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SCRM Part 1 Slides:  A Discussion on the 5Ms and Marketing Use Cases
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SCRM Part 1 Slides: A Discussion on the 5Ms and Marketing Use Cases


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  • Transcript

    • 1. Social CRM Use Cases:
      5Ms and Marketing
      R “Ray” Wang
      April 8, 2010
      Jeremiah Owyang
    • 2. 2
      Focus on Community
      About Open Research
      Join the Pioneers
      Recording and slides will be available on our blogs
    • 3. 3
      Ecosystem contributors (Partial list)
      Ecosystem involvement
      Paul Greenberg: The 56 Group, LLC
      Dion Hinchcliffe: Hinchcliffe & Company
      Erin Kinikin,
      Esteban Kolsky: Thinkjar LLC
      Marshall Lager: Third Idea Consulting LLC
      Brent Leary: CRM Essentials LLC
      John Lovett: Web Analytics Demystified
      Oliver Marks: The Sovos Group
      John Ragsdale: TSIA
      Susan Scrupski: The 2.0 Adoption Council
      Josh Weinberger: CRM Magazine
    • 4. 4
      Background and Introduction
      Frameworks: Entry Points and Use Cases
      Baseline: Starting with the 5 Ms
      The Four Social CRM Marketing Use Cases
      Next Steps
    • 5. 5
      The customer experience journey continues with Social CRM
      Social CRM represents a continuing journey by organizations to deliver the right customer experience at the right time. It’s NOT just about technologies. It’s NOT just about business processes. It’s fundamentally how to and where to reengage with customers in both social channels and the traditional world.
    • 6. Image by iandavidused with Attribution as directed by Creative Commons
      Customers Have Moved, Companies Fallen Behind
      © 2010 Altimeter Group
    • 7. Social will be like air
      Source: Pew Resource Center’s Internet and American Life Project (October 8, 2009)
    • 8. 8
      Facebook is second biggest site in US
      Source: (January 2010)
    • 9. Time spent on Facebook increased by 10% in January 2010 alone
      Source: Nielsen (February 16, 2010)
    • 10. 10
      50 million tweets a day on Twitter
      Source: Twitter (February 22, 2010)
    • 11. Brands are trying to catch up
    • 12. For companies, real time is not fast enough, Ex. Motrin responded to angry moms within 24 hours – it was too slow.
      Companies are unable to scale to meet the needs of social, Ex. Dell and ComcastCares community managers cannot scale to meet all customer interactions
      Customers don’t care what department you’re in they just want their problem fixed.
      @dooce’s support problem with Maytag quickly became a PR nightmare – had the support group known she was an influencer (and what it means), they could have supported her better.
      Companies cannot keep up
    • 13.
      • Outdated frameworks and pet theories relegate discussions to incremental fixes.
      Organizations realize they are no longer in charge. They often lack a credible strategy that empowers employees to catch up to customers.
      Although ComcastCares has over 10 employees responding in social channels, they can’t scale. Furthermore, a proliferation of new social networks and mobile tools are appearing at an increased pace – organizations will fall further behind.
      The result – tremendous amounts of waste in piecemeal data, customer records, APIs, and experiences – leaving companies unable to efficiently reach customers, prospects, and partners.
      Companies know the problem will get worse before it gets better
    • 14. Mindset Change
      © 2010 Altimeter Group
    • 15. This does not replace CRM systems – but augments them.
      This should be done in addition to existing CRM programs.
      Remember the rules of engaging with customers – the communities are in charge.
      Change your mindset
    • 16. Image by Hexadecimal Time used with a Attribution as directed by Creative
      Frameworks: Entry Points and Use Cases
      © 2010 Altimeter Group
    • 17. Choose Your Entry Points to Business Value
      Face to Face
      Machine to Machine
      © 2010 Altimeter Group
      Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States
    • 18. The 18 Use Cases of Social CRM
      1. Social Customer Insights: The 5M’s
      Service & Support
      2. Social Marketing Insights
      6. Social Sales Insights
      9. Social Support Insights
      12. Innovations Insights
      14. Collaboration Insights
      17. Seamless Customer Experience
      3. Rapid Social Marketing Response
      7. Rapid Social Sales Response
      10. Rapid Social Response
      13.Crowdsourced R&D
      15. Enterprise Collaboration
      18. VIP Experience
      4. Social Campaign Tracking
      8.Proactive Social Lead Generation
      11. Peer-to-Peer Unpaid Armies
      16. ExtendedCollaboration
      5. Social Event Management
      © 2010 Altimeter Group
      Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States
    • 19. Not All 18 Social CRM Use Cases are Market Ready
      © 2010 Altimeter Group
      Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States
    • 20. Baseline: Starting with the 5 Ms
      © 2010 Altimeter Group
    • 21. Start with the Five 5Ms
    • 22. Provide listening capabilities to filter out noise from the social sphere. Encapsulate both metrics and measurement. Extract insights making measurement more effective.
