Course enrichment using Chamilo


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Presentation done during the Chamilo Users Day March 28th 2011

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Course enrichment using Chamilo

  1. 1. Chamilo Users day Author : Jérémie Grépilloux ( [email_address] ) Date : 28/03/2011
  2. 2. An LMS to enrich a classical classroom : feedback
  3. 3. Plan Context Methodology Different kind of interventions Enrichment on several levels But... Conclusion
  4. 4. Context Master Degree in Scientific and Technical Communication 15 students No great computing background Thematic : Web publication (blogs, wikis, web2, social networks)
  5. 5. Methodology Not all the tools of the platform at first: - Forums (evaluation and assistance) - Documents (course resources and complementary one) - Users (social cohesion)
  6. 6. Methodology Not all the tools of the platform - Forums (evaluation and assistance) - Documents (course resources and complementary one) - Users (social cohesion) But then.. - Links (pedagogical awareness) - Chat (Regulation, motivation, assistance) - Announces (instant information) - DropBox (home duty)
  7. 7. Forums
  8. 8. Documents
  9. 9. Links
  10. 10. Chat
  11. 11. Announces
  12. 12. DropBox
  13. 13. Users
  14. 14. Methodology At the beginning a very closely planned schedule But then.... - a constant presence within the forums - a irregular presence by chat : - on demand (from student) - planned via Announces - when working on the course
  15. 15. Different kinds of intervention Thanks to the platform the role of the teacher evolved. - still educational - but also guide for technical or administrative difficulties - and then to help for student motivation
  16. 16. Helping motivation (e.g.)
  17. 17. Enrichment (1/2) On different sides Forums have permit to : - maintain an activity on the on-line side of the course (evaluation) - create a real level of communication between the teacher and the student (formal and informal topics) - make students to really became pro-active - make them help each other Documents and links pushed further the panel of educational resources that the students could discover and take as part of their educational process.
  18. 18. Enrichment (2/2) Chat : - allowed the teacher to help more precisely a certain amount of students who were « out of race ». - helped students to stay confident and motivated Announces : - help teachers to contact immediately the students in order to relaunch the dynamic of the classroom or just to inform them of a change within the course (new resource, new topic, etc.)
  19. 19. But... The course on the LMS required a great involvement from the teacher. Need a great motivation from his side too (as well as for the student one) Much more time granted to the “extra educational” resources research and accompaniment of the students than on a “normal” course Not only a teacher but also : - a social regulator (reassuring or motivation students) - an educational moderator - a guide toward new educational products
  20. 20. Conclusion Great enrichment via LMS Tools Different tools for different typology of courses Pro-active learning for students Great group cohesion Much more better acquisition of educational notions and « deep learning » Learning become much more incentive But Requires much time from teacher Requires teacher to listen to students needs Requires a great personal organization from the teacher
  21. 21. Bonus – screenshot of the testimony of a student connected to the chat during the presentation and answering questions from the session's room audience.
  22. 22. Images Credits