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Social Media Strategies for Corporations


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Here's my presentation that I did at webvisions, watch the video at: …

Here's my presentation that I did at webvisions, watch the video at:

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  • Dear Jeremiah, I see the content strategy being pivotal to enterprise brands. I was wondering if you could help with a case study which as a part of the brand-building exercise used social media for its marketing efforts. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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  • Hi Jim! Found this page while doing research for a term paper. Love your upbeat, quirky, informative manner!
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  • I love social media! That is why I am producing a video series about it, but from a recruiting perspective. Can I get your opinion on my latest video? (Thanks in advance.)

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  • 1. Social Media Strategies for your Organization? Connecting the Dots April 10, 2007 Connect Connect with the audiences and influencers who matter Jeremiah Owyang Director of Corporate Media Strategy Speaker | Blogger | Video Blogger | Social Media Consultant
  • 2. Survey
    • Who’s who?
    • Roles
    • Deployment
    • Resistance/Acceptance
  • 3. Social Media Strategy: Connect the dots for a seamless experience.
    • Questions to Answer:
    • What is Social Media?
    • Creating a Seamless Strategy across your enterprise
    • Concepts
    • Case Study: HDS
    • What others are doing
    • Actionable next steps
  • 4. Experienced Practice Leader
    • Various Web Roles: Exodus, Cable and Wireless, World Savings, Hitachi
    • Manager, Online Communities at Hitachi Data Systems
    • Currently, Director of Corporate Media Strategy at PodTech
    • Interfaces with many Corporations that are using Social Media
    • New Media: Blogger, Video Blogger, Streaming Video, Former Podcaster, what’s next
    … to social media consultant
  • 5. The Many forms of Web Marketing
    • 1) Corporate Domain
      • Corporate Site
      • Portal Strategy
      • Microsites for Segmentation
      • Interactive Web Marketing
      • Intranet/Extranet
      • Regionalization
    • 2) Search Marketing
      • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
      • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    • 3) Out Bound and Syndicated Web Marketing
      • Email Marketing
      • Invasive Marketing
      • Syndicated Content and RSS
    • 4) Brand Extension
      • Web Advertising
      • Contextual Advertising
      • Sponsorship and /Cross branding/Affiliate
    • 5) Emerging Mediums tie with the Internet
      • Internet TV (IPTV)
      • Mobile Content
      • Online Massive Multi Player Games, Console Games
  • 6. What is Social Media? Tools that foster exchange of ideas Exchanges become conversations Communities form It’s about people Tools that easily let people share and be quickly found Conversations of the Marketplace Voices of the People
    • They matter because:
    • The Trust factor
    • Impacts to Google Results
    • Rapid Word of Mouth
    • Different than Broadcast Marketing
    More importantly:
  • 7. Why is Social Media Important?
  • 8. Concept: The Web is Participatory, Technographics
  • 9. Concept: Online and Offline Echo Chamber
    • What happens in the real world echoes online
    • What happens online is discussed offline
    • Opportunities:
    • Bloggers treated like Media
    • Blogger Lounges, Media Rooms, Blogger Lounges
      • BlogHaus: The Digital 2.0 Press Room
        • Creating online buzz out of CES 2007
        • BlogHaus Beach Party 2007, CES 2008
    • Community Events
      • Lunch 2.0
      • STIRR
  • 10. Concept: Marketing Scope Increased
    • Web Marketing Not on Two Domains only
      • Corporate Site and Google Results page
    • Battles will be fought where people talk
    • Decisions not made on Corporate Website
    • Corporate Website used later in decision process?
  • 11. Concept: Edgeworks
    • “ Edgeworks” (Term founded by Brian Oberkirch)
    • Past: Corporate Communications group would broadcast message
    • Now: Two-way authentic conversations happening at “edges” of company
    • Future: Corporate Communications (and everyone else) to join “edges”
  • 12. Concept: Evolution
    • Chat Rooms
    • Blogs
    • Media
    • Video to lead
    • Asynchronus to Real-Time (ustream, twitter)
    • Mobile
    • Data moving to “cloud”
    • Integrated in other applications
    • IPTV
  • 13. Concept: Letting go and Gain More
