The stadium’s lastrow is only 49 metres away from the pitch. (left) ben taverner Head of Sales, Juventus StadiumBen Taverner, the Juventus Stadium’sHead of Sales, received the award from (right) phillippe auroyPhillippe Auroy, Managing Director of Managing Director, Consortium Stade de Francethe Consortium Stade de France. global sports forum barcelona 2012 15
  16. 16. Haroon lorgat Chief Executive, International Cricket CouncilSESSION REPORTS CRACKING DOWN ON CORRUPTION gambling in sport: how much is good for business? A ny televised sports match in the world is now a target for corruption. That was the warning The corruptors never go away, they just Haroon Lorgat, Chief Executive of the find another means. They are creative in International Cricket Council, had for Global Sports Forum Barcelona 2012 the way that they will get to the ultimate delegates in the Gambling in sport: How dollar they want to make. You simply have much is good for business? discussion. “What we have discovered is that the issue to put all your resources in place to protect is everywhere. So as we have recently your sports integrity. tackled match-fixing at an international level, all we have done is displace it to a local level,” he said. “In essence any game that is televised is a target for corruption.” investigation in 2011. Eaton said that You simply have to put all your resources FIFA’s Head of Security Chris Eaton, once the investigation into the country’s in place to protect your sports integrity.” who leaves his position in May to join football leagues had concluded, similar John Abbott, Chairman of the the Qatar-based International Center problems started arising in the country’s INTERPOL Steering Group for the for Sport Security (ICSS), endorsed baseball and volleyball leagues. INTERPOL/FIFA initiative, and Norbert Lorgat’s displacement argument, “The corruptors never go away,” added Teufelberger, Co-CEO of citing a recent example in South Korea Lorgat. “They just find another means. They digital entertainment, were the other where several footballers were given are creative in the way that they will get members on the panel moderated by lifetime bans following a match-fixing to the ultimate dollar they want to make. Warren Phelops, Partner at K&L Gates.16 global sports forum barcelona 2012
  17. 17. Hope solo USA soccer playerTHE POWER OF STARSsport and entertainment: bridging the gapL ess than 24 hours after Lionel is the best footballer in the world’, or Messi’s superhuman performance would you say ‘Leo Messi is superman’? for FC Barcelona against Bayer “The answer is quite simple. The powerLeverkusen, the Global Sports Forum of the language the media use and theBarcelona 2012 heard how the power of associations they make directly benefit us.”media terminology can help brands. Another panellist, USA soccer playerOn the morning of the second day of the Hope Solo, recently crossed theForum the world’s press praised Messi’s boundary between professional athletefive-goal haul the night before, providing a and entertainer when she featured ontimely example of just how entertainment reality TV show Dancing with the Stars.and sport can influence one other. “We have more demands as athletesBruno Schwobthaler, Senior Vice- now. We have to be entertainersPresident of Sales and Business as well as athletes,” she said. “There We have moreDevelopment (EMEA) at Warner Bros, are a lot more demands on ussaid that the media’s tendency to use than just playing on the pitch.” demands as“superhero terminology” has a direct The discussion, moderated by Fredda athletes now.impact on its balance sheets. Hurwitz, Global Vice-President of Strategic“It’s something that every child around Planning, Marketing and Communications We have to bethe world can relate to,” said Schwobthaler at Havas Sports & Entertainment, also entertainers asin the Sport and Entertainment: bridging featured Emmanuel Seugé, Head ofthe gap session. “If you were talking to a Global Sports and Entertainment well as athletes.child tomorrow would you say ‘Leo Messi Marketing at The Coca-Cola Company. FINANCIAL FAIR PLAY football and finance: the dangers ahead E urope’s top football clubs were “In our first report in 1992 we warned told to get their financial houses of the looming problem of insolvency if in order or face the consequences clubs did not pay their taxes on time,” said on the Football and Finance: the Jones. “The basic essence of the [Financial dangers ahead panel at the Global Fair Play] rules – paying your debts in full Sports Forum Barcelona 2012. and on time - is hard to disagree with.” Dan Jones, Lead Partner at the Sports Jones added that UEFA is serious about Business Group at Deloitte, was joined its sanctions for clubs who do not by Philippe Rasmussen, UEFA’s Financial comply with Financial Fair Play, and in Fair Play Manager, who broke down that respect, clubs would be unwise not Dan Jones to strive to meet UEFA’s expectations. Lead Partner, the Financial Fair Play regulations that Deloitte Sports have been introduced by European “People have known these regulations Business Group football’s governing body and come have been coming for two years now, into full effect in the 2013-14 season. they know the rules and they know Under the regulations club spending what to do,” he said. “There are a already excluded from competitions cannot exceed revenue from TV range of sanctions available - of which for not complying with [UEFA] Club rights, gate receipts, competition exclusion from UEFA competitions Licensing and UEFA competitions prize money and sponsorship and is just one, albeit the most harsh. survive without big clubs when they clubs who do not break-even face don’t qualify on a sporting basis.” “But the idea that wouldn’t happen expulsion from UEFA competitions - because it couldn’t - is an odd The panel was moderated by Stefano – in addition to other sanctions. assumption because clubs are Bernabino, Eurosport Chief Editor. global sports forum barcelona 2012 17
