EE12 - Customer Lifecycle Nurture with Marketing Automation


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Nurturing isn’t just for leads or prospects; it can be highly effective for customers as well! See how Ariba and Accelent Consulting were able to combine the power of Eloqua with their own SaaS product to send customer communications that include behavior tracking, customer usage data, split testing, messaging segmentation and more. All messages are delivered at just the right time triggered by customer activity, and include upsell/cross-sell language for other products or services.

Geo Catano, Senior Manager, Demand Generation, Ariba
Zee Zdravko Jeremic, Principal, Accelent Consulting

Eloqua Experience 2012
Orlando, Florida
November 8, 2012

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  • Denmark GDP about 300B Demand gen team consisting of marketing managers supported by a marketing operations team
  • After we monetized and treated our sellers like customers, our Network growth exploded BHAG of 1 trillion and 2 million sellers Financial Services, consumer packaged goods and retail, Technology, Chemicals, Energy, Mining, Healthcare and Pharma, Manufacturing and Construction, Services and Other
  • Third party vendor campaign set up costs Third party email distribution costs Customer support calls to answer questions about incorrect notifications Team’s time managing lists and coordinating with third party vendor Drive more revenue Email deliverability: better through eloqua(?) via timely delivery in local time zone
  • Start internal dialogue: automate;
  • “ What’s the one thing we want the audience to remember from this preso?”
  • EE12 - Customer Lifecycle Nurture with Marketing Automation

    1. 1. Customer Lifecycle Nurturing andEloqua: Like Peanut Butter and Jelly Geo Catano & Zee Jeremic Sr Demand Gen Mgr & Principal Consultant Ariba & Accelent
    2. 2. About Me• Geo Catano• Senior Demand Gen Manager: Ariba Network & Discovery•• Managed Eloqua projects for 2 years• Once held a grenade while detained by the military police of Colombia #EE12
    3. 3. What you are going to learn: Two simpleideas, and one detailed one1. Go beyond lead nurture and into Customer Nurture. • It’s not as hard as you might think…you may be 80% of the way there1. You need data, but how do you get it?2. The details • How to pull data from other non-CRM systems • How to use datacards to drive #EE12
    4. 4. About Ariba, an SAP Company• Ariba…just joined the SAP family of companies• Leader in cloud-based commerce solutions featuring the world’s largest business commerce network. Buyers Sellers• Annual revenues: $530 million* • 5 million paying subscribers from 60,000 companies• Two-sided business model targeting: $319B • Global 2000 buyers • Global 10 million sellers • $319 B in annual transaction #EE12*FY12 guidance
    5. 5. We’ve Been Building to This for Over a Decade Ariba Network Growth (2000 – 2012YTD) Number of Registered Members (1) $319Bn $$$ Transaction Volume 730,000+ $202Bn $135Bn $112Bn 700,000+ $108Bn $99Bn 427,868 $101Bn 351,394 $43Bn $59Bn $74Bn 179,872 200,305 289,482 $21Bn $0.6Bn $2Bn 121,017 44,081 77,246 2,665 15,918 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 YTDRegistered Members Includes Discovery.
    6. 6. Simple idea #1: Customer Nurture Pre-Sales Repeat Customers Evangelists• Welcome Cross sell • Quick start guides • You looked at this, you might be • Welcome from rep interested in that• Engage Upgrade • Best Practice guides • Usage thresholds • Tips from piers • Promotions, discount offers, etc • Key milestone messages • Welcome tracks (once upgraded) • Success Notes Renewals • Success metrics
    7. 7. Simple idea # 2: Data, Data Every where• Leverage your existing investment and expertise• Customers are giving you data • Look for internal sources of data• Find who owns that data and work with them to export it • Simple CSV file will do #EE12
    8. 8. Our Challenge – Overview 11 languages Data generated by Cloud Product• Supports key Cloud subscription business through marketing notifications.• Three nurture plus six upgrade touches for customers who have crossed the freemium threshold• Eleven languages• All done MANUALLY #EE12
    9. 9. Our Challenge – CostsFour primary costs1. Third party vendor campaign set up costs2. Third party email distribution costs3. Customer support calls to answer questions about incorrect notifications4. Team’s time managing lists and coordinating with third party vendor #EE12
    10. 10. About Me – Zee• Zee Jeremic• Principal Systems Consultant• @jeremicz•• 5+ years experience with Eloqua• Visited 46 US states by car (missing just the N- NW corner of Montana, Idaho, and Dakotas) #EE12
    11. 11. Our Solution – Customer Lifecycle Nurture - 3 Welcome Emails - 67 Upgrade Emails - Customer Data - Usage Data- Language Routing - Behaviour Data- 11 Email Send- Admin Program Data Cards #EE12
    12. 12. Our Solution – Fully Automated Data populated into Excel, posted on SFTP server Data Emails 67 emails automatically Store in Data Cards to enable deploy supporting multiple notifications for 11 languages and Data Cards different invoices, save Data Cards Contact fields time zones Programs Series of programs build to route #EE12 data and support notifications
    13. 13. Here’s How We Used Eloqua #EE12
    14. 14. Create Emails (6 emails across 11 languages) #EE12
    15. 15. Get the Data (CSV or Excel will do)• Create an automated Excel file ~30 fields for routing, send trigger and field merges• Automatically posted on SFTP server daily with updates and new data #EE12
    16. 16. Automate Excel Import through SFTP • Eloqua automatically imports the file • Fields mapped • Automation triggered #EE12
    17. 17. Define Data Card Set and Fields #EE12
    18. 18. Programs Drive Automation (Routing)• Routing for language and time zone communication #EE12
    19. 19. Programs Drive Automation (Send)• Check eligibility and deploy in language and time zone #EE12
    20. 20. Programs Drive Automation (Admin)• Assign business unit, control other communication #EE12
    21. 21. Automated Customer Lifecycle Nurture• Drive high engagement – timing, personalization #EE12
    22. 22. Our Results• $60K in costs, poof, gone! • Cost associated with vendor and email distribution costs• Five day list lags, poof gone! • Reduced list lag (data pull to mail send) from as much as 5 days to minutes.• Two days of team’s time wasted monthly, poof gone! • Time it took for team to manage vendors, get and transfer lists, respond to manual errors• Better customer experience…Lo and behold! • Notifications delivered in customers time zone, less errors higher deliverability (not yet measured) #EE12
    23. 23. Do This Next• What are your milestones• What data houses that information? • CRM • Support systems • ERP, backend systems • Product• Is nurturing being done manually? • How much does that cost• Leverage YOUR expertise and your company’s investment #EE12
    24. 24. Thank You• Geo• Zee #EE12