Foursquare Day - 2011.04.16

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Presentation to Foursquare Day Conference (4.16.2011) in Indianapolis talking about how Visit Indiana has used Foursquare.

Presentation to Foursquare Day Conference (4.16.2011) in Indianapolis talking about how Visit Indiana has used Foursquare.

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  • 1. April 16th, 2011 (42 Day) Visit Indiana & FoursquareA Case Study in Foursquare for Tourism
  • 2. Follow us… @VisitIndiana @JeremyAWilliams
  • 3. What is the Indiana Office of TourismDevelopment (Visit Indiana)?• Tourism marketing arm for the State of Indiana• Staff of six• Stand-alone agency reporting to Lt. GovernorBecky Skillman• Current budget of $2.4 million (state funds) plusnearly $2 million in private revenue generatedthrough creative partnerships
  • 4. Why did Visit Indiana start using Foursquare? • Hyper-local • DISCOUNTS • More locals on Foursquare than Gowalla • Proliferation of mobile devices • Tasked with digital innovation for Indiana Tourism Industry
  • 5. How we used Foursquare:• Branded Page – added tips throughout Indiana• State Fair Booth check-in promo – Conrad Hotels• Visit Indiana Fall Leaf Cam promotion • Collaboration with Right On Interactive
  • 6. What is the Indiana Leaf Cam?• Live webcams show changing leaves• Encourage viewers to visit locations• Set up throughout Indiana – 3 locations in 2010• Extremely popular each fall
  • 7. What’s different about Leaf Cam 2010?• Made it social: • Share links to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Email on each page• Featured discounts: • Featured local discounts on each Leaf Cam location page• Integrated Foursquare: • Encourage users to ‘friend’ our Foursquare account • Friends receive exclusive discount email upon check-in
  • 8. How we integrated 4sq, Email, Leaf Cam • Created venues on Foursquare for each location • Integrated Foursquare with Right On Interactive’s Customer Lifecycle Marketing Dashboard • ExactTarget integration already existed • Friends’ check-ins near Leaf Cam locations triggered email with discount • Each user would only receive discount email once • Email was mobile-ready and could be used immediately at location
  • 9. Challenges:• Foursquare changed API settings right as we launched • Anonymized check-ins for branded accounts• Location-based networks are still in their infancy • How many users will check-in?• Users must opt to share their email address with friends • More than 1/3rd of our initial list did not have their email shared
  • 10. Jumping hurdles:• Created a user account – IndianaLeafCam • Pro: API was more open and we could see friends’ check-ins • Con: User account is not customizable like branded account • Con: Already had 1,200 fans, had to move them to IndianaLeafCam• Surveyed Facebook and Twitter fans during State Fair • 37% of Facebook fans & 66% of Twitter followers already used or were curious about using location-based apps • This was before Facebook Places launched
  • 11. Discounts:• IMA •$2 off admission to Andy Warhol Enterprises exhibit• Brown County • Family-sized gemstone bucket at Copperhead Creek Gem Mine and Rock Shop for just $24 (regularly $32)• Spring Mill • 20% off adult meal or gift shop purchases within Spring Mill State Park
  • 12. Results:• Foursquare Account Information: •VisitIndiana Branded Account: 2,758 Followers • IndianaLeafCam Account: 1,251 Friends
  • 13. Results – Check-ins & Emails:• Check-ins at Leaf Cam Venues: 56• Discount Emails Sent (near venues): 34• Redemption Rate: 76%
  • 14. Lessons Learned:• Building your brand on rented space leaves you at thelandlord’s mercy (API issue)• Critical mass isn’t using location-based network…yet• Users want simplicity • Promotion became more complicated with 2nd account, having to friend account before you receive the email.• Location-based networks are on their way up, criticalfor Tourism – Foursquare, Facebook Places, Gowalla, etc.• Relevant, enticing offer is KEY
  • 15. Questions? Jeremy WilliamsInteractive Production Manager Visit Indiana @JeremyAWilliams @VisitIndiana