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War on Terror: The United States' History in the Middle East
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War on Terror: The United States' History in the Middle East


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Published in: Education, News & Politics

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  • Birth Place: Saudi ArabiaFamily Background: Extremely wealthy construction corporation, large polygamous family, personally worth 50-500 Million DollarsEducation: KingAbdulaziz University Original Occupation: ConstructionFinal Occupation: Leader of an International Terrorist Organization, Al Queda
  • Transcript

    • 1. War on Terror: The United State’s history with the Middle East By Jeremy Stevenson EDTECH 541
    • 2. Learning Targets Students can explain the historical events that shaped the U.S.’s relationship with countries in the Middle East. Students can explain how the concept of “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” influenced many of the U.S.’s decisions in the Middle East. Students can explain how “National Self Interest” influences the the U.S.’s choice to get involved in a region.
    • 3. Introduction 9/11 It’s complicated It’s messy It goes way back But…it can be understood!
    • 4. Bin Laden’s Post 9/11 Press Release “To America….I swear by God….. neither America nor the people who live in it will dream of security before we live it in Palestine, and not before all the infidel armies leave the land of Muhammad….”
    • 5. The Middle East
    • 6. What event in AD 600 changed the Middle East forever? Muhammad’s Vision The Koran Islam unites Arabs Islamic Empires
    • 7. What was the Political state of the Middle East from AD 700-1917? Arab Empires Abbasid Umayyad Fatimids Turkic Empires Seljuk Ottoman All Islamic Empires Click on image to view the History of Empires
    • 8. Crusades influence relations between “the West” & the Middle East? 1096-1272: 200 Years of Killing Stealing Raping Cannibalism Between Western Christians Mid-Eastern Muslims
    • 9. What happened to the Middle East after WWI? Before WWI After WWI
    • 10. Independence in the Middle East
    • 11. Arab Israeli Conflict: Religious Claims 2000 BC Ishmael vs. Isaac Diaspora 800 BC – 170 AD Zionism 1897 The UN 1947 Ruling
    • 12. The UN & US side with Israel
    • 13. The Israeli Side
    • 14. The Palestinian (Arab) Side
    • 15. Osama Bin Laden Birth Place: Family Background: Education: Original Occupation: Final Occupation:
    • 16. Afghanistan vs. U.S.S.R. 1979-1989 The Cold War Russia Invaded Afghanistan U.S. supported the Mujahedeen
    • 17. Osama Bin Laden joined the Mujahedeen
    • 18. Iran & Iraq 1980-1988 Shah of Iran 1941-1979 Iranian Revolution 1979 US Hostages 1979 (Click on Link for more details) Iraq proposed a War (Click on image for more pictures)
    • 19. U.S. Supported Iraq
    • 20. The Gulf War 1990-1991 Iraq invaded Kuwait (Click on link to see complete timeline) Iraq threatened Saudi Arabia U.S. forced Iraq out of Kuwait (Click Image for a link to a PBS Documentary)
    • 21. Saudi Arabia’s Other Option Bin Laden offered the Mujahedeen Bin Laden said the U.S. would never leave The Saudi Gov. opted for the U.S. Military
    • 22. Post Gulf War US No-Fly Zones over Iraq U.S. Troops stationed in: Kuwait Saudi Arabia
    • 23. Terrorist Incidents against the U.S. prior to 9/11 1993 WTC 1995 U.S. Barracks in Saudi Arabia 1998 U.S. Embassy Bombings 2000 U.S.S. Cole Attack
    • 24. 9/11 World Trade Center Pentagon Flight 93
    • 25. War on Terrorism 2001-Present Afghanistan Terrorist Cells around the world Iraq?
    • 26. Liberating Iraq War Behind Close Doors (Click on link to watch PBS Documentary) Why didn’t they welcome us as liberators? Is the U.S. better off today? (Click on the link for answers)
    • 27. What Now? Did the War on Terror begin on 9/11? Did we win the War on Terror? Where do we go from here?
    • 28. Image References Twin Towers: The Middle East: The Kabah: Islamic Empires: The Crusades: I/AAAAAAAAC3I/XsC7qyzZ5fM/s1600/bloody+crusade.jpg Before WWI: After WWI: Independence in the Middle East: north-africa-religion-history-and-culture/Images/european-colonialism-in-the-middle-east Tank vs. Boy: 7yOHJcZRFA Map of Israel and Palestine: https://encrypted-
    • 29. Image References Osama Bin Laden: Russian Invasion: Bin Laden in Afghanistan: Iran Iraq War: Rumsfeld & Saddam: The Gulf War: https://encrypted- Mujahedeen: jOD74auHqyXQSd9di6jWIYw Iraq No Fly Zone: US Embassy Bombing: 2019/WashingtonPost/2011/05/02/Foreign/Images/Embassies-edit-07.JPG
    • 30. Image References 9/11 Collage: content/uploads/2013/09/911.collage.jpg Invasion of Afghanistan: content/uploads/2011/05/AfghanWar_SpecialTroopBattalion.jpg US Invasion of Iraq: 703209753.jpg&maxw=552&maxh=370&Q=70&&updated= Bin Laden Dead: https://encrypted- EY-XZZ4xz6No
    • 31. Information References Israel Video: Iran Iraq War: PBS Frontline: The Gulf War Gulf War Timeline: PBS Frontline: The War Behind Closed Doors The Iraq War is over. Now What? now-what/