      Brand monitoring software that monitors and scrapes the social web, has team-based workflows and connects to existing CRM databases.
      Use tightly scoped keywords to define the search parameters. Yet don't go too tight or you miss key opportunities – going too wide results in too much noise.
      Vendors to watch: Biz360, Buzzmetrics (Nielsen), Cymfony, Radian6, SAS Institute, Scoutlabs, Visible Technologies
    • 23. Mapping solutions identify relationships. Due to lack of single identity, companies must link social profiles to customer records to provide a holistic experience.
      First, find existing public profiles to match, like LinkedIn and Google profiles. Additional database fields must be created that match customer records to social profiles.
      The trick is to get them to map their profiles for you. Entice them with rewards, better service, and special deals in an opt-in manner.
      Vendors to watch: Facebook (profiles), Gigya, Google (profiles), OpenID, SalesView, Spredfast, Sprinklr
      MDM vendors to watch: D&B Purisma, IBM, Informatica, Oracle
    • 24. Without a purpose, social data is unactionable. Business rules and processes are needed to triage the right information to the right teams in real-time.
      Tie back the social world and channels to existing innovation, marketing, sales, support and service processes. Triage profiles to create prioritization frameworks.
      Companies must develop a crises plan for worst possible scenarios and conduct internal fire drills. Expect the worst to happen on Friday afternoons.
      Vendors to watch: CoTweet, Infor, KANA, Oracle, RightNow Technologies, SAP, SAS, SugarCRM
    • 25. Middleware technologies glue the social world to the enterprise. Data must seamlessly flow between systems, and advanced dashboards that provide intelligence.
      Apply technologies such as complex event processing, business process management, business rules, workflows, data integration, and process orchestration among disparate systems.
      Develop business rules based on your unique processes. Include workflows, complex event processing, and enablement technologies to respond.
      Vendors to watch: Boomi, D&B Purisma, IBM, Informatica, Oracle, Pervasive, Progress Software, SAS DataFlux, SOA Software, Software AG, TIBCO
    • 26. What you can’t measure you can’t improve, therefore organizations must be able to benchmark what’s been done.
      Advanced dashboards that provide intelligence. Measure based on business objective like improved satisfaction, spread of message.
      Rely on data to provide benchmarks, trending, prediction, and sentiment. Bring the insight into actionable state.
      Vendors to watch: IBM Cognos, Information Builders, Microsoft, Oracle Hyperion, QlikView, SAP Business Objects, SAS Institute
    • 27. Social CRM Marketing Use Cases
      © 2010 Altimeter Group
    • 28. Social CRM marketing use cases
    • 29. Not all Marketing use cases are market ready
      © 2010 Altimeter Group
    • 30. "Listen before talking."
      To be effective, marketers must listen to what consumers are already saying, making them relevant when they deploy their social marketing efforts.
      Identify top influencers, rank top conversations, prioritize top channels, identify velocity of discussion, and gauge the tone of topics.
      Sophisticated marketers will create their own “private focus groups” using insight community vendors.
      Social Marketing Insights (M1)
    • 31. High tech firm discovers 70% of market spend is not reaching target audience.
      Example Social Marketing Insights (M1)
    • 32. Social Marketing Insights (M1)
      Market Demand Index: 4.00 Tech Maturity Index: 4.00
    • 33. Alterian
      BlogPulse (Nielsen)
      BuzzMetrics (Nielsen)
      Dow Jones Insight
      Get Satisfaction
      IBM Atlas for Lotus Connections
      Jive Software (Filtrbox)
      Microsoft Dynamics
      RightNow Technologies
      SAS Institute
      Scout Labs
      Visible Technologies
      Insight community vendors:
      Social Marketing Insights (M1)
    • 34. “Defending the brand."