    • Who’s in control?
    • Dialogues vs Messages
    • Listen
    • Embrace positive and negative feedback
    • Nakedness
      • Transparency = Trust
      • Trust = Influence
  • 14. Concept: Customer Resource
    • The Industry Wiki
    • Customers First
    • Promoting Competitors
  • 15. Industry Trends
    • Understand the changes
    • Understand the tools
    • Start to listen and Monitor
    • Experiment with Tools
    • Build Team, Roles, Process
    • Gently align with Corporation
    • I’ve observed that
    • Organic gardens emerge
    • The “controllers” resist
    For Corporations
  • 16. Emerging Roles
    • Evangelist
      • Educator and Cheerleader
      • As an Evangelist, it doesn’t mean you’ll have followers, so don’t forget to look back once in a while.
    • Community Manager
    • Organic Blogger
    • Vice President
    • Corporate Controller *sigh*
  • 17. How can Social Media be used?
    • Sales Lead Acquisition
    • Product Requirements
    • Product Development
    • Support
    • Internal Knowledge
    • Market & Customer Feedback
    • Rapid Sharing
    • Executive Leadership & Visibility
    • Branding
    It’s not just Marketing…
  • 18. Social Media Impacts to Marketing
    • Yet another influencers group to consider
    • All groups will adopt social media
    • Conversations (like Techmeme, Digg)
    • Less Marketing Hyperbole
    • Adopt “Pull Strategies”
    • Customers will be the new marketers
    • Faster and faster
  • 19. Social Media Impacts to Product Development
    • &quot;Intranets are an anachronism. They’re gonna die, it’s just a matter of time.&quot; –Johnathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun
    • Product Teams and Customers will work togethers
    • Firewalls will lower
    • Inventory may reduce
    • Requirements will come directly from customers
    • Case Study: Dell IdeaStorm
  • 20. Social Media Impacts Product Support
    • Customer to Customer:
    • Support
    • Upgrade
    • Speculate
    • To Do:
    • Harness customers supporting each other
    • Wikis, Forums, other tools coming out…Ustream
    • Send Feedback to Product Teams
  • 21. Social Media Impacts to Employees/Partners
    • Intranets and Extranets
    • Adopt “Enterprise 2.0”
    • Intranets are no longer only behind the firewall
    • Tagging, Networks, Reputation, Online Personas
    • IT departments need to get ahead of the curve
      • Risks of Data, Personas, IDs, Profiles
  • 22. Case Study: Hitachi Data Systems (2005-2006)
    • 100 year old Japanese Company, Data Storage Sector
    • Deployed:
    • Executive Blogs
    • User Support Forum
    • Audio Podcasts
    • Industry Wiki
    • RSS News Feeds
    • Lunch2.0 event
    • Strategy:
    • Tied to announcement process
    • Tied to customer life cycle
    • Feedback sent to product teams
    • Headcount, budget, and promoted
  • 23. Tactics to build your Social Media Program
    • Recognize the new influencers
    • Prepare for all scenarios
    • Don’t shy away
    • Human media is at your disposal.
    • Address the good as well as the bad
    • Track who’s who
    • Appoint and Empower
    • Employees will blog, embrace
    • The Blogging/Ethics Policy
    • Consider creating the “Air Traffic Control Tower”
    • Measurement to Manage
    • Use Social Media as Sales Tools.
      • A “living” white paper by your companies thought leaders
      • A rapid response tool
      • A Conversation Starter
    … what I’ve learned
  • 24. Tactics to build your Social Media Program
    • Social Media is about people.
    • Communities are the goal, conversations are the verb.
    • Let go to gain more
    • Risk of the unknown, plan to be flexible
    • Social Media goes deep in the organization
    • This public conversation will be archived through as long as the internet is accessible. Google is the memory.
    • Social Media is not magic nor voodoo.
    • Social Media is a component of your Web Strategy .
    … what I’ve learned
  • 25.
    • [Social Media impacts all areas of the Corporate Organizations, savvy companies are developing strategies by learning, letting go, and embracing change]
  • 26. About PodTech Network
    • A leading online media network fueling conversation among influencers, audiences, and brands
      • We help you tell your story
        • Media Development & Social Media Planning Services
      • We help you reach influencers and target audience groups
        • Contextual media delivery platform
        • New measurement capabilities
      • We help you build deeper relationships, online and offline
        • Event sponsorships
  • 27.
    • Q&A
    • Jeremiah Owyang
    • Director, Corporate Media Strategy,