Pointers To Help Your Child Grow Into A Healthy Adult


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Children should develop healthy eating habits now so that they will grow to become healthy adults later on. If you give your children a well-balanced nutrition, they will have the strength, stamina, alertness needed to complete tasks both at home and in school.

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Pointers To Help Your Child Grow Into A Healthy Adult

  1. 1. How ?? You Can Provide A  Balanced Diet To Your Children 
  2. 2. The practice of making healthy food choices should be started in childhood. Ifyou give your children a well-balanced nutrition, they will have the strength,stamina, alertness needed to complete tasks both at home and in school. Theywill also have a more positive disposition. Some pointers on how to develophealthy childhood eating habits are found in the succeeding paragraphs.Be a role model Children form habits through imitation and, so you should act as a role model by eating healthy as well. It will be pointless to encourage y our child to prefer eating fruit and veggies when they see you gorging yourself with potato chips and carbonated drinks.Cook more at home, dine out lessHome-cooked meals are healthier sincethey don’t have ingredients that areunnecessary for human consumptionlike food colorings, flavor enhancers,and preservatives. At the same time, itis a great activity to do with your kids.In addition, this can be a goodopportunity to bond with your children.Food Habits Page 2
  3. 3. Aside from that, allowing your child to help you prepare meals is a good way tointroduce them to the concept of healthy eating. At the same time, finicky eaterstend to be more receptive to try new foods if they helped to make it.Familiarize yourself with the latest food pyramid for kids Actually, the USDA has adopted a different symbolic representation for proper childhood nutrition. The old food pyramid for kids has been recently replaced with the food plate. Both the food plate and old food pyramid for kids share similar assertions, being that parents should offer various food items, and that there are certain food typesthat should be eaten sparingly, and those that children need more of. The foodpyramid had six vertical stripes to represent the five food groups plus oils. Thefood plate is partitioned into vegetables, fruits, grains, andprotein, and a dairy circle on the side. And just like theprevious food pyramid for kids, the plate has been dividedso that the grain section is bigger than the protein sectionbecause children need more of the former than the latter.Healthy grain options include brown bread and oatmeal. Healthy protein optionsinclude fish, eggs, nuts, beans, and tofu. Believing that the food pyramid was notsimple enough for kids to understand and parents to implement, the First LadyMichelle Obama presented the food plate as an alternative.Food Habits Page 3
  4. 4. Make eating healthy funCompelling your child to eat more healthful food items will not help them developthe right attitude to following a well-balanced diet. You need to be innovative to think up ways on how to motivate your children to choose more healthful food items. For example, you can top a bowl of whole grain cereal with a smiley face made of banana slices for eyes, a grape for the nose, and an apple slice for the lips. Serve fruits and vegetables with favorite foods to increase acceptance. For instance you can give them homemade blueberry muffins, zucchini bread, andcarrot cake. When doing groceries, bring your kids so they can pick out fruitsthey want to try.Food Habits Page 4