      Companies can no longer afford to slowly respond to customers, as a blogger can trigger a discussion that results in mainstream PR crises
      Brands will have to identify what's being said, the severity of the information, the influence of that person, and context of previous interactions.  They must quickly triage to respond in near real-time. 
      The Social CRM system provides coordination among teams.
      Rapid Social Marketing Response (M2)
    • 35. Brands Are Getting Punk’d By Social
      Rapid Social Marketing Response (M2)
    • 36. Rapid Social Marketing Response (M2)
      Market Demand Index: 3.50 Tech Maturity Index: 1.75
    • 37. Alterian
      CoTweet (ExactTarget)
      Jive Software
      Microsoft Dynamics
      RightNow Technologies
      Scout Labs
      Visible Technologies
      Rapid Social Marketing Response (M2)
    • 38. "Optimizing in flight."
      Unlike traditional advertising, social marketing is constantly changing and requires constant attention and massaging.
      Track what's being said in order to quickly respond. Constantly monitor sentiment, velocity, discussion, and relationships in order to make real-time course corrections.
      For example, a social gaming company used Social Campaign Tracking to learn about the right language and conversations to participate in. It changed key elements of its product launch – shifting from a print campaign to an actual offer in a country specific multi-player environment which led to a 23% increase in sales.
      Social Campaign Tracking (M3)
    • 39. Restaurant tests offer effectiveness in different Facebook Fan Pages and discovers a new cash and carry market.
      Savvy brands will look for conversation hot spots and amplify that activity.
      Build your marketing plan with flexibility as part of the program –don’t be rigid.
      Social Campaign Tracking (M3)
    • 40. Social Campaign Tracking (M3)
      Market Demand Index: 1.00 Tech Maturity Index: 1.00
    • 41. Alterian
      Dow Jones Insight
      SAS Institute
      Scout Labs
      Visible Technologies
      Social Campaign Tracking (M3)
    • 42. “What happens in person goes social."
      Events are no longer a fixed period of time.  Marketers must use social to promote the event to connect customers, improve the event experience in real-time, and track mentions and follow-ups for lead generation.
      Attendees already supplement traditional events with live chat press conferences, video uploads, and podcasts.
      Don’t expect this to be limited to physical events.
      The goal – provide speakers with feedback, answer audience questions, and gauge overall sentiment.
      Social Event Management (M4)
    • 43. IBM Impact aggregates the conversation
    • 44. The offline world and online world are intricately related.
      Develop a before, during, and after strategy.
      Integrate virtual events with existing communities.
      Take input from the community – feature and enable them in addition to speakers.
      Social Event Management (M4)
    • 45. Social Event Management (M4)
      Market Demand Index: 1.00 Tech Maturity Index: 2.50
    • 46. Alterian
      Dow Jones Insight
      Scout Labs
      Visible Technologies
      Social Event Management (M4)
    • 47. Next Steps
      © 2010 Altimeter Group
    • 48. Forward them the report:
      Ask them to define which use cases they specialize in.
      Ask to see a roadmap of which use cases they’ll be launching in coming quarters.
      Ask how they’ll work with other SCRM vendors that offer use cases that they can’t deliver.
      When working with vendors
    • 49. Begin with the end in mind.
      Decide what to measure.
      Start with Social Customer Insights.
      Identify your targets.
      Choose a use case.
      Design for the future state processes.
      Consider change management.
      Align back to existing CRM processes.
      Test. Refine. Repeat.
      Next steps
    • 50. Follow the blogs: Software Insider and Web Strategy
      Join the Twitter discussion #scrm
      Become a pioneer
      Watch for future webinars
      Future work
    • 51. 51
      Thank you
      Jeremiah Owyang
      Twitter: jowyang
      R “Ray” Wang
      Twitter: rwang0
      With assistance from Christine Tran, Researcher
    • 52. 52
      About Us
      Altimeter Group is a Silicon Valley-based strategy research and
      consulting firm that provides companies with a pragmatic
      approach to disruptive technologies. We have four areas of
      focus: Leadership and Management, Customer Strategy,
      Enterprise Strategy, and Innovation and Design.
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