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  1. 1. Don't be an O.K. Oogle! don't talk to I'll make sure strangers of it! ! Aire'Auna
  2. 2. huh y would you do that you never want to give out your persenly imformation out should i give my persenaly imformation out noooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooo why did i just gave my you give your information persenly information out Vincent
  3. 3. ok is it because you dont know what about if they them and are you good something friends can happen to you listen to your parents if they say do not awnser this stranger i t that and what about if they can they are your just be good friends playing with you veronica
  4. 4. dont give anyone your adress or dont send or phone open hurtful number emails Dont give out any personal information never open email's from people you dont know vanessa
  5. 5. don't go on never tell the computer anybody our with out password parent permesion Tyler don't give out personal information personail includes your username information what shool you go to and where your live also your real name
  6. 6. Dont be a Protect your followyou self from fiona danger and spams Dont give out personal information Good idea Stephen
  7. 7. Ask a adult before going So you on line. can be safe. do not give out your do not give address out your name miguel
  8. 8. make sure you see if you can go on the computers... stay whith your parentes. dont give any run away information from strangers . marissa
  9. 9. my mom hi whats told me your name never to and adres tolk to stranjers my cosaler im alwas on siad not to the tolk to conputer stranjer Liam
  10. 10. I mate some big Don't go! fan of video games and I'm going to meet him at the forest haahaa I got you now lizard it could be a stranger to be continued... Kevin
  11. 11. WHY? ask an adult before you go online. Next time make sure you So you can use your be safe. hoppin' sense By:Jaqueline
  12. 12. Ask an adilt if you have trouble in dont tell the computer people your email dont ask do not talk people your to stranger were you live heber
  13. 13. dont talk to dont meet strangers anyone with out a parent with you dont give out personal information dont be a bully elexus
  14. 14. watch out I'm going on the internet hey i got a i'm going to pop up get you sould i click it? edi
  15. 15. thank you for the tip don't go on the internet without a parent ok i will newer talk to people you don't keep that jnow in mine. darnell
  16. 16. i think you cant give out your number also is that right whale like your adress yeah you cant give out your password neather dont give out your personal information christian
  17. 17. be carfull you dont know is he if a dengeres fish of the sea ? I meat someone on internet and iam goin to meat him on the boto of the reaf and hes name is f26. a a a healp?-`9 are you f 26 from th YES iam f26 in ternet and iam goin to eat you Alex