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First Star was founded in 1999 as a national 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to improving life for child victims of abuse and neglect.

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First Star Pdf

  1. 1. First Star1666 K Street, NW, Suite 300 · Washington, DC 20006 ·
  2. 2. FIRST STAR IMPROVES THE LIVES OF AMERICA’S PROGRAMSABUSED AND NEGLECTED CHILDREN BY By promoting best practices and better outcomes, First StarSTRENGTHENING THEIR RIGHTS, ILLUMINATING works to improve life for abused and neglected children in theSYSTEMIC FAILURES AND IGNITING NECESSARY United States. Our programs concentrate on a nonpartisan,REFORMS. WE PURSUE OUR MISSION THROUGH multidisciplinary approach that fosters collaborative actionRESEARCH, PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT, POLICY among organizations, advocates, practitioners, government agencies and policy makers.ADVOCACY, EDUCATION AND LITIGATION. REPORT CARD PROGRAMFirst Star fights for a future in which America’s abused andneglected children will have won their right to be heard and A core function of First Star is to work collaboratively with the Children’s Advocacy Institute (CAI) in the research andwill be protected by the systems legally entrusted with their publication of report cards to assess state laws that protectcare. We envision a future in which those systems are fully abused and neglected children. Our State Secrecy and Childresourced, transparent and accountable to the public. Deaths in the U.S. Report Card evaluates each state’s public disclosure practices regarding cases of child abuse or neglect that have resulted in fatalities and near fatalities. Our National Report Cards on Legal Representation for Children review and analyze the laws of all 50 states and the DistrictG UIDING PRINCIPLES of Columbia with regard to their provision of attorneys to abused and neglected children in dependency cases.• Systemically Focused: We work towards a day when all systems entrusted with the protection of neglected FOSTER YOUTH ACADEMIES and abused children do so excellently, using every First Star promotes success after foster care through residential available resource of skill, caring and science. Foster Youth Academies housed on college and university campuses. First Star’s Foster Youth Academies aim to change• Synergistic: We pursue each of our goals through a the odds stacked against foster youth and to level the field multi-faceted approach that combines research, public for all young people by providing supportive, educational, engagement, education, policy advocacy and litigation. residential and day programs. With a grant from the Mario Batali Foundation, First Star is consulting with national experts to create a well-planned program that will model the necessary• Collaborative: We work in coalition and in partnership professional guidance that these foster youth deserve. Our goal with others to pursue our goals. We reinvent no wheels. is to perfect the initial model and then replicate the program on campuses nationwide.• Results-oriented: We work diligently, in the most challenging of areas, to track and report our findings. NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF CHILD ABUSE AND INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE• Entrepreneurial: We continuously explore new and First Star is excited to partner with the Steve Nash creative methods and opportunities to fulfill our mission. Foundation to advocate for a National Institute for the Study of Child Abuse and Interpersonal Violence. This national• Bold: We take on issues that may be considered entity would house, consolidate and disseminate the science controversial by others in the field. of child abuse in a comprehensive and coordinated manner. The science of child abuse and interpersonal violence has advanced considerably, leading to knowledge of the• Non-Partisan: We believe that child maltreatment is physiological, economic and societal consequences of not a partisan issue and work to engage people across violence endured and witnessed by children. It is no longer the political spectrum. viable to consider child abuse an isolated issue. The pervasive nature of child abuse warrants the more concentrated effort• Expert-Driven: The leading experts in the field inform that can only be addressed by a national institute. the content and quality of our programs. TARGETED LITIGATION In addition to ongoing public policy and public awareness initiatives, First Star advocates for the rights of America’s foster children through carefully targeted litigation. Usually taking the form of amicus curiae briefs, First Star’s legal projects seek out specific cases involving children in which the court’s decision may have a much broader impact on foster youth nationwide.
  3. 3. F IRST STAR LEADERSHIP Robin Sax, Esq. Former Los Angeles Asst. District AttorneyPeter Samuelson, First Star’s Co-Founder and President, is First Star Children’s Counsela media executive, President of, and founderof the Starlight Starbright Children’s Foundation and EDAR Kimberly M. Thompson, ScD(Everyone Deserves A Roof), Inc. Kid Risk, Inc.Sherry A. Quirk, Co-Founder and Vice Chair of First Star, is Eileen Webera Partner at Schiff Hardin LLP and past President and Founderof One Voice and the National Alliance for Abuse Awareness.Kevin J. Reardon, First Star’s Treasurer, is a retired U.S. YOUTH AMBASSADORNavy Captain who has held senior executive positions inbusiness and the U.S. Government. Dakota FanningElissa T. Garr, Executive Director of First Star, has workedin education for over 15 years and was previously a Trustee FOSTER CARE AMBASSADORof First Star. Shawn M. HuffD IRECTORS AND OFFICERS TRUSTEESPeter SamuelsonSamuelson Productions Norman AladjemPresident and Co-Founder, First Star, Inc. Renee CliffSherry A. Quirk, Esq. Bruce EskowitzSchiff Hardin, LLPVice-Chair, Secretary & Co-Founder, First Star, Inc. Giselle Fernandez Susan FleishmanElissa T. GarrExecutive Director, First Star, Inc. Cindy Gardner Richard Garr, Esq.Kevin J. Reardon, PhDCaptain, US Navy (Ret) Melissa HelmbrechtTreasurer, First Star, Inc. Tia HobermanSusan Kay Barker-Clem Louise Horvitz, MSW, PsyD Tamara HoustonProfessor Robert C. FellmethChildren’s Advocacy Institute Gale Anne HurdUniversity of San Diego School of Law Sarah IngersollHonorable Charles D. Gill Neil KaplanConnecticut Superior Court Kathleen KennedyEmma F. Hand, Esq. Sir Ben KingsleySonnenschein, Nath & Rosenthal, LLP Michael PirainoBarbara K. Heffernan, Esq. Jonathan Sackier, MDSchiff Hardin, LLP Rick SandsGary Levine Karenna Gore SchiffWSI Internet Marketing Honorable Charles. B. ShudsonProfessor Kathleen Kelley Reardon Stephanie SperberUniversity of Southern California Jane Spinak, Esq.Distinguished First Star Fellow Bonnie Stylides, Esq.Lewis Pitts, Esq.Legal Aid of North Carolina Professor Clarice Dibble WalkerAdvocate for Children’s Services Honorable Sheila Rabb Weidenfeld
  4. 4. 1666 K Street, NW Suite 300 Washington, DC 20006For more information on our sponsors and how to become a sponsor, please visit www.firststar.orgSPECIAL THANKS TO THESE CONTRIBUTING ORGANIZATIONSSchiff-Hardin, LLPWSIWebMark