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The best practices presentation for HTM 490.

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  • im just wanting to know what it says at the bottom of slide 6 for Disney Interactive? otherwise this is a great presentation
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  • Htm 490 Best practices

    1. 1. THE BEST PRACTICES OF THE WALT DISNEY COMPANYBy Shannon Charlton, Christina Galvin, Jeremiah Rivera, KatieWeeres
    2. 2. In This Presentation Company Overview Employment Opportunities and Benefits Investor Relationships Corporate Responsibility SWOT Analysis Overall Best Practices
    4. 4. Company Overview MISSION STATEMENT To be the world’s leading producers and providers of entertainment and information.Using our portfolio of brands to differentiate our content, services and consumer products, we seek to develop the most creative, innovative and profitable entertainment experiences and related products in the world.
    5. 5. Disney History Disney has been known for over nine decades as Family Entertainment. Starting off as a simple cartoon studio in the 1920s, Disney has grown to be a common house- held name. Here are some memorable moments over the years:  October 16, 1923 – Walt signed a contract to produce comedies. This is the official start date of the Disney Corporation.  November 18, 1928 – Steamboat Willie was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon and first appearance of Minnie Mouse.  December 21, 1937 – Disney produces their first feature-length animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  July 17, 1955 – Disneyland opens in Anaheim, CA.  December 15, 1966 – Walt Disney passes away.  October 1, 1971 – Disney World opens in Orlando, FL.  July 31, 1995 – Disney purchases Capital Cities/ABC for $19 billion.  September 12, 2005 – Disneyland Hong Kong opens.  January 25, 2006 – Disney buys Pixar.  August 31, 2009 – Disney buys Marvel Entertainment.  Currently – Building a Disneyland in Shanghai.
    6. 6. Disney Brands, Products, and Services  Disney is active in five different business segments. They are as follows: Parks and Resorts, Media Networks, Walt Disney Studios, Disney Consumer Products, and Disney Interactive.  Parks & Resorts: Disney has 11 theme parks and 43 resorts in North America, Europe and Asia. They also have their Disney cruise line which travels to world-class destinations.  Media Networks: Disney has a range of media networks including broadcast, cable, radio, publishing and digital businesses across two divisions – the Disney/ABC Television Group and ESPN Inc.  Walt Disney Studios: Disney uses their studios to create movies, music and stage plays. A few studios include Walt Disney Animation, Pixar, DreamWorks, Disneynature, Marvel, and Touchstone Pictures. The Disney Music Group has Walt Disney Records, Hollywood Records, as well as Disney Music Publishing. The Disney Theatrical Group produces Disney on Broadway, Disney On Ice, and Disney Live!.  Disney Consumer Products: Disney creates merchandise that ranges from clothing, toys, home décor, books and magazines to foods and beverages, stationery, electronics and fine art.
    7. 7. Brands and Partnerships
    9. 9. Employment Opportunities andBenefits Encompasses a wide variety of work fields  Driven, Positive, Integrity, Responsible, People People International opportunities Internships  Disney College Program, Professional Internships
    10. 10. Employment Opportunities andBenefits  Health, Dental, Life Plans  Cast Member Activities:  Community Service, Recognition and Achievement, Intramural Sports Teams.  Diversity and Support Resource Groups  CastABLE, FAMILIES,
    12. 12. Investors Relations  Stock Information  Reports and Financial Information  Shareholder Information  Investment Plan  Facts Book
    13. 13. Investors Relations Events and Presentations Investor Newsletter  Report updates  Company News  New Releases  Current Product Ratings  Current Subscribers
    15. 15. Social Disney Ambassadors and stars spread anti-bullying messages “Disney Friends For Change”  Globally inspires kids and families to take action and make a difference in their communities Disney VoluntEARS  6 million hours of volunteer service in communities around the world Supports children’s hospitals “Give a Day, Get a Disney Day”  Participants who volunteer in selected organizations receive a free day pass into Disneyland or Walt Disney World
    16. 16. Environment  Disney Friends for Change  Has got kids involved in 55 countries around the world  Had almost five million initiatives  600,000 cleanup events protecting oceans and waterways  Recycling projects involving 2,000,000 participants  200,000 projects specifically focused on bringing families together to volunteer  In 2009, Disneyland Resort was recognized with California’s highest and most prestigious environmental honor for water conservation efforts used in the World of Color attraction.  Since 2009, Disney has invested $23.5 million in carbon offset projects globally, most of which involve forest conservation, reforestation and forest management  Minimizes waste in numerous ways!
    17. 17. Health and Well-Being “Mickey Check”  Tool to help select healthy food options for grocery shopping, online shopping, and eating on vacation “Disney Magic of Healthy Living”  All food and beverage products advertised, sponsored, or promoted on Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior, Radio Disney, and Disney-owned online will be required by 2015 to meet Disney’s nutrition guidelines.  The nutrition guidelines are aligned to federal standards, promote fruit and vegetable consumption and call for limiting calories and reducing saturated fat, sodium, and sugar.
    18. 18. SWOT ANALYSIS
    19. 19. Strengths Weaknesses • Brand recognition • High cost of operation • Diverse portfolio • Frequent change in top • High quality management • Large market presence • High risk with multiple • Constantly need new, projects creative ideas – Productive • Constantly need new, and innovative employees creative ideasOpportunities S-O Strategies W-O Strategies• Larger university presence • Because of their strong brand • Request universities to create• Increase brand recognition, they can easily an emphasis, minor, or class opportunities enter various markets. in Disney management.• Improve brand recognition • Using their diverse portfolio Outsource ideas to college with partnerships and brand recognition, creating students.• Increased customer a theme park for thrill seekers • Create an extreme theme feedback and involvement could be popular. park in a completely new• Create a theme park for • Use brand recognition to location. thrill seekers increase awareness of • Utilize Disney minors to partnerships. develop creative ideas. • Use customer feedback for new, creative ideas.Threats S-T Strategies W-T Strategies• The economy • Give-a-Day, Get-a-Day: • Narrow the focus from the• Competition between promotes community multiple projects to a few so different theme parks, involvement to get a free pass the outcome will be more channels, etc. to one of their theme parks. productive than other• Rapid pace of changing • Push cheaper entertainment companies. technology and media options. • Use the high management turnover to their advantage to find new people that are current with the changing
    21. 21. Overall Best Strategic Practices Variety in their Portfolio Offer Diverse Employment Opportunities Provide Excellent Benefits Maintain Transparent Communication in Investor Relationships Develop Positive Image in Community through Corporate Responsibility
    22. 22. Diversity Innovation Integrity Responsibility