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Technology Use Plan
Technology Use Plan
Technology Use Plan
Technology Use Plan
Technology Use Plan
Technology Use Plan
Technology Use Plan
Technology Use Plan
Technology Use Plan
Technology Use Plan
Technology Use Plan
Technology Use Plan
Technology Use Plan
Technology Use Plan
Technology Use Plan
Technology Use Plan
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Technology Use Plan


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Technology Use Plan Scotia School District
  • 2. What is a Technology Plan?
    • A long-range plan outlining goals for technology and how we will use it in our schools
    • Ever changing, growing, adapting, futuristic plan
    • All information is based upon our schools obvious needs, surveys and current technology standards
  • 3. Why? Rationale for Plan
    • To improve not just the teachers, but the education communities overall capacity to use technology and be able to implement it in their daily work.
    • Without a plan technology needs of teachers and students cannot be met.
    • Long-term goals
  • 4. How was it formed?
    • Started by getting a broad range of information of teacher and student technology use through a survey
    • Wanted to see basic competency to more advanced
    • Also wanted to know teacher’s specific technology needs, so that we can tailor professional development to meet those needs.
  • 5. Goals and Objectives
    • Where does our school want to be in the next few years?
    • What technology’s do we want to have in our school?
    • Technology infrastructure with knowledgeable support staff.
    • Enrich current curriculum through technology implementation.
  • 6. Planning Team
    • Planning team is vital to any technology plan succeeding.
    • Technology plan that includes all participants
    • Parents, students, teachers, administrators, and technology staff
  • 7. Process & Plan
    • Plan includes expertise planning, evaluation, financial planning, and professional development
    • Parents, teachers, administrators, students, and technology advisors all contributed
    • Embed into current curriculum and support current instruction.
    • Timeline: one year, then will reevaluate.
  • 8. Process Description
    • 1st step is to find out whose affected and make sure that their involved in the plan.
    • We will offer several professional development opportunities throughout the district and school year.
    • They will be based upon the staff requested needs.
    • Technology staff will also be offering to come into the class and demonstrate some uses of current technologies.
  • 9. Plan
    • Solid infrastructure:
    • Staff development
    • Knowledgeable IT staff
    • New technologies
    • Training of current technology
    • Infusion into curriculum
  • 10. Staff Development
    • Teach by doing rather than instruction. Our main goal is that staff will learn technology by using it!!!
    • Embed technology into curriculum.
    • Train teachers to use technologies that they already have.
    • Have teachers who are more skilled with technologies mentor those whom are not.
  • 11. Staff Development
    • Select technology that actually aligned with current state and local standards.
    • Give teachers increased opportunities to develop technology skills. (pro. development, classes, etc.)
    • Customize professional development to meet and address staff needs.
    • More student opportunity because staff will be more educated.
  • 12. Needs Assessment
    • Survey student needs
    • Survey teacher needs
    • Link to Technology survey Technology Use Survey
    • Open for ideas and comments
  • 13. Vision
    • Technology would become common place in teacher instruction.
    • Students education would be enriched by the implementation of technology.
    • Staff would be supported by a knowledgeable IT staff.
  • 14. To Sum It Up…
    • Solid infrastructure and support staff.
    • Technology integrated curriculum.
    • Learn by doing.
    • Staff training.
  • 15. Evaluation
    • Technology advisors will visit schools and classrooms to see if the teachers are using the technologies and how they can help if they are not. (support)
    • Middle of the year one page, quick survey to assess how the plan is working.
  • 16. Research
    • Learning and Leading with Technology Article
    • Tech & Learning. Just Use it: Rethinking Technology Training for K-12 Teachers.
    • Administering Teacher Technology Training Article