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Keeping it local

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  • This presentation demonstrates the new capabilities of PowerPoint and it is best viewed in Slide Show. These slides are designed to give you great ideas for the presentations you’ll create in PowerPoint 2011!For more sample templates, click the File menu, and then click New From Template. Under Templates, click Presentations.
  • This presentation demonstrates the new capabilities of PowerPoint and it is best viewed in Slide Show. These slides are designed to give you great ideas for the presentations you’ll create in PowerPoint 2011!For more sample templates, click the File menu, and then click New From Template. Under Templates, click Presentations.
  • Keeping itlocal financialinstitution_general - copy

    1. 1. Loyalty Has its RewardsFINANCIAL INSTITUTIONSCard-Linked-Offers
    2. 2. Current adopters in the industry• Bank of America (BankAmeriDeals)• U.S. Corp (FreeMoney)• Sovereign Bank (Sovereign Rewards)• Ally Bank (AllyPerks)• PNC (PNC CashBuilder)• Region Bank
    3. 3. By the numbers: Merchant-Funded Incentives by 2015 $1.7 BILLION Estimated annual revenue from the incentives for card issuers $115 BILLION Est. dollar volume of transactions resulting from the programs 460 MILLION U.S. cardholders est. to subscribe 140 MILLION U.S. subscribers expected to actually redeem incentives Source: Aite Group LLC
    4. 4. How we help community banks1. Making your bank card the most relevant in their wallets2. Grow your deposits3. Increase your Interchange Revenue4. Reach new bank customers through the latest local channels, including mobile technology5. Build a loyal community client base
    5. 5. Cardholder Rewards We Link Your To Local Offering Cardholders Merchants Rebates/Rewards We bring relevant offers to your client base
    6. 6. Cardholder Enrollmentand Experience Customizable for Financial Institutions
    7. 7. Enrollment with Bank’s website The Financial Institution REWARDS webpage will be auto-savedCardholders can be routed to Financial Institution(s) as “their location”Rewards page(s) depending on the initial selection they next time they visitmade and if they have multiple branches.
    8. 8. Enrollment with Bank’s website A secured enrollment webpage will be provided to the bank. (embedded or new browser) Enrollees to the Keeping It Local rewards program will be able to access a user interface with reward history, shopping tips, FAQs and customer support.
    9. 9. Customizable Rewards webpage Our platform is customizable to your banks branding and location of your branchesCardholder Experience We can match your website color scheme and branding, for familiar customer experience. We can also provide multiple skins for multiple branch locations
    10. 10. Instant in-store Rebates Our proprietary “point of sale” app is turn-key upon linking local merchants onto your cardholder rewards program.Cardholder Experience Financial Institution cardholders simply use their Financial Institution card to receive instant in- store rebates at participating merchants
    11. 11. Online Local Offers Our payment platform allows us to take payment on behalf of participating merchants.Cardholder Experience Financial Institution cardholders enjoy special online offers, purchased online and redeemed in- store with the Financial Institution card
    12. 12. Time Sensitive Offers Merchants looking to boost sales will offer your cardholders unique products at special pricing.Cardholder Experience Financial Institution cardholders purchase online and redeem in- store with the Financial Institution card
    13. 13. Cardholder Charities• Financial Institutions cardholder will have the ability to donate a portion of their rebates to a participating charity and/or non-profit• Participating charities/non- profits may be selected by Financial Institutions or cardholders may request for a specific community organization to be considered
    14. 14. Linking Local Merchantswe match your cardholders with local relevant merchants
    15. 15. 1. We select the most relevant merchants by your branch1. We link those merchants to your banks reward page1. Financial Institution cardholders get rebates directly back to their checking accounts Making Your CardTop-of-Wallet!
    16. 16. Relevant Merchants Financial Institution cardholders in their communities ask for relevant merchants that meet their needs Businesses that meet the Lifestyles of your cardholders in your community Financial Institution cardholders in other branches, may ask for experiential activities such as Wine Tasting. Offers that meet the Lifestyles of your cardholders.
    17. 17. iPhone/Android store locatorWe currently support theSafari browser on iPhone(and iPad and iPod) aswell as the Androidbrowser.The greatest feature ofthis application is that itstied directly to the back-end of the enterprisemapping application. Anyupdates made to storelocations on the web orback-end are also utilizedto feed this mobileinterface.
    18. 18. Mobile Merchants • Keeping It Local understand that the mobile Web adoption explosion is bringing unique ways to deliver value to shoppers. • We do not take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to mobile, rather we engage with the most valuable shoppers in a meaningful way.
    19. 19. Rewards through Rebates reward your cardholders through ACH deposits!
    20. 20. MerchantYour cardholdersreceive instantrebates CardholdersRebates are automated and depositeddirectly into cardholders accounts making itimmediately accessible.This makes your card one of the mostimportant cards, in their wallets.
    21. 21. Redeem Online Specials & Pre-sold Offers» Financial Institution cardholders can redeem pre-sold items or offers by simply using Financial Institution’s existing issued (Visa or MasterCard) cards at merchants Point of Sale
    22. 22. Access Anywhere Rewards» Financial Institution cardholders can verify rebates, rewards and rebate amounts through multiple platforms, including online or mobile
    23. 23. About the Platform• The platform where the Keeping It Local rewards are issued, is a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry/ Data Security Standard) validated and compliant platform that adheres to all the requirements allowing it to handle cardholder information and processing of transactions for the major debit, credit, prepaid, ACH, ATM and POS cards.• Our processor goes through an annual in-depth audit of their control objectives, control activities, including controls over information technology and related processes in accordance with SSAE 16 AUDIT
    24. 24. Minimal Integration, Minimal Risk• Keeping It Local does not require integration with your “core processor” or platform.• As a result there are no related information security risks• No integration is required since we only provide rebates/rewards (credit via ACH) back to your financial institution cardholders (checking accounts), minimizing risk.
    25. 25. How we make it happen• Each cardholder enrolled will be assigned an internal “matching” PAN (personal acct number) on our accounting system, that matches with the 16 digit card number your bank issued.• No further information is required such as CVV or expiration dates, zip-codes, etc.
    26. 26. POS Retail Integration• Point of Sale (POS) programming on leading hardware platforms including VeriFone, Hypercom, Ingenico, Micros, and POSitouch - Specific expertise across all major payment processing• Applications: credit/debit, gift and loyalty, prepaid• When your existing issued bank cards are swiped on the POS terminals for rebates, the system will recognize the cardholder as an account at your bank
    27. 27. Bank to BankCash-Rebate management system1. Our processor debits (ACH) participating merchants (rebates) which are settled at our sponsoring bank depository.2. Our sponsoring bank credits (ACH) directly to your checking account holders at your bank.3. This would require having the bank account numbers associated with the card enrolled on the program.
    28. 28. Loyalty Has its RewardsContact Us Today 1-800-409-8050