  18. 18. SESSION REPORTS GET YOURSELF CONNECTED tV vs Web round #2 for sport T V and the internet are friends, not enemies, and connected TVs are the “last piece in the puzzle” of sports broadcasting according to Laurent-Eric Le Lay, Chairman and CEO laurent-eric le lay of Eurosport and Eurosport Events. Chairman and CEO, Eurosport “For us it’s now TV with the web,” he said in and Eurosport Events the TV vs Web – Round #2 for sports session on day three of the Global Sports Forum Barcelona 2012. “We are proud to say that when we broadcast live events, and promote and market the coverage across Now when you buy a TV set you have the web, we are able to get more viewers. “Last year on [French commercial access to the web. It’s the last piece of broadcaster] TF1 we had the chance to the puzzle. show the French team in the final of the Rugby World Cup. It was broadcast on a Sunday morning, which was unusual, and with the help of the internet we had is help the audience add value to the experience. In my opinion we’ll find fantastic ratings – more than 15 million broadcast they are experiencing. a lot of people who aren’t normally in France alone watched the game live.” broadcasters coming into that space.” “It’s very exciting as it allows you to Le Lay added that the game-changer touch so many more people. I think Álex Martínez Roig, General Director of in the future of sports broadcasting what is developing now is a virtuous Content and Rights Acquisition at Digital is the connected TV: “Now when you circle – that’s what we’re finding at Plus Spain, added that his broadcast buy a TV set you have access to the talkSPORT. We used to spend millions of organisation is investing time and web. It’s the last piece of the puzzle. pounds on marketing – things such as money in social media and learning “For us the roll-out of connected TVs is posters – this now is clearly becoming from its experiences on a daily basis. good news because finally the TV is now an old-fashioned way to communicate “We are working a lot with social media connected like other devices. At Eurosport with our audience. Now, if you have – Facebook and other tools – and it is very important to be on every device the right content and it is distributed in we are learning,” he said. “Twitter, for – we’re on TV, PC, mobile and tablet – and the right way across the multi-platform example, it is better to be used for the we now have the chance connect the TV so environment, people will find you.” connection between the media and we can develop some fantastic products for Dee added that event and broadcast the fans, not the brands. Facebook is the future that will work across all devices.” sponsors will have an increasing role more about contact between brands Moz Dee, Programme Director at as content producers in their own right and the fans. We are changing our UK commercial radio broadcaster in the future: “People want a quality business model and learning every day.” talkSPORT, agreed with Le Lay that the experience when they are watching sport The session, moderation by SportBusiness web supplements broadcast coverage but I think brands will augment that – Group Editorial Director Kevin Roberts, on linear TV and radio platforms: “It’s not perhaps by directly broadcasting also featured François Morinière (CEO not instead of, it’s as well as…what we an event – but by augmenting it by of Groupe L’Equipe) and Claude Ruibal can do in a multi-platform environment other programming that enhances the (Head of Sports Content for YouTube).18 global sports forum barcelona 2012
  19. 19. LEaRNING FROM THE MaSTERS sport clinics with laird Hamilton and oscar pistorius D ay two at the Global Sports Forum Paddle) en Barcelona y Maresme – and Barcelona 2012 saw speakers around 20 in total took to the water with Oscar Pistorius and Laird Hamilton Laird to learn some of his key skills. host two one-hour sports clinics at the Blade runner Oscar Pistorius headed a Mar Bella beach in the centre of the city. running clinic for schoolchildren around Surfing legend Hamilton’s clinic was the city. Co-ordinated by Barcelona City a masterclass in the sport open to all Hall, about 50 children aged between 12 experienced adult surfers. Surfers from and 14, both disabled and able-bodied, (left) laird Hamilton four surf schools in the region attended - were taught the basics of running by Bsurfers, Club Natació Barcelona, Escuela the double-amputee world record (right) oscar pistorius de Surf las Dunas and SUP (Stand Up holder in the 100, 200 and 400 metres.FOOTbaLL FRIENDSHIPthe nfl meets fc barcelonaW ith two-time National And that’s exactly what happened on Football League (NFL) Super day two of the Forum, with the two Bowl champion Justin Tuck NFL stars making the short journey toand 17-year NFL veteran Tony the Catalan club’s training ground for aRichardson in town for the Global jersey swap. Word soon spread howeverSports Forum Barcelona 2012, that Tuck and Richardson were in thehuge American football fan Victor vicinity and Barcelona’s other stars –Valdés, FC Barcelona goalkeeper, including Cesc Fàbregas, Gerard Piqué, (centre) lionel messiwasn’t going to miss the chance to Andrés Iniesta and coach Pep Guardiolameet two legends of the sport. – all came across to greet them. global sports forum baRCELONa 2012 19
  20. 20. SESSION REPORTS SPORT’S NEW SPONSORSHIP LANDSCAPE the new frontier: globalisation of brand sponsors M ajor rights-holders who have strong portfolios of commercial partners from emerging markets now need to react to the demands of sophie goldschmidt each territory according to Laurent Chief Commercial Officer, RFU Scharapan, Chief of the Advisory Group at Innocean Worldwide Europe. “With organisations like FIFA, the question is how to go to the next step with regards to brand positioning,” said the former Even if you are a sport that is established in CEO of Sportfive International in the session The new frontier: globalisation of the market you can’t be complacent and brand sponsors on the third day of the Global Sports Forum Barcelona 2012. you need to be creative with your partners. “How do you respond to each market’s needs? And how do you work with rights-holders to find the best way to in the middle of the discussions we are but in my current role now with the RFU not promote the brand anymore, but having, delivering clean energy to stadiums we are in a slightly different phase. We the products? That’s the challenge.” as will be the case in Brazil. China is a huge have not had many brands from emerging Thierry Weil, Marketing Director at market for all of us so it is always good to markets partner with us in the past; FIFA, explained how world football’s have a brand like Yingli coming into it. Emirates have, but given the growth of governing body has signed up several “But our mix [of sponsors] is a healthy rugby sevens, that will change. We are not top-tier partners from emerging markets one…most of the time when new focused on just being an English property. over the last decade and added that sponsors come in they are in new “With rugby union 15s has been around each has had significant benefits on product categories which opens the for a long time but it is focused on a both sides of the sponsorship divide. scope of our potential sponsors.” smaller number of markets. Rugby “Hyundai Kia has been with FIFA for the Sophie Goldschmidt, Chief Commercial sevens is everywhere and that is really last 10 years – and they came to our event Officer at the English Rugby Football going to be our vehicle to go into new when nobody really knew them, signing Union (RFU) and former Vice-President markets. It’s easier to understand and a contract at the very highest level as a of Sponsorship and Marketing at the we are positioning it differently…even if branding exercise,” said Weil. “What has it WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) you are a sport that is established in the brought to us? An expansion of the game Tour, explained that English rugby market you can’t be complacent and you in is a global game but we union is looking to rugby sevens to need to be creative with your partners.” have been able to promote it in a different grow its brand in emerging markets. The panel discussion was moderated sense and with a company such as Hyundai “Looking back to my tennis days we by Craig Thompson, former CEO of the Kia as a partner it brings it to another level. were quite advanced in going to these 34th America’s Cup and also featured “For the 2010 World Cup we signed a [emerging] markets early on. At the WTA Mark Tatum (Executive Vice-President Chinese company, Yingli Solar, as a partner we had a big presence in India, Russia and of Global Marketing Partnerships, NBA) – they deliver clean energy and are right China – the traditional BRIC markets… and Andy Anson (CEO of Kitbag).20 global sports forum barcelona 2012
  21. 21. CHANGING THE RULES emerging sports and new ways to play A “perfect storm” is swirling around all of this - the kids with their cameras.” an emerging group of action Panel moderator Lucien Boyer, General sports that could influence Commissioner of the Global Sports the future of sports marketing. Forum Barcelona 2012, stated that one That was the claim of Gary Ream, CEO criticism of events like the X Games in of the International Skateboarding the past has been the influx of sponsors Federation, who appeared on the willing to put their name to it to tap into Changing the rules: emerging sports and youth markets without creating any kind new ways to play discussion alongside of relationships with the fans or athletes. freestyle skier Kevin Rolland, Amy Lupo “At the beginning we had a few (Senior Director, Marketing and Content, problems and a bit of resistance from ESPN/X Games) and Peter Bayer (CEO of athletes,” said Lupo. “But now I think Kevin rolland the 2012 Youth Olympics, Innsbruck). brands have really got the message and Freestyle Skier “There is a perfect storm happening here,” it’s great that large companies like Jeep said Ream. “The athletes are developing, have decided to sponsor our athletes.” brands are better understanding their role Extra interactivity and co-operation important,” he added. “They provide and becoming part of the family and then between brand and athlete has also me with a budget so I can train. The there is the rise of technology and social led to greater success, according federation does help us but perhaps not media. That is the driving force behind to Rolland. “Our sponsors are very enough to prepare for these Games.”SUSTAINABLE VENUESstadium Developments:at the heart of the experienceE