Portrait Lighting - Photo Camp Houston
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Portrait Lighting - Photo Camp Houston



My Portrait Lighting slides from PhotoCampHouston....

My Portrait Lighting slides from PhotoCampHouston.

Presentation and images copyright 2007-2009 Jeremey L. Barrett. All Rights Reserved. This means you can't use this presentation or the images therein without my permission.



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  • It's amazing how important lighting is to the mood of a picture or even a film. Still portraits can be so elegant, cheery, dramatic, or even mysterious depending on the lighting used. Houston portraits make great sample sets to look through because of the lighting that is often present in outdoor pictures. http://www.GildedSun.com
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  • Really like the use of light in theses photo’s. The lines are clean and the photographic backgrounds kept simple. Like the use of the black and white photo backdrops. Studio photography is so often over complicated but not on theses images. http://www.colourscape.co.uk
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    Portrait Lighting - Photo Camp Houston Portrait Lighting - Photo Camp Houston Presentation Transcript

    • Portrait Lighting Fundamentals Jeremey Barrett @jeremey jeremeybarrett@mac.com January 24, 2009
    • The Right Light The look you want - what are ✤ your goals? Soft? ✤ Harsh? ✤ Contrasty? ✤ Ethereal? ✤ Generally portrait lighting is ✤ trying to be soft ...but not always ✤
    • Qualities of Light Soft ✤ Hard ✤ Directional ✤ Diffuse ✤ Contrasty ✤ Flat ✤ Natural ✤
    • Light Sources Size: bigger = softer ✤ Distance: closer = softer ✤ Distance: closer = brighter ✤ Harder light = more contrast ✤ Coverage ✤ Angle ✤ Spill ✤
    • The Big Source In The Sky Small or large? ✤ Hard or soft? ✤ Time of day ✤ Color ✤ Diffusing ✤ Shadow ✤
    • Key Technique: Separation Separate, separate, separate ✤ Subject should not blend into ✤ the background Light the background, not ✤ uniformly Gradients are your friends ✤ Light the background first! ✤ Depth of field ✤ Rim lighting ✤
    • Reverse Engineer Where is the light coming ✤ from? How hard or soft are the ✤ transitions from light to shadow? How many light sources are ✤ there?
    • Controlling Light Aperture controls how much of ✤ your strobe’s light “gets in” Shutter speed controls how ✤ much of the ambient light “gets in” Inverse square blah-blah-blah ✤ Distance is a powerful tool! ✤ Examples: what color is the ✤ background material?