xperts in the stadium sector agreed association between its brand and the that lucrative naming rights deals velodrome. We need to capitalise on that have become one of the most interest as soon as the Games finish.important factors behind sustainable “If big brands see there is a clearprojects on the third day of the Global programme for a venue after the GamesSports Forum Barcelona 2012. they are more likely to participateShawn Dawson, Chief Executive of Lee through a naming rights deal.”Valley Regional Park Authority, told Also on the panel moderated bydelegates in the Stadium Developments: SportBusiness Group Editorial DirectorAt the heart of the experience discussion Kevin Roberts was Philippe Auroythat it was not just major stadia that (Deputy Managing Director,can attract the big corporate backers. Consortium Stade de France), Ulrich“Naming rights deals are traditionally Wolter (Managing Director, DFB- philippe auroyassociated with major sports and major Wirtschaftsdienste GmbH Consulting Deputy Managing Director,venues, not the less popular sports with Sales and Services) and Marcel Cordes Consortium Stade de Franceminimal footfall,” he said. “However, (Executive Director, SPORT+MARKT).what we are finding with some of the[London 2012] Olympic venues - likethe 6,000-seat velodrome - is a lot ofinterest from sponsors due to a strong If big brands see there is a clearbusiness model going forward.“Coca-Cola held one of its in-house programme for a venue after the Gamesstaff events in the velodrome just a few they are more likely to participate throughweeks ago. The place was completelydecked out in Coca-Cola livery and the a naming rights’s MD immediately made the global sports forum barcelona 2012 21
  22. 22. SESSION REPORTS MAJOR EVENT BIDDING What it takes to win, what it means to lose T here is no point bidding for a sports event unless you have your house in order: that was the message from sports event bidding experts to delegates in the Event bidding: what it takes to win, what it means to lose session. paul Vaughan Nick Varley, director of Seven46, was CEO, England Rugby 2015 joined on the five-strong panel by Paul Vaughan (CEO, England Rugby 2015), Felix Arias (former director of the bidding dossier for the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games), Albert Batalla If you talk about what it means to lose, (Mayor of Seu d’Urgell and member of France took Paris’ missing out very badly the Barcelona-Pirineu Winter Olympic Games 2022 bid) and Wojciech Folejewski and it even lingers to this day. (chief operating officer of PL.2012). “The style of leadership and the leadership team – the government, method for presenting a sports event refereeing, more coaches coaching the mayor and so on... it has to be than through a single city or country. and more people watching it. unified,” said Varley. “Look at London Folejewski said his Euro 2012 team “Our objective is about trying to and Seb Coe. There you had a former was “doing all it can to present two spread that message across the planet. Conservative minister working different countries, not one single Inevitably we’ll have to balance that alongside a Labour politician yet they tournament like others in the past.” out with the revenue streams and all came together for a single goal. “What people don’t seem to understand the money that needs to come back “[In the race to host the 2012 Olympic is that it is the differences between to the international federation. Games] Paris probably took its foot off our two countries that will make this “[The Rugby World Cup in] New the gas at the wrong moment and let tournament so attractive,” he added. Zealand was absolutely fantastic last someone come through on the inside. “Fans have the opportunity to visit two year. They put on a great show. They Although what I would say is you have to countries that have two different cultures.” had a population of four million remember just how close that race was. However, Vaughan had a different people and in the end you saw “But if you talk about what it means to message: “A single currency, single four million people all working lose, France took Paris’ missing out very legal system, single language does towards the same objective. badly and it even lingers to this day. help the whole process immensely.” “We have 60 million people so it is an That really is not the right way to go He added his tournament would seek entirely different proposition. This will be a about it. If you lose you have to come to create a different legacy: “We are huge shop window for us and the game.” back more determined than ever.” not about capital legacy, we are about Kevin Roberts, Editorial Director of The panel also discussed whether human legacy. Developing the game SportBusiness Group, moderated or not joint hosting was a better so more people play it, more referees the discussion.22 global sports forum barcelona 2012
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  24. 24. MaiN PartNer Patrocinador PrinciPal • Patrocinadores PrinciPal official PartNers Patrocinadors oficials • Patrocinadores oficiales iNterNatioNal Media PartNers Patrocinadors de Medis internacionals • Patrocinadores de Medios internacionalesHavas sports & entertainment – Photo credits: Michael Miller – Össur Images – Jorge Andreu – Roger Llonch – Cimo – Ajuntamento de Barcelona. NatioNal Media PartNers Patrocinadors de Medis nacionals • Patrocinadores de Medios nacionales official Providers Proveïdors oficials • Proveedores oficiales orGaNiZer organitzador